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No I wrote it in Axe :). Also i did include source it is named SRCJARVIS as an attachment in the last page :).

EDIT: I will put an attachment up soon with new features!!!!
Thanks! I don't know how hex codes work or how to use them so an Axiom would be best (as I said i am almost completely new to Axe and higher-level languages). Thanks guys for the support :) :) :) :)
will try, thanks!
DJ have you played Unturned on Steam it is based in Canada and it is free :D
THanks DJ and LD. Anyways the advice is great for the response system I will try to implement it some time in the future! Tomorrow I should release the source (you will see clearly that i code like basic and that it is far from optimized because I am new with Axe). Help would be appreciated with optimization and hard-coded responses.

EDIT: Working on Homework I don't think I can work on it much but here is what I got so far (there is no backspace implemented yet) :blah:

EDIT: I think I will try to make this into a shell kind of so you could execute programs with "/execute prgmNAME" or "/prgmNAME" if someone knows how to do so in Axe it would be nice to know
i use the sub() command but that is for the key inputs i do intend to have two modes for the Axe version though the first being the nice clean GUI mode like Win 7 or something (i plan to implement sounds like a click for the mouse). The next mode would be the command prompt like the one you see.
Yes, that would be awesome if it made Artificially Intelligent comments (no pun intended) but the problem occurs when I would try to implement it (you would need a dictionary or some way to understand what you say). I try to fix this by making it respond to many words, The gif that I provided showcased a program that was far from complete and the reason I discontinued the Basic not the Axe version was because the more responses I made the slower it would get. Thanks for the feed back though  :).
It recognizes words and individual commands by putting the getkey val into a list and then reading the list (looking for spaces that separate words) them displays text from that val. In the Readme there are all the different combos and what words are needed for the response. ( there are some buggy responses because of conflicting values but those will be fixed when I get around to it in axe). As for the word wrap (it only goes two lines) it will hopefully be made in Axe but it would be too slow in Basic :).

EDIT: For Axe all I have is beeing able to type in letters and a space (I started it at school and did the typing on the bus)
Thanks for the tip here is the gif (I forgot to mention the password is 1234567890.(-)+)

EDIT: Wouldn't an instant response to the longer interactions be awesome with Axe
This is a AI system made in Ti-Basic I am working on an Axe version of this but it is not along enough to post. Anyways here is what the Axe version should do (except it will run faster and have gazillions of features (hopefully)). Also how do you show screenshots / gifs because I don't know how THX  ;).
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