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Added an Easter egg, and reduced filesize by ~300 bytes.

Download attached.
The attached download is outdated. Click here for the latest version!

In 2006, Arthur O'Dwyer's Castle Adventure revolutionized the TI-BASIC text adventure.
Now, at the tail end of 2017, comes a new innovation in TI-BASIC text adventures. Get ready to experience...

9K Adventure

You are Grimbis the black dwarf. Your mission is to recover Gawyn's orb, in order to keep the land frozen in an eternal winter. To do this, you interact with the game by entering simple English commands.

Download attached. Try it!
Nah, it's just the method I chose to go about this is horrible. My voice itself is fine :P
After discovering Text to Trump, I thought to myself: how cool would it be to make a text-to-speech voice that resembles my own? And then I thought: how hard would it be?

The answer to both questions is "very". :P

Slightly modified from this Github repository, I created a Python program which would take entries in a modified version of the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary, convert them into individual sounds, and play them back (as well as output them to a .wav file). The results are a bit Stephen-Hawking-ish right now, but I hope to try and improve it soon ;)

Here is an example of "my own voice" reading the CodeWalrus intro:

Requires Python, PyAudio, and PyDub. You do not need FFmpeg, but the program can freak out without it.

Project download here. Try it!

Added a 30 minute timer, and time penalties.

Download attached.
Other / Re: The funny quote thread (NSFW)
November 26, 2017, 03:18:20 AM
QuoteJWinslow23   How about, buy 1 for the price of 2...   9:07:40 PM
_iPhoenix_   !!   9:07:46 PM
JWinslow23   ...but then receive another one FREE?   9:07:51 PM
_iPhoenix_   DAMMIT   9:07:56 PM
_iPhoenix_   I WAS TYPING THAT   9:08:01 PM
JWinslow23   :P   9:08:06 PM
JWinslow23    :ninja:   9:08:12 PM

Now, navigating the grid is much faster, and a correctly colored row or column automatically gets its blank squares marked blank.

Download attached.

I have now implemented saving and restoring of your puzzle progress!

Download attached.
Quote from: c4ooo on November 22, 2017, 12:57:22 AM
Nice. So is Picross like a mix of minesweeper and soduku?
Kinda, but one is not penalized for wrong coloring.
When the CSE came out, my first color TI-BASIC game was Cookie Clicker +C, which is to date my most popular file on TICalc.

Almost 4 years later, my second color TI-BASIC game was Descent, which is unique in that it is cross-compatible with the older monochrome models.

Now, I am proud to introduce my third ever color TI-BASIC game, Picross!

For those who do not know what Picross is, Picross is a picture logic puzzle, and you must color or leave blank spaces in a grid according to numbers on the side to reveal a hidden picture. The Wikipedia page on Picross has some more information.

At the moment, it is only a demo, with the ability to view and solve a random puzzle of a random size. The numbers going across on the top and the side are supposed to represent the numbers for the current row and column. You may edit the grid with 2ND and ALPHA, and when you solve the puzzle, the game detects this and tells you.

Download attached. Try it out!
Funny you say that, xlibman. This was actually partly based off of The Psyche, made by squidgetx in Axe for an Omnimaga contest.

Oh, and I would like to announce that Descent has already been accepted on Cemetech and TICalc! Now to wait until someone other than me completes it from start to finish.

This is now a full, complete game! It is 15 levels long, but as you should know by now, you can play for as long as you like with the custom level editor!

Download here, and level editor here. Cemetech and TICalc downloads will come soon (but TI-Planet will have to wait for the French translation :P ).

Added a menu, with instructions, custom level playing, and a truck!

Download attached. Suggestions and improvements welcome! I'd also like some more levels.

Added [MODE] as a reset button, and now the game has 7 levels.

Suggestion time! Should I add a "score" mechanism to record the lowest number of moves you have made? Should I add a way to play singular custom levels? How would you feel about a menu? Why am I asking you all these questions instead of coding them?
For that specific level, going around to the top-left if on the border is one way to reset it without a reset button. However, I will take your suggestion of adding a reset button, as I'm sure that there are some level setups that will get people stuck if they move in certain ways.

Thank you, by the way! I appreciate that!
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