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Good that you have a temporary solution. A good question is, why was the bot banned? I hope it's not for something like a large amount of messages in a certain time frame, because it seems like that'd be an impossible issue to work around.
I've been on a very long break. I just kinda forgot that I make games. Part of the reason I didn't work on Warper when I did remember I made games was because the collision detection routine, while detection works, the un-collision vector it spits out is wrong for some rotated shapes. I couldn't figure it out, and kinda gave up. I'm back now (although I still haven't fixed the un-collision, since the cases where it broke won't come up for this game), and I have this progress update:

I added gravity, wall/ceiling/floor collision, and enhanced the graphics a little bit. Tell me what you think!
Wow, that looks amazing! I love the art style. The boomerang seems to act just like NES Legend of Zelda boomerang, and I like how parts of the map are obscured until you get closer! I can see a little of bit of my profile picture in that last screenshot ;) Are there any public beta builds yet? How much of this port have you done so far?
I noticed a few flaws in the groundwork I used to make Sorcery of Uvutu PC and Gateway to Legend. I noticed my rendering system was basically me just asking SDL to render an image rotated around its physical center. There's no changing the center, grouping images, applying filters, do real-time or pre-rendered animations, or anything like that.

That pushed me to write CoSprite, my SDL2 rendering engine/library, alongside this project. Warper is my application of CoSprite, so lets start talking about it.

Warper is a Beat-em-Up game set in the future, where mutations in genetics combined with advanced technology allows people to teleport. Some can only teleport small distances, some can teleport long distances but not small ones, and some have the rarest ability of all, being able to teleport into different dimensions.
You are a Short-Range Warper, and your brother is one of the rare Dimension Warpers, barely able to control his powers. What happens when his powers are misused or get out of hand?
The planned modes include a story, arena/infinite mode, and a training mode. More information soon.

You can see my most recent (documented) progress in this video update:

This game is a Work in Progress right now. Warper and CoSprite may and most likely will have several differences between their conception and finalization. Anything can change, so be aware. If you want to look at or use the code in Warper or CoSprite, be my guest! Be sure to abide by the MIT License, but other than that, do anything you want with them!
PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Re: Gateway to Legend
September 30, 2018, 06:58:03 PM
Quote from: mazhat on September 18, 2018, 02:54:51 AM
Ah, I was on an older version of GtL. Everything is fixed now!
I also forgot that this is a zelda-like game. So I should embrace the openness, ha ha.
Yep! Everything is fixed.... now! Unfortunately during testing with some friends I found a few more bugs to squash:

Gateway to Legend v1.0.3 releases with a few minor but important fixes.

Changes from v1.0.2: 
* Fixed an issue with scripts on top of each other not triggering properly
* Fixed an issue in Main Adventure where the second-to-last Gateway wouldn't take the player to the right location
* Fixed an issue where the health upgrade menu text would be cut off before it's supposed to end
* (Not confirmed) Fixed an issue in Linux builds where the edges of the screen would flash during screen scrolling transitions if the window was larger than the map

There are two known bugs: 
* Some Linux distros: White bars appear at random, usually when the screen or enemies (?) are moving. This seems to be a SDL bug, and something I don't believe I can work around.
* Some Linux distros: During screen scrolling transitions, keypresses are stored and the players moves according to those presses in the next map. This also appears to be an SDL bug, and not one that I could figure out how to easily work around.

Download here:
PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Re: Gateway to Legend
September 17, 2018, 07:30:43 PM
Quote from: mazhat on September 17, 2018, 01:19:53 PM
I think it's really good, but sometimes I don't know where to go.
Sometimes I get warped to the unpartitioned memory zone.
Thanks! As for when you don't know where to go, the flow of Main Adventure is a little more open-world. You can even skip to the final boss, if you want!

When you get warped to the unpartitioned memory zone, is this before or after my fix? I uploaded a new version (but annoyingly enough I forgot to change the version number), where I fixed just this. The final boss warp now works fine. Can you tell me where you get warped?
PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Re: Gateway to Legend
September 14, 2018, 12:26:11 AM
Quote from: gameblabla on September 09, 2018, 01:54:12 AM
So far i think it's nothing exceptional as a game itself... though i haven't tried it much i admit.
I think it lacks some oompf ! Attacking enemies is just not satisfying.

Hopefully you work more on it. (or on more games)
I've been mainly fixing bugs so far, but I will see if there's any energy left to add anything else into the game. I may not even make other map-packs, given how busy I will be this year and how I have another secret project in the works. And by secret, I mean a project with no good graphics for it yet.
PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Re: Gateway to Legend
September 07, 2018, 02:16:29 AM
Here it is. Finally, after a long public beta, Gateway to Legend releases! Version 1.0.0 is now publicly available. The finished version can be downloaded today! Take a look at how far we've come with this video:

I want to thank my Discord server (link in the video description), my friends, anyone who contributed ideas, art, music, suggestions, and bug reports. I want to give a special thanks to my best friend Ian, and @_iPhoenix_ , who worked together to create the music for this game.

Download here:
And share any creations you'll make here:

And thanks for playing!
PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Re: Gateway to Legend
September 03, 2018, 05:06:17 PM
Quote from: gameblabla on September 03, 2018, 08:09:49 AM
Hello 123outerme !Your game does not create the "saves" folder, so it will attempt to write to a directory that does not exist, leading to a crash when starting the game.A fix for that is simply to make sure to create it with mkdir
#ifdef MINGWmkdir("saves/");#elsemkdir("./saves", 0755);#endifThe game works fine after that...

There's also a minor graphical issue with graphics when scrolling between maps...

I had this issue occur for Massage simulator too when using SDL2.Note that it would disappear when running it over Wine if compiled with Mingw, even if only the OpenGL backend is enabled...I haven't found a fix for that issue for my games even.I think the only proper fix for this is to bypass SDL2's own scaler and use your own. welp

Hey gameblablabla, thanks for testing! My original workaround for this was to add in an empty saves directory in the zip file, and it worked in my testing on my Ubuntu VM (take a shot every time I say that, am I right?). I guess not all systems preserve empty directories when compressing/uncompressing archives, so I've implemented your fix.

I did see those graphical glitches a bit on my Linux VM, but it wasn't from the screen scrolling. Every so often when enemies are moving, there would be a white bar underneath the enemy. I figured this was the lack of video memory allocated to my VM. Unfortunately, this looks like an issue I won't be able to fix, especially since you don't seem to have a fix for it either.

I've uploaded the saves fix to the v0.13.1b release, found here:
PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Re: Gateway to Legend
September 03, 2018, 04:43:39 AM
Gateway to Legend v0.13.0b finally rolls out! Many new features, improvements, and tons of bug fixes implemented into this (hopefully) final beta version.
Download here:

[spoiler=Changelog]* Added all intended maps for the Main Adventure and Tutorial map-packs
* Added last music track
* Added final Ability: Charge, a headlong invincible sprint, sticking your sword out
* You can no longer switch Abilities from the Pause menu. This is to streamline gameplay and discourage frequent pausing.
* Fixed Continue option on Game Over screen throwing player into a random area
* Fixed glitchy sword hit graphics/particle graphics
* Fixed problems with toolchain
* Fixed lots of crashes on Linux machines (usually involving mismanaged memory)
* Fixed various other small things
* Reworked trigger_dialogue_once script (aka TriggerDiagOnce) into force_dialogue_once (aka ForceDiagOnce)
* Downloads: Added Makefile to

No known bugs remain.

And finally, be prepared...
Congrats! I'm glad you finally got it released. At some point, think about making a sequel with the layout similar to the unreleased program that inspired you -- that one looked really cool!
PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Re: Gateway to Legend
August 28, 2018, 09:40:15 PM
Gateway to Legend v0.13.0b is about to drop! I've been hard at work polishing Main Adventure, and now it's fully completed! I added the final Ability, as well, the Charge! See it in action below:

As well, two more map-packs are on the way: Tutorial, an obviously-named map pack. Perfect for learning the ropes, testing, experimenting, and more! The other map-pack will be the Map Design pack! This will teach and show you the basics on how to properly design a map, as well as how users will be interacting with your creations.

Finally, when v1.0 does drop, I want to remind everyone to visit the Gateway to Legend Map-Pack website, where you can find user-created map-packs! I hope to see a lot of map-packs on that website!

As well, if you want to be on top of the news when it comes to Gateway to Legend, be sure to join our Discord!
Well, years later, I actually did it!
A reddit user (who I can name if they want, not sure if they do) asked me if I had a fix for Source Seekers, the infamous Level 4 glitch (aka stop playing, it's broken). I couldn't let this person, who had taken the time to hunt me out, be turned down empty-handed. So, I basically rewrote the entire game! All glitches are fixed, gameplay is tweaked a bit, and the version number increased!

Download here:
PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Re: Gateway to Legend
August 16, 2018, 07:39:26 PM
Version 0.12.0b is hitting digital and metaphorical store shelves! Dropping with new content, fixes, streamlines and more! This update has more changelog entries than any of the past ones so far. Most changes aren't additions to gameplay, but rather changes and minor improvements. These include more SFX, streamlined menus and controls, bug fixes, and more.

Download the new release here:

* Added lots more maps & content
* Added 3 new SFX: One for dash, one for pausing, and one for being healed by a HurtPlayer script
* Added Back button to Map Creator's Save/Discard menu
* Added backup keymap to Map Creator's tile switcher ([Q] becomes [-], [E] becomes [=])
*Generated scripts will now include comments to describe roughly what the script does
* Removed some options for keymaps ([LCtrl], [RCtrl], [-], and [=])
* Revamped help menus and added informative screenshots to some Help menus
* Reduced menuing to get to popular options
* Fixed the first boss' fighting pattern to prevent standing in one spot and attacking
* Fixed minor issues with toolchain
* Fixed issue that sometimes prevented user from quitting out immediately when trying to close the window
* Fixed issue where using the sword then shooting a laser while sword's on cooldown removes the laser's hitbox
* Fixed quite a few crashes/accidental immediate quits (where the program would accidentally think you want to close the window)

One bug remains:
* All: After quitting the game, cleanup will sometimes crash (essentially unnoticeable, but I'm still fixing it)
PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Re: Gateway to Legend
August 16, 2018, 05:25:10 AM
Quote from: xlibman on July 07, 2018, 04:39:11 AM
I haven't played it for very long but I'll retry for longer later. I'M glad this came along this nicely and that it continues on with the cool custom maps feature.
Awesome, thanks! Yeah, the custom maps feature both hold it back as far as how pretty I can make it (can't really do fluid animations all that well with the sprite system), and push it forward into something novel.

Quote from: _iPhoenix_ on July 08, 2018, 03:29:07 PM
I really like how you implemented fighting. It looks awesome.

I do think that the boss you showed should have more health, because you defeated it in like five hits :P

On bosses, maybe you could show a boss bar or something that shows a visual indicator of the health of the boss.
Also, the fanfare after the boss fight works amazingly.

(Sorry for such a choppy post, I'm in a bit of a rush right now)
Thanks! I'm really proud of the combat, although it's very simple. From both a map-maker's and player's perspective, the simple 3-enemy system and Zelda-like combat give it a comfortable feel: nothing is too surprising until the boss, yet through the placement and types of enemies used, a map-maker can make a room as hard or easy for a player as they like. They can also give it certain atmospheres. For example, 6 ghost enemies following the player no matter where on the map they go can be eerie. Or, 6 stone giants can feel like you've hit a brick wall. Mixing the two almost always feels like fighting an army. The birds can just be annoying distractions until a boss, due to their 1-hit nature, and the fact that you can out-maneuver them.

Actually, you guessed right on the nose, that boss took 5 hits to kill. However, I've upped the number for the next release.
Taking that suggestion, I have added a floating health bar to the bosses.

And finally, thank you for the fanfare! I'm glad it turned out well.

And why, you ask, am I posting now? Other than because it would be rude to ignore these posts, I've gotten back to work on GtL, and have a new build almost ready to go! New maps, features, etc. coming up!
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