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I was working on a tool for a game I've been (overly) engrossed in recently, and ran into an issue.

The software I was developing failed to unzip a .zip file; the utility used to unzip the files is from an external source, so I don't have control over it, merely I tell it what to unzip and where to unzip stuff over the command line.

Im able to get the software to work on my computer, but it didn't work on others. My guess is that security on my computer is lowered a tad, allowing the utility to unzip files to otherwise protected areas (namely C:\Program files\Vendetta\ ); is anyone familiar enough with windows to confirm? is there any good way to get around this, so the software works (even if I have to use a different method for extracting files)?

Here is a link to the program itself, though it wont run properly without the game installed:
Since i'm a huge sega fan, I regularly play various sonic-themed games on nearly all of my devices. However, looking at the ti calculator, few (if any) games featuring sega ever came to fruition (is that a word?). I planned to fill that gap with tiny chao garden, a clone-ish of the Sonic Advance chao garden.

Chao wanders (pic1-stored) map, sometimes says things.
Can buy stuff for chao, including fruit (red, blue, and green fruit) and toy (a trumpet)

In works:
A way to earn rings to buy stuff with (minigames of sorts. Not as flashy as originals, due to limitations)
single-colored sprites, instead of single-color everything (can be disabled in options to save speed)

To Do:
Clean up existing sprites and make sprites for objects that dont have any
Custom plot-based font (expect disabled by default to save speed)
Chao has stats (im not sure what for, since you cant transfer chao to official gardens; maybe ill make other games using this, but dont hold your breath)

Ill post screenies when I find my camera (though its a little ugly right now)
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