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Gaming / Cube Creator 3D [3DS]
March 08, 2016, 07:35:41 PM

A few days ago, I heard about Cube Creator, and hearing how good it was, I decided to try it.

A few things:

  • It's not too bad
  • graphics are decent
  • Roughly like MInecraft

But on the other hand......

1. While it does have blocks, not everything is cube-shaped.
2. The enemy AI is waaaaaaaaaaay too accurate (and fast)
3. There's really no point to building a house, as you carry everything on your person
4. Apparently, you can carry everything on you (which includes a furnace, flames ( O.O) (real, actual flames (in-game)), over 300 blocks of stuff, clothes, a sleeping bag, and so much other stuff)
4. Unlike MC, you use wooden tools to make higher-tier tools. A wooden axe is used in the process of making a iron, stone, gold, or diamond axe.
5. No auto-heal at all. If you get hurt, you have to eat to regain health. And everything (but the apples) have to cooked with the live flames that you somehow carry on your person without getting hurt.
6. No bow.  >:( There is nothing in the way of ranged weapons.
7. No torches, but you can apparently craft light out of glass and a rarely found ore.
8. Small map makes for a lot of hostile encounters.
9. No sticks. At all. Why?
10.You can't see your own hand.

Despite all of this, I still play it because it's all I've got. Until I can get a R4 card to put DSCraft on, I'm stuck with this....

Oh yeah, I forgot something:
11. No multiplayer.
So... I stumbled across this.

I was wondering it multiplayer and/or redstone could be added to it.

Problem #1: What language is DSCraft written in?

To do list:
1. Figure out the language (SmileBASIC).
2. Learn SmileBASIC.
3. Add redstone and/or multiplayer.
4. Test, revise, test.

If anyone has a DS/DSi/DS XL/DSi XL/3DS/3DS XL and wants to test the game in the future, please PM me.
So. A while ago, back in high school, I was on a Chromebook and I was playing this game. It's called Give Up!!!

If you want to play it, go here.

It's just like Portal (literally, all the way down to the character), but minus the portals, and adding lasers, guns, buzzsaws, invisible blocks, and a bunch of other stuff that I won't list here.

It's so similar to Portal, in fact, I thought that this could be ported to the C(S)E.

What do you guys think? @MateoConLechuga ?

[spoiler]If you do decide to play the game, just know that every level is beatable. I know because I've beaten it myself.[/spoiler]
Over at Cemetech, they are doing small contests based on replacing built-in calculator functions. The one that they are doing right now involves SortA( and SortD(. The trick is to create a program that can sort a list of 256 items without using those two commands. Why don't we do something like that? My vote would be going for doing the mean (average) of a list, without using the built-in command to do it. What do you people think? Should we do something like this?

Rewards could be given out as userbar sigs.
All right then.... I just bought a Gameboy COLOR GBA and taking a look at it, I noticed something...

The Gameboy has a USB port.... that just happens to be almost the exact same as my C(S)E's.

Immediately, the idea popped into my head that I could possibly link it to my CSE.

What do you guys think? Is it possible to link my calc to a Gameboy Nintendo DS lite GBA?

I just noticed that the port doesn't fit a regular USB. But I can mod a cable to go in between the calc and Gameboy. After all, a cable only costs $2-$3.

EDIT: I will be using the I/O port on my CSE for this.
EDIT #2: Since I can't find my CSE, I'll guess that I'll have a lot of fun writing USB protocols to do it with my CE. ._.
Hello! Because I am still learning ASM, I'll need a little bit of help here on a Christmas Tree project. It's on Cemetech, but I'd figured that it would be better to ask on other forums, and not just Cemetech.

HL is the sprite data
Somehow get A to be the sprite height and BC to be the sprite width
DE must point to the top-left pixel of where the sprite will go.
(Put the loop label here)
    push bc ; Save the sprite width for later on
    push de ; Save the current pixel for later on
    ldir ; Does "ld (de),(hl) \  inc hl \ inc de \ dec bc" until BC=0 (so effectively it copies BC bytes from (HL) to (DE)
    pop de ; Grab the far left pixel of the current row
    ld bc,320
    ex de,hl ; Swap HL and DE temporarily so we can add a number into DE
    add hl,bc ; Add 320 to the screen pixel pointer (normally DE, but we swapped it with HL) to advance to the next row on the screen
    ex de,hl ; Swap them back to normal
    pop bc ; Retrieve the sprite width again
    dec a
    jr nz,LoopLabel
    ; "dec a \ jr nz" is basically DJNZ but using the A register instead of B
#include "includes\"

.org userMem-2
.db tExtTok,tAsm84CeCmp
;---> 8bpp picture
ld a,lcdBpp8
ld (mpLcdCtrl),a
ld hl,christmastree_paletteStart    ; palette mem
ld de,mpLcdPalette
ld bc,christmastree_paletteEnd-christmastree_paletteStart
ld hl,christmastree_sprite
call drawSprite8bpp
ld a,lcdBpp16
ld (mpLcdCtrl),a

#include "christmastree.bin"

And for reference, I would like it to look something like this, but minus the curves.

Am I right? Or am I doing something wrong in the above code?
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