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I noticed a few flaws in the groundwork I used to make Sorcery of Uvutu PC and Gateway to Legend. I noticed my rendering system was basically me just asking SDL to render an image rotated around its physical center. There's no changing the center, grouping images, applying filters, do real-time or pre-rendered animations, or anything like that.

That pushed me to write CoSprite, my SDL2 rendering engine/library, alongside this project. Warper is my application of CoSprite, so lets start talking about it.

Warper is a Beat-em-Up game set in the future, where mutations in genetics combined with advanced technology allows people to teleport. Some can only teleport small distances, some can teleport long distances but not small ones, and some have the rarest ability of all, being able to teleport into different dimensions.
You are a Short-Range Warper, and your brother is one of the rare Dimension Warpers, barely able to control his powers. What happens when his powers are misused or get out of hand?
The planned modes include a story, arena/infinite mode, and a training mode. More information soon.

You can see my most recent (documented) progress in this video update:

This game is a Work in Progress right now. Warper and CoSprite may and most likely will have several differences between their conception and finalization. Anything can change, so be aware. If you want to look at or use the code in Warper or CoSprite, be my guest! Be sure to abide by the MIT License, but other than that, do anything you want with them!
Web / 123outerme's Minor Firebase Projects
May 09, 2018, 08:39:57 PM
Recently I have started to learn how to user Firebase, thanks to exposure from @_iPhoenix_ . I created a test website, which I have been developing on here. I've added a login/out button, file upload and download, and database read/write (demonstrated by the "load files" button). I intend to add more features to the test website before I call it complete, but know that some pretty cool websites will most likely begin development after this testing phase :)
PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Gateway to Legend [pc]
October 15, 2017, 08:11:30 PM
Gateway to Legend is an open-source Puzzle-RPG. The main focus of the game will obviously be solving puzzles to get experience, as any Puzzle-RPG would have it, but the mechanics that make this game unique is that most puzzle mechanics will be based off doors or gates! Switches and door pairs allow you to gain access to rooms, teleporters provide gates between two places on the map, and more! It also supports the development and easy integration of user-generated content, as well; you can make puzzle map-packs for this project! I've done quite a bit of work on this engine so far, and I'd like to show it off. Here's what I have so far:

In this video, I show off the work I've done with enemies and pathfinding, music, and sound effects! Bosses, the toolchain, and abilities are also shown off!

There are 3 enemy types: Fast but low damage and HP moving straight to you, slow but higher damage and HP, taking a slower, more methodical path, and a third, which totally ignores collision.

There's also a map-pack wizard that helps user-generated content, as far as the programs go. I have my Github repository over here, and I would very much appreciate any suggestions from the community!

Other Stuff:
* Join my Discord! I post more frequent updates there.
* Take a look at my website I wrote!
* See my GameJolt Page!
When I run the code below inside of one of my functions called drawTile() (inside of another one called drawTilemap() ), I get a segfault. On Windows, nothing happens, and the code works fine, yet on my Linux VM (64-bit/Ubuntu, if that helps), I get a segmentation fault.

SDL_RenderCopyEx(mainRenderer, tilesetTexture, &rect1, &rect2, 0, &center, flip);

where mainRenderer = the global SDL_Renderer variable,
tilesetTexture = the global SDL_Texture that renders the full tileset (or individual tiles, in this case),
rect1 = a local SDL_Rect variable that specifies the tilesetTexture clip rectangle,
rect2 = a local SDL_Rect variable that specifies where on the screen the tile is to be rendered to,
center = a local SDL_Point variable that specifies the centerpoint of the rotating operations,
and flip = a local SDL_RenderFlip parameter that specifies which way(s) to flip the drawn image.

Like I said, on Windows, when I build and run, it runs perfectly. On Linux, when I redownload the library files (just to be safe), build, and run, it always segfaults on this line. I backtraced the issue in GDB, and here's what it told me:

#0  0x00007ffff7b1b21c in ?? () from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
#1  0x00007ffff7b1b5fb in ?? () from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
#2  0x000000000000b05f in drawTile (id=0, xCoord=0, yCoord=0, width=48, flip=SDL_FLIP_NONE)
#3  0x000000000040af6c in drawTilemap (startX=0, startY=0, endX=20, endY=15, updateScreen=0)
<my notes: There are 6 in total it displays, but all of them expand out to my main(), so nothing I didn't know past this.>
<As well, drawTile() is the function that calls SDL_RenderCopyEx(). The line it breaks on is the line that calls SDL_RenderCopyEx.>

I went through and searched all my variables for improper pointer initialization, passing bad arguments, even that the clipping bounds in rect1 weren't faulty, everything, but I found nothing. What's strange is that, I mentioned how I ran this line inside of a function inside another function; when I run drawTile() (which a call for is nested in drawTilemap(), naturally) by itself, it doesn't segfault. What's even stranger, is that when I navigated to either of the frames that say "?? ()" and type "list", it gives me random lines from either of my C sources.

Here's a larger look at my source:

From myInclude.c:

void drawTilemap(int startX, int startY, int endX, int endY, bool updateScreen)
    for(int dy = startY; dy < endY; dy++)
        for(int dx = startX; dx < endX; dx++)
            drawTile(tilemap[dy][dx], dx * TILE_SIZE, dy * TILE_SIZE, TILE_SIZE, SDL_FLIP_NONE);
    if (updateScreen)

void drawTile(int id, int xCoord, int yCoord, int width, SDL_RendererFlip flip)
    SDL_Rect rect1 = {.x = (id / 8) * width, .y = (id % 8) * width, .w = width, .h = width};
    SDL_Rect rect2 = {.x = xCoord, .y = yCoord, .w = width, .h = width};
    SDL_Point center = {.x = width / 2, .y = width / 2};
    SDL_RenderCopyEx(mainRenderer, tilesetTexture, &rect1, &rect2, 0, &center, flip);

and from main.c:

int mainLoop(player* playerSprite)
    //... setting up other, unrelated variables
    //on Linux, seg fault after calling drawTilemap
    drawTilemap(0, 0, WIDTH_IN_TILES, HEIGHT_IN_TILES, false);
    //WIDTH_IN_TILES is defined as 20, and HEIGHT_IN_TILES is defined as 15
    //... rest of code that isn't run because of the segfault

(The body of this message came from my StackOverflow question here, if you want to take a look at that as well)
Games / Sorcery of Uvutu PC Port
August 17, 2017, 09:45:20 PM
I'm learning C; primarily for computer usage, although I would love to figure out CE development. I figured that a good way to progress my skills, as always with hobbyist programmers, is to make a game. However, I love Sorcery's sprites too much (especially @LD Studios ' great main character sprite that I have yet to give a name), so I can't just make a new game in a new genre. I have to stick to my roots and create a port! I plan to make this version another fully-fledged port of the CSE original.

It's built in C using SDL. SDL can also combine with OpenGL for all of you OpenGL beasts, although I'm not gonna be using that for this project. Here's the Github repo if you want it. Here's the list of stuff I have to get done for me to call the engine complete, and then the stuff for me to call the game complete:
[spoiler=Engine Checklist - DONE!]* Turn rendering from individual PNGs to spritesheet rendering
* Reading from a different line for a different map
* Collision detection
* Make user movement locked during text box stuff
* Menu screen
* Help menu
* Save file
* Random battles
* Map transitions[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Game Checklist - DONE!]* Make all maps
* Add all enemies
* Add all attacks
* Add all boss quips and NPC text
* Add menus
* Add item pickups
* Add overworld HUD[/spoiler]

(go here for all screenshots)
In this new screenshot, I show off the general flow of the game, the intro text, etc., and provide a full-res, full-speed glimpse into Sorcery!

I've released SoU in Release Candidate form now. You can download it below this text. If you wish to build it, download and run a_makeWindows.bat in the build subfolder. Linux currently compiles as well, but you'll have to run the commands by following the instructions in a_makeLinux.txt, which I explain why in there. Note that the Linux version (at least for me on my Linux VM) currently doesn't work; specifically, it segfaults trying to draw the map. If you can get it to run without crashing, let me know. If you are on Windows and you want to download the .exe without having to build it (especially if you don't have GCC), then download It'll have all the tools you need to run a pre-built version of Sorcery.

Download the newest release of Sorcery of Uvutu PC here:
I recently got a Pebble Time smartwatch. You can get them for pretty cheap right now (~50$ new. Some models and colors are more, though), especially since Pebble was bought out by FitBit. I decided to make some Pebble apps in C, but then it hit me: why not make a Sorcery-themed watchface? So I worked using to make these Pebble C projects. Just saying, it's a really cool tool for anyone interested in this sort of thing. Here's v2.2 of that.

[spoiler=Features]* Tells time (thankfully :P)
* Battery level indicator
* Uses the official TI-84+ font
* Has a little 64x64 image of the main character sprite (which I have yet to name, I just realized)
* Bluetooth connection status & vibrate on disconnect
* Day of the week and numerical date
[spoiler=Installation Instructions]* Download the .pbw file in the .zip
* Send it to your Android/Apple device somehow (I personally use Dropbox)
* Attempt to run it on your Android/Apple device, and select the app to run it with as the Pebble app
* Wait for install
* Enjoy

Compatible With:
* original Pebble
* Pebble Time & Pebble Time Steel
* Pebble Time Round
* Pebble 2

Screenshots of v2.2:

Download here for the direct, here for the Pebble App Store link, or download from the .zip attached below. You can find the source here if you want, as well.
Sorcery of Uvutu is a TI-84+ series RPG. It works for the TI-83+ up to the TI-84+SE, and the TI-84+CSE. CE support will likely come with Doors CE's release, although that's yet to be determined. I look forward to having it on as many systems as I can support!

Play as a young adventurer looking to save his hometown from destruction by the evil Dragon's King, Dregoh. Acquire many powerful attacks, solve the problems of the 8 locations you warp to along the way and finally defeat the menace plaguing the lands! Along the way, you will meet many friends, such as the Innkeeper, who always has room for you to stay, the Move Upgrader, J, who will strengthen the power of your moves, although for a price, and many townspeople, as you defeat the monsters plaguing them.

Attached is V1.4, which fixes a few things in the CSE version and marks the first release of the Monochrome 83+/84+ port!


For some reason, I set up my 83+ Assembly environment (following and checking it against every guide I looked for, including correct include files, etc. And I'm no stranger to ASM, I did a little bit of CSE ASM), yet I can't load any program I build into WabbitEmu. I've tried looking through the list file produced, I've tried removing the .db t2ByteTok, tAsmCmp so I can see if it just outputs a readable file (that would only contain numbers, of course :P), but I can't read that either.

#include ""
#define ProgStart $9D95
.org ProgStart - 2
.db t2ByteTok, tAsmCmp
ld     HL, numVar
    cp skUp       ; If the up arrow key was pressed.
    JR Z, Increase
    cp skDown     ; If the down arrow key was pressed.
    JR Z, Decrease
    cp skClear    ; If the CLEAR key was pressed.
    JR Z, Finish
    JR KeyLoop    ; If any other key was pressed, or none, redo _GetCSC.
ld A, H
cp 255
JR Z, KeyLoop
inc HL
ld (numVar), HL
JR PrintHL
ld A, H
cp 0
JR Z, KeyLoop
dec HL
ld (numVar), HL
JR KeyLoop
.db 0

Edit: If it helps, the error thrown by WabbitEmu when trying to load says "Invalid file argument".
Share your TI-Disconnect stories here!

I was trying to send a program to my calc, so I had it queued up in the software's Send to Device window, and was about to send it when I noticed an issue with my program. I quickly fixed it (modifying the program), and got an error saying it couldn't send. I just retried, since I expected that from TI-Connect, and it sent. However, I looked over at my calc minutes later, and the screen was full of garbage data! It was extremely weird. I reset the calc and tried to turn it on, but every time it just froze with two little pixels on. I realized that I had to resend the OS since it probably got corrupted, so thankfully I did and that fixed it.
TL;DR: TI-Connect corrupted my OS with a simple task O.O
Recently, I've started work on a port of Sorcery of Uvutu to the monochrome z80 calculators. I'm using xLIB (monochrome) in place of xLIBC and have already started work on the black and white spritesheet and some porting of the main engine. String data, non-DCSE specific commands, and general ideas I've used can all stay, yet they'll probably all have to be changed in one way or another. Map data, some tricks using color (screen inversion, intro text fade-in, probably screen shaking, etc.) and other CSE specific things will all have to be entirely reworked for this port. I don't have any screenshots yet, as I'm still working on sprites and the like, but that will come soon.

As for my vision, I expect the monochrome version to likely run faster, due to the CSE's speed limitations being removed here. Also, as each overworld map will be colorless and the screen size will have to make each map smaller, I can only do so much in each, and battles will probably have to be more frequent per map. Think of it this way: In Sorcery CSE, battles would occur at a minimum, every 11 steps. For the CSE, 11 steps was enough to traverse half of most maps, making battles occur 1-2 times per map. This played a huge part in the balance I did for exp/money gain, HP, etc. Now, 11 steps will probably be enough to traverse 1.5 typical maps, meaning by the time you reach a boss in a world, you'd likely be underleveled without serious grinding. I'm looking to reduce that number to every 5-6 steps, which will mean technically more encounters, but encounters per map screen will likely stay the same.

Here's the latest screenshot showing all the game features. Shows all the features implemented!

You can download Sorcery of Uvutu Monochrome either under this post, or you can get both versions in the main, stickied topic.
I recently recieved a monochrome Nspire through the mail (although the package was wrapped up decently), and it arrived to me with some pixels already on, and strangely blue when the screen is on, yes black when off. I'll post a picture here:

Full album here:
I'll try taking a screenshot in the Student Software later, and see what that does.

Edit: Intersestingly enough, the Student Software screenshot doesn't show anything. Maybe that means the pixels are dead?
I'm gonna get an Nspire; a monochrome Nspire with Clickpad. It's monochrome, so it can emulate the 84+, and it comes with the 84+ keyboard as well. Here's where you should dump all of your favorite monochrome Nspire tools, etc. If Ndless is compatible, I'd be all for that, since I'd likely just be getting it just for programming purposes. Since my Nspire will be able to emulate the 84+ as well, drop some of your favorite monochrome Z80 stuff on me too (except stuff that uses undocumented opcodes, like MirageOS. I'll use Doors instead :P ). Just make sure you seperate the Nspire from the 84+ stuff.
I'm going to rework the code I had for the "TI-Basic Library" into a DIY-Library maker! Got some code that repeats over-and-over, and you want to save space? Easy! You can create your own customly-named AppVar, holding all the information, from the name of the function, to the subroutines they execute!
Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks so far:
*Can only handle one input after the (. You can technically have more than one input, you just have to make sure it isn't destroyed by any variable used by prgmDIYLIB
*Can only handle number inputs
*Only technically works on the CSE. It would be pretty easy to port to monochrome calcs (and possibly the CE), so if you're interested, contact me!
*Running it is most likely slower than just typing out the equation normally

(note: This is not a serious project. I finished this in like 4 hours and felt like it was cool to mess around with)

[spoiler=Old Message]Just for kicks, I felt like making a Basic Library. It's incredibly inefficient for most tasks. As a proof-of-concept I whipped up a fucntion to find the digits of a real integer and a function to square a number. Just an example, the calling the squaring function takes ~12 bytes more than just doing X2. The interpreter is 102 bytes large as of now, and uses a database AppVar to store all function names, function equates, etc. This is so the AppVar can be archived, saving RAM (in theory). Right now, it's only technically compatible with the +CSE because I'm only familiar with Celtic II functions, however it would be as simple as replacing 2 commands to port it over to monochrome calcs. For calculators which have no way of accessing AppVars, the interpreter would be significantly larger, and it'd be a little more work. Also it can't really handle more than one argument or outputting anything other than a string. Yeah.
Post suggestions here, and I'll post what I've implemented.

*DIGITS( - finds the digits of a real integer
*SQUARE( - squares the number

If you downloaded the previous version, please redownload. The previous version could only handle 2 commands, where as this one has been fixed to handle as many as possible.
Here's where I'm going to put various tables, data, etc. about Sorcery of Uvutu.

[spoiler=Attacks]Physical Attacks:

Slice/Slash: No element  - Automatically obtained from the start
Flare/Blaze: Fire (Increased damage on West Pole enemies)  - obtained from Flame Sword
Crack/Break: Earth (Increased damage on NO enemies)  - obtained from Rock Sword
Chill/Ice: Ice (Increased damage on NO enemies)  - obtained from Chill Sword
Flow/Sweep: Water (Increased damage on Dragon's Den and Under City enemies)  - obtained from Water Sword
Whack/Bash: Dirty (Increased damage on Upper City enemies)  - obtained from Dual Knife
Stab/Gash: Evil (Increased damage on NO enemies)  - obtained from Gold Sword
Smash: Ultra (Increased damage on all enemies except the second-to-last boss)  - Obtained from Smash Sword

Magic Attacks:

Thorn/Vine: Plant (Increased damage on Worry Quarry and River Lake enemies)  - obtained from Wood Tome
Fire/Pyre: Fire (Increased damage on West Pole enemies)  - obtained from Burnt Tome
Rock/Stone: Earth (Increased damage on NO enemies)  - obtained from Stone Tome
Frost/Hail: Ice (Increased damage on NO enemies)  - obtained from Cold Tome
Storm/Volt: Water (Increased damage on Under City enemies)  - obtained from Storm Tome
Smell/Stench: Dirty (Increased damage on Upper City enemies)  - obtained from Smelly Tome
Dark/Evil: Evil (Increased damage on NO enemies)  - obtained from Dark Tome
Alpha: Ultra (Increased damage on all enemies except the second-to-last boss)  - obtained from Alpha Tome

Other Attacks:

Block: Blocks half of enemy damage. Reduces your damage by 20%  -  Always available
Arrow: Unobtainable move only used by one enemy type.

[spoiler=Other Things]
Github Link:
(Includes CSE and mono source up to v1.3 and Nspire ports (but there's not a whole lot to look at there :P)
[spoiler=Secrets/Little Known Stuff]
* Levelling up after beating a boss will grant you a higher potential HP increase (increase while not fighting a boss is between 5-7, fighting a boss is 7-9).
* Upon level up, you have a 1 in 5 chance of getting an extra Stat Point to level your stats up with.
* The two ultimate moves do increased damage to every enemy besides the second-to-last boss, and as of v1.3, have increased critical potential.
I've noticed while working with Sorcery of Uvutu, that AppVars not created on-calc are read-only to the calculator. I've figured this out with a save file I use to test easily. Under no circumstances can I save to that AppVar. Is this true? Could it just be my emulator? Is there a way to circumvent this possibly?
Thanks to @DJ Omnimaga for the idea to post.
Phones & Tablets / Google Cardboard
October 23, 2016, 05:54:53 PM
I just received my Google Cardboard in the mail and I'm very impressed with it. This being a technology forum, does anyone else have one? What games/apps do you like? I'll add a list of mine below.
If you don't know what Google Cardboard is, it's literally cardboard. Well, it's a 3D viewer/headset made out of your phone and a material such as cardboard or plastic. On your phone, you launch VR apps which basically splits phone res in half to display two eyes-worth of game. It's the same system the Oculus Rift first used. As this is tied to your phone, you can both take and view pictures (in 3D or not), watch videos (on Youtube, from your phone storage, etc.), surf the Internet, and more. Of course, games are the best part.

[spoiler=Apps I Have]
*Fulldive (basically a VR launcher app combined with Internet, viewing pictures/videos)
*BAMF VR (Puzzle game where you teleport around the map to collect gems. My personal favorite game)
*Trooper 2 (Basically a 3D version of those crappy zombie-killing games where you turn the camera 360 degrees to find and kill zombies standing still, but VR)
*StarTracker VR (Basically a planetarium)
*Youtube (watching videos on a seemingly room-sized screen is cooler than it may sound, not to mention 360 videos)
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Tourn II
August 28, 2016, 08:31:33 PM

Coming soon to an online download near you...
(I think)

For those who don't remember what Tourn was (and I'm glad for that), it was a TI-84+CSE fighting game using ASCII characters and the Celtic II text-color-altering commands. I'm glad to be remaking it with proper sprites. Instead of bland characters represented by the shape of their head (an O, Q, G, 0, A, or θ), I plan to use characters from my old games. Of course, most of my old games used ASCII characters, so there will definitely be a fake-ASCII character as well. More info about the planned fighters, stages, and more coming soon.

The white tiles displayed after the initial "punch" animation are combo attacks. I haven't yet added the sprites for them yet. No collision has been implemented as of yet.
Gaming / Xbox One / Live Gamertags
May 22, 2016, 09:34:43 PM
I'm getting an Xbox One for my birthday (I'm asking for my friends to get me GameStop gift cards - yes I'll get some strange looks at the counter when I show up with a McDonald's toy's worth of plastic), and the party is in less than a week. Before you tell me to get a PS4, let me just say that I'm only getting a One to play with my friends, since most of my friends who play multiplayer games have a One (although some have a PS4 too). I'm mostly gonna be playing Destiny with my friends.

My gamertag is ThePolicelee. I've already made my account, so you can add me if you want. Just message me telling me who you are.
I've decided to recreate Super Smash Bros (Melee, hopefully) on the TI-84+CSE (and CE assuming all goes well with xLIBCE). Super Smash Bros CCM, CCM standing for Color Calc Melee. I decided that if I posted this, it'd get done quicker. I'm doing this on the side, when I'm waiting for my testers to bring me back bugs and other things, and I get the urge to code, I'll be doing this. Here's a screenshot for no reason other than because I like you.

The blank background is intentional. I plan to break free from moving in 8x8 chunks (as in Sorcery of Uvutu), and for that, I'll need to have a blank background present.
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on March 01, 2016, 03:54:31 AM
Could you link to that pseudo 3D thing? I forgot what it was. And I see about the CE, I hope you reconsider at one point but I could understand if you don't get one.

As for a Nintendo fighter, do you mean a beat-em-up or something like Punch Out?

I actually didn't make the pseudo-3d screenshot until now. I called it pseudo-3d because I imagined using it for such a game, where you can turn the camera to inspect the enviroment. It actually seems possible and make a moving character, because it would have to update both sides of GRAM, which is what most games do to achieve double-buffering. But here, I simply made two maps and loaded them together, scrolling between the two. It isn't technically pseudo-3d here.
Truth is, I want a CE, but I don't have too many dollar bills to throw around right now. Not that I need to save for food, thankfully (since I'm not on my own yet)

And the Nintendo fighter, it's one I mentioned a little while ago, one I play frequently. So basically put. Smash Bros. I'm going to try to use Hayleia's design choices (modular character roster, etc.) but all of these choices may not work. I'll have to wait and see for when I make the actual thing. I'm probably going to make Falco first because he's my main.
Gaming / Hearthstone
January 04, 2016, 11:16:15 PM
I just saw someone on Hearthstone named jW1n, so I was prompted to make this post.
If you play, post your here! I'm on there as 123outerme.
Hearthstone is a really fun CCG, with extremely simple mechanics, hence the "deceptively SIMPLE" part. The "deceptively" part comes from the amount of choices both in deck building and in play itself. You play to reduce the opponent's health from 30 to 0 before they can do the same to you.
[spoiler=For players of Hearthstone already, or those not already overloaded with info]
If you've watched Trump's basic Hearthstone guide, you obviously know that this is only the win condition; the goal is to control the board with your minions, to make reducing you opponent's health easier.
Anyways, if you haven't tried it, I reccomend it. It requires a lot of strategic thinking, and is extremely fun and rewarding.
Warning: Discussion of beta features, maps, etc. may include SPOILERS. Proceed at your own caution.

- Signing Up
If you would like to sign up for the closed beta, please PM me to avoid cluttering the topic. I won't accept many testers, to avoid many cooks in one kitchen, as well as to contain possible spoilers. If I accept you, you will be PM'd a link to the newest beta whenever they are released, as well as a save file editing program, and instructions.
As you will be able to modify your save file and experience a lot of content in a short time, I ask that if you would want to experience the game free from beta duties, that you not sign up. Other than that, go for it!

- Beta Information
As for what beta testers will be testing, I say just playtesting. If you see a possible bug, try to replicate it, and report it. If it is unreplicatable, report it anyways but make sure you specify that it's unreplicatable. Worlds 1 and 2 have been thoroughly tested. World 3 has been tested a bit, and World 4 hasn't been tested at all.

- Known Issues
*Progression is mostly linear
*Little amounts of story
*Not really an issue but I have to implement DJ Omnimaga's battle background code.
Gaming / Airsoft Discussion
December 14, 2015, 11:08:22 PM
(When Street gets around to fulfilling my request of a "Real Life Games" subforum, feel free to move this there)
So recently, just to mess around with my friend, I ordered a spring pistol Airsoft gun. For those curious, it's found here. According to the reviews, it's incredibly sturdy, reliable, and for a $15 springer it's pretty good over all. I also got a $20 paintball mask and a $5 canister of BBs.
Gaming / What GC/Wii Game Should I Get?
December 06, 2015, 11:25:02 PM
I'm planning on getting some GameCube or Wii game soon, and here's what I'm thinking about:
*Super Smash Bros Melee (I can find this at GameStop, so I don't have to pay 70$ online :crazy: . I'm an avid Project M player but I'm not sure I want two copies of the same thing, although I know they are slightly different.)
*LoZ: Wind Waker (I can find this at GameStop too, but if not I can find a cheaper disc online than Melee. I also love me a good Zelda game)
*LoZ: Skyward Sword (I know I can find this at GameStop, but the question is: this over Wind Waker? Prob not)
*Mario Kart Wii

If you know of another Wii/GameCube game I'd probably enjoy, tell me. I'll check it out.
PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Programming Ideas
December 06, 2015, 08:46:07 PM
Post your programming/game ideas here!

I had an amazing idea for a 3d-ish game for the CSE. It takes advantage of the fact that you can run xLIBC code without going into half-res mode, where it'll draw both sides of the screen simultaneously. Although you won't be able to use double-buffer techniques like switching between buffers to create a more seamless experience, 3D!!! *.*  Of course, you'll also have to make a 3D viewer like Google Cardboard but if it's easy to make and understand the directions, I'll play the game!
I'm not going to make that, so someone else can if they want.
[spoiler=Gameplay Screenshots]
Old DCSE Icon:

New DCSE Icon:

Sorcery of Uvutu Walrii:

Tileset test:

Sample town and battle screen test:

Updated overworld and menu:

Updated battle screen:

Name entry update:

Collision and tileset update:

Text box style unification and tileset update:

Battle backrounds, level up, and menu update:

NPCs and battle screen sky update:

Beta 0.1 release:

Beta 0.2 release:

Dragon's Den sneak peek:

Worry Quarry sneak peek:

0.5 Beta Teaser:

0.63 Beta Teaser:

0.7 Beta Teaser/World 5 Teaser

World 6 Teaser

[spoiler=World Screenshots (CSE): HUGE SPOILERS!]
World 1; Plain Plains

World 2; Dragon's Den

World 3; Worry Quarry

World 4; West Pole

World 5; River Lake

World 6; Under City

World 7; Upper City

World 8; Battleground

[spoiler=World Screenshots (Mono): HUGE SPOILERS!]
World 1; Plain Plains

World 2; Dragon's Den

World 3; Worry Quarry

World 4; West Pole

World 5; River Lake

World 6; Under City

World 7; Upper City

World 8; Battlefield

 I have decided to update the graphics and gameplay of one of my old titles, Dragonsglid! In Dragonsglid, you went around  dungeons fighting randomly spawning enemies. At the end of each dungeon, a boss enemy with a clever pun would test your strength.

Unfortunately, every dungeon was really linear and easy, with plain, open rooms, there was no backtracking in rooms or dungeons, and there were no secrets. I'm here to change all of that. Along with that, I'm introducing:
*A new extensive story (Done)
*Customizable moveset (Done)
*Interesting battle graphics (Done)
And unlike all my other projects, I won't release Sorcery of Uvutu until I'm 100% satisfied with it. So now I am.

15 years ago, the nameless One of the Prophesy made a choice that would change the future forever. Unfortunately, that change didn't last long, as his kingdom, taken first by the Dragonsglid, fell into disorder and crumbled. 15 years after the events of Dragonsglid, the One of the Prophesy lived on and had a child, who had immense potential to save those left of the Uvutians.


Older Screenshots
v1.4 uploaded!
Have you ever been staring out your classroom window, wanting to go on an epic adventure on the 7 Seas? No? Yeah, me neither. I had no better ideas, so you should take what you can get.

Anyways, I'm starting a new whale of a project. Yeah, I'll go now.
Aqu-Wars is for the TI-84+CSE ONLY. It is an action adventure game with a hint of RPG in it, if that suits your fancy.

You could sail the high seas, take up either Navy, mercenary, or pirate jobs, pirate and take other ships' cargo, and upgrade your own ship in this swashbucklin' adventure!

[spoiler=Screenshots, activate!]
v0.1a (not distributed):

Sneak peek:

Tourn pronounced "torn" is a fighting game made in hybrid TI-Basic for the TI-84+CSE ONLY.

When you're bored in class, fighting is your best entertainer. But, instead of fighting your classmates, how about fighting this CPU who has no feelings! Beat up a CPU on 3 different levels: 1, or boring, 2, or okay, 3, or EXTREME!! Use the left and right arrow keys to move, DEL to block, 2nd to perform a melee attack, and ALPHA to perform a laser beam attack!
Blocking negates knockback, reduces hitstun, and removes some damage so you can counterattack! Don't stay blocking for too long, or your arms will get tired and the enemy will be able to attack for free!

Fight on different planets, up the difficulty, but be ready to take the heat! Beat up your closest friends in spirit with this amazing game coming to you soon!





Your body being a "V" instead of a "Y" means that you're experiencing lag. If you're not familiar with fighting game terms, basically it's recovery from either getting hit by or using a move. It can also be called recovery as well.
v1.0 uploaded.
Photon is a turn-based strategy sci-fi game for the TI-84+CSE only. This game uses Doors CSE to run, and can't run on the 84+CE or any other name referring to that calculator. So far you can fight an enemy, upgrade and repair your ship, and travel to different worlds!

[spoiler=Some of the Todo:]
*Visible battle damage
*End goal/substance to game

(v0.2b doesn't exist for reasons)

Games / [TI-84+CSE] Solius
May 23, 2015, 03:38:15 PM
Solius is an open rogue-like game. Train up to defeat the menace that has been attacking your town and way of life. Play either in black and white, for that old DOS command prompt style, or play in full color.
I'm making a Homescreen RPG on the side, when I'm bored of programming Solius. I don't really have a name for it yet, but I assure you, it's coming! To play, run the tech demo prgmANRPG. It's compatible with both monochrome and color calcs (and doesn't require any shells), but I will make it fit to the CSE's screen eventually. For now, it looks a little squished. Enjoy! Download is attached.

In the screenshot, you can see a few glitches. I've already fixed them. Happy April Fool's Day, suckas!

I've begun work on a roguelike for the CSE using XLibC and Celtic 2 CSE, with a color scheme similar to (read: the same as) the DOS Command Prompt. Therefore, it requires Doors CSE 8.0 or greater to run! It includes a turn-based battle system, open world with randomly generated features (towns, treasure chests, etc.) and much more. If you want to see the complete Todo (there's a lot), visit the GitHub repo.

Download is attached.
[spoiler=Some of the Todo:]
*maybe add ability to name character

[spoiler=Old Images:]




TI-Thrash Color is a homescreen arcade-style fighting game. It includes multiple characters, who beat up on a CPU. This is a color remake of TI-Thrash (Omnimaga or Cemetech). As it adds color to the game, it is only compatible with the TI-84+CSE (unless the CE has gotten Celtic 2 and xLibC/DoorsCSE with those two libraries ported). It requires Doors CSE 8.1 or later to run. Download is attached. (By the way, it is possible to block counterattacks)
P.S.: Thanks to Imgur for glitching out and deleting all my beta screenshots! I hate you Imgur.

Original (V1.1, for comparison):

Remake (V2.0B):

[spoiler=Changelog V2.1:]
*Optimized size/speed
*Fixed issue with blocking a counterattack and timing
[spoiler=Planned Features:]
*Improve enemy AI
*Optimize even further
*Plan more features
So lately, I have been working on a certain new project in math, which I talked about in my latest post in my topic for Flatforme. Written in pure CSE Basic, this project is a "defender" game where you defend your side of the screen against evil people or whatever. (Does this even need a story?)

Anyway, it's a shoot-em-up with unique controls: to fire a laser blast, you have to rapidly tap the XTON button, charging it up. Pressing 2nd will fire the laser when it's charged, and pressing Alpha will use a special attack, if ready.

Enemies charge at you in four "lanes". Hitting them with a laser will knock them back to the start. Using the special initially unlocked will knock all four enemies back to the start, but you will have to wait quite a while to use it again. There are 3 difficulty modes: Boring (easy), Normal (medium), and Unforgiving (Hard). As the game progresses, the enemies speed up, based on your difficulty setting. You can also purchase new abilities (passive or ALPHA super abilities) in the Shop, where you can spend Gold and equip new abilities.

Download is attached.
I created a nice homescreen vertical scrolling engine for the TI-83+ family. It's specifically written for the CSE, however I will comment with changes if you want to make it a monochrome engine. I intend to use this to make a CSE game of some sort, but I'll have to think.

Uses all variables in the DelVar line at the end.
"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"→Str1 ;26 Xs for the top boundary, remove 10
For(θ,1,10          ; you could change the third argument to any number (be careful though!), but for the CSE I used 10.
Str1+"X                        X"→Str1 ;24 spaces for the inside, remove 10
Str1+"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX→Str1 ;same deal as the first 26 Xs.
53→A:260→B ; Change B to 8*16 or 128. Change A to ((third For( argument + 2) - maximum amount of lines on the homescreen) *26 or 16) + 1. So for this example, ((12-10)*26)+1=53.
12→V:9→W                       ;change W to 7
Repeat K=105:getKey→K
If K:Output(W,V,"       ;one space
min(25,max(2,V+sum(DeltaList(K={24,26→V  ;change the number in min( to 15
min(9,max(2,W+sum(DeltaList(K={25,34→W  ;change the number in min( to 7
If 2=Wnot(A<3) or 9=Wnot(A>51:Then:A-26(W=2)+26(W=9→A:If not(A:1→A:3(W=2)+8(W=9→W    ;change all "W=9" to W=7 (including "9=Wnot(A>51" and the -26 and +26 to -/+16
DelVar ADelVar BDelVar KDelVar VDelVar WDelVar Str1

I've decided to revisit that old 10k bytes of a "gem" I made 6 months ago, Source Seekers. To jump straight to my plans:

*Fix the size
*Fix bugs/issues
*Improve graphics generally
*Rewrite story
*Add HP
*Revamp enemies
*Revisit previous levels
*Add in Village system (don't worry, there's a reason. If it doesn't really work, I'll remove it)
**CSE-exclusive engine/program?

Add your own ideas if you have any!
Flatforme is a 2D, single-screen based platformer in development for the TI-84+CSE. Platform your way to the Goal Coin and collect it! Fend off enemies who will happily stop your progress.

*Level design
*More enemy AI (?)
*More puzzles than just "grab the thing" (?)
*More abilities (?)

Edit January 31st: Attached a new beta with the level editor!
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