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Hey, everyone! Can't believe it's been over 4 years since I last posted on here O.O

My brother's starting high school, so I lent him my calculator so we could save money over getting a new one for him. But of course, I got another one for myself :P

I made this game on my new calculator (a CE with OS, mainly for my brother's benefit. Not sure yet if it works on the monochrome calcs, but it should.

Controls: 2ND/ENTER to place disk, ENTER to get past some messages, CLEAR to exit.

Consoles / Wal-Rush! PICO-8
February 15, 2019, 08:48:42 AM
Not sure if the PICO-8 technically counts as a "console", but I've decided to post this in the "consoles" section...

I'm developing a game for the PICO-8, a video game console that does not actually exist. And because Wal-Rush! for the NES does not exist :P , I thought I would create what I wished a full console version of Wal-Rush! could be...

You can view my progress so far in this thread:
From the maker of 8K Adventure and CHELSEA for the TI-84+ CE calculator comes an actual functioning website that accomplishes everything that CHELSEA couldn't!

Dr. Josiah Ryan Winslow

(No, that's not his name. It stands for Javascript Operator Specializing In Automatic Handling of Responses You Are Notating and Writing In Neatly Spaced Lower Output Windows. But just call him Dr. Josiah for short.)

He is an online chatbot that you can talk to, and he actually talks to you back! The replies he gives are converted from text to speech using deep learning technology provided by Lyrebird. He is guaranteed to provide you with hours of a fun-adjacent feeling!

The link to the website is here. Alternatively, if you want to have an easily shareable link, use either or
Other / Languish: A Textual Esolang
October 16, 2018, 08:05:44 PM
If you thought my last esolang idea was bad, wait until you see this one...

Languish is an (admittedly derivative) esoteric programming language in which there are 8 commands: E, T, A, O, I, N, S, and H. These commands can be mixed together with any non-command characters, so you can embed Languish programs into arbitrary text (if you're talented!).

The home page for Languish is right here (still under construction), and it includes a download link for the Python interpreter, as well as a comprehensive tutorial. Examples of code are to come!

And actually, this is where you all come in. If any of you can write a program in this language that shows off a feature well, or implements a common programming example (like 99 Bottles), I will include it on the website, and in the interpreter's .zip file (once I have compiled enough).

I could write them all myself (and I probably might), but I have a deadline of October 21, 2018 to have my site finished for my web development class, so any help filling it with content would be appreciated!
Other / Esolang idea: Technologic
September 14, 2018, 08:53:54 AM
Hey, y'all. I just got this idea for what might prove to be an interesting esolang:


Technologic is (or, I should say "will be") a language in which all keywords are words in the Daft Punk song of the same name.

I tried to allocate all of the words in the song to their best possible function. However, I am very open to suggestions on changing them (especially with how numbers are represented; I don't particularly enjoy how I ended up deciding that format).

Without further ado, here are the (possible) specs.

Design Philosophy

The main goal of Technologic is to make programs that look like the lyrics to the titular song. Thus, each line in the "lyrics" must also be in the same rhythm: DAH dih DAH dih DAH dih DAH dih. For example, here is a theoretical cat program in Technologic:

name it, code, rename it, buy it
click, format it, start it, press it
name it, code, rename it, name it
code, rename it, quick - format it
print it, mail it, break it, mail it


If you read this out loud (why would you want to, though?), you can hear the "rhythm" to the words. I'll probably make this rhythm required if I ever make an interpreter/compiler for this.

"Useless" commands

quick - (X)
NOP. Place this before any two-syllable word (X) to make it fit the rhythm, and a theoretical interpreter/compiler would act as if this word isn't there.

mail it
Ignored wherever you place it, even within variable names. Another rhythm-fitting word, so a theoretical interpreter/compiler would act as if this word isn't there.

pause it
play it

Comment (X). pause it must end the line it's on (but it doesn't have to fit the rhythm), and play it must start the line it's on

One more thing: the word it must be omitted if it is just before a two-syllable word, and it is optional after the word pause.


Variables in Technologic are defined when first stored to. An attempt to reference a variable before it is defined is illegal.

name it, (X), rename it
Refer to variable (X). Legal variable names are any combination of valid keywords other than name, rename, use, code, call, bring, and any one of the "useless" commands. Only the actual words are considered when parsing the variable names, not the its. Some examples of valid variable names:

upgrade it, cut it
break it
touch it, erase it, scan it, trash it

(X), write/rewrite it, (Y)
Store expression (X) into variable (Y). (Note: write and rewrite are synonyms here.) Defines variable (Y) if not previously defined.


Numbers are represented by simply listing out the commands for the digits in order. If you want to represent a decimal number, use point it for the decimal point.
    0: erase it
    1: click it
    2: watch it
    3: view it
    4: work it
    5: surf it
    6: update it
    7: upgrade it
    8: zoom it
    9: fill it

Expressions are mathematical operations done to numbers and/or variables. They can be pretty much as complex as you want them to be, and they are evaluated from left to right. Any command that takes an expression as an argument ACTUALLY takes the last expression evaluated, which doesn't necessarily have to be right before it.
Expressions must end in format it.

(X), touch it, (Y)
(X) + (Y).

(X), trash it, (Y)
(X) - (Y).

(X), cross it, (Y)
(X) * (Y).

(X), cut it, (Y)
(X) / (Y).

(X), crack it, (Y)
(X) / (Y) (integer division).

(X), rip it, (Y)
(X) mod (Y).

zip it, (X), unzip it
Enclose expression (X) in parentheses.

(X), turn it
Negate (X).

Control Flow and Conditional Statements

Conditional operators return 1 for true and 0 for false. Conditional statements consider anything nonzero to be true, and 0 to be false. Everything else should be "familiar".

(X), drag and drop it, (Y)
Conditional operator: (X) == (Y). (The only instance of a multi-word keyword!)

(X), pay/buy it, (Y)
Conditional operator: (X) < (Y).

(X), charge it, (Y)
Conditional operator: (X) > (Y).

(X), switch it
Makes conditional operator (X) act like the opposite of itself (!=, >=, or <=, respectively).

(X), check/rate it
break it

If expression (X) is true, execute (Y).

(X), check/rate it
(jam, snap) it
break it

If expression (X) is true, execute (Y1). Otherwise, execute (Y2).

(X1), check/rate it
(fix, tune) it, (X2), check/rate it
break it

If expression (X1) is true, execute (Y1). Otherwise, if expression (X2) is true, execute (Y2). This construction can be repeated as many times as necessary, and it can be combined with a jam or snap statement as a catch-all.

lock it, (X), check/rate it
break it

While expression (X) is true, execute (Y). (X) is evaluated before the start of the loop.

start it, (X), check/rate it
break it

Until expression (X) is true, execute (Y). (X) is evaluated after the end of the loop.

leave it
Prematurely exit a check/rate it, lock it, or start it construction, equivalent to a "break" statement in most languages.

burn it
Immediately end program execution at this point.

The equivalent of labels. (This also signifies the end of the program.) This must be separated from any other code by at least two lines, like so:



(X), find it
Go to the expression (X)th technologic in the program (1-indexed). 0 indicates the required "technologic" at the end of the program; negative numbers are illegal.


Because I completely forgot to tell you up until now, I present to you: the only way to make your programs actually useful!

scan it, (X)
Read a numeric input, and place it in variable (X). If (X) has not been defined before, this counts as a definition.

press it, (X)
Read a character input, and place its ASCII value in variable (X). If (X) has not been defined before, this counts as a definition.

(X), send it
Print expression (X) as a number (without a newline).

(X), print it
Print expression (X) as a character in ASCII (without a newline).

scroll it
Print a newline, because click, erase it, quick - format it, print it can be cumbersome.


Functions are pieces of code that can be run (called) at any point during the program, and can optionally take 1 or more numerical arguments.

use it, {(Y1), bring it, (Y2), bring it,...} (X), code it
break it

Define a function named (X), optionally with arguments named (Y1), (Y2), etc. The body (Z) is executed whenever the function is called. Legal function and argument names are any combination of valid keywords other than name, rename, use, code, call, bring, and any one of the "useless" commands. Attempting to define a function more than once (even if both definitions take different amounts of arguments) is illegal.
Within the function, you can use name it, (Y1), rename it for each name like normal, but the value of these are not the same as ones with equivalent names in the regular code would be. Or, to put it briefly, scopes.

use it, {(Y1), plug it, (Y2), plug it,...} (X), call it
Call a function named (X), optionally with arguments as the expressions (Y1), (Y2), etc. This can be used within expressions if need be. Attempting to call a function before it is defined is illegal.

(X), unlock it
Within a function, return expression (X).

Oh yeah there's a stack

Oh, I forgot to tell you, there's a stack, too. Why? Because there were 4 commands left that had no definition.

(X), save it
Push expression (X) onto the top of the stack.

load it
Pop the top stack item (destructively). Popping from an empty stack is illegal.

fax it
Pop the top stack item, except the value can be used inside an expression. If this is used multiple times in an expression, the stack keeps getting popped. Popping from an empty stack, once again, is illegal.

(X), paste it
Get the value of the expression (X)th stack item from the top (0-indexed). This can be used in expressions if need be. Attempting to get a non-existent stack item is illegal.

(X), change it, (Y)
Store expression (X) to the expression (Y)th stack item from the top (0-indexed). Attempting to store to a non-existent stack item is illegal.

So, until I decide to change it, those are my specifications for my esolang idea. If anyone has any suggestions on improving them, or if anyone wants to have a go at interpreting/coding in this language, let me know!

Example programs in Technologic

Hello World:
quick - upgrade it, watch it, mail it
mail, format it, print it, mail it
click, erase it, click, format it
print it, click, erase it, zoom it
quick - format it, print it, print it
click it, click it, click, format it
print it, work it, work, format it
print it, view it, watch, format it
print it, zoom it, quick - upgrade it
quick - format it, print it, click it
click it, click, format it, print it
click it, click it, work, format it
print it, click, erase it, zoom it
mail, format it, print it, click it
quick - erase it, quick - erase it
mail, format it, print it, view it
view it, quick - format it, print it


Hello World indented in a way that should make it make more sense:
upgrade it, watch it, format it, print it
click it, erase it, click it, format it, print it
click it, erase it, zoom it, format it, print it, print it
click it, click it, click it, format it, print it
work it, work it, format it, print it
view it, watch it, format it, print it
zoom it, upgrade it, format it, print it
click it, click it, click it, format it, print it
click it, click it, work it, format it, print it
click it, erase it, zoom it, format it, print it
click it, erase it, erase it, format it, print it
view it, view it, format it, print it


Truth machine:
send it, name it, fax, rename it
start it, name it, fax, rename it
drag and drop it, quick - erase it
quick - format it, rate it, name it
fax, rename it, quick - format it,
send it, mail it, break it, mail it


Truth machine indented in a way that should make more sense:
send it, name it, fax it, rename it
start it, name it, fax it, rename it, drag and drop it, erase it, format it, rate it
name it, fax it, rename it, format it, send it
break it


use it, buy it, bring it, fax it
touch it, code it, name it, buy it
quick - rename it, pay it, watch it
quick - format it, check it, name it
buy, rename it, mail, unlock it
break it, use it, name it, buy it
mail, rename it, trash it, click it
quick - format it, bring it, fax it
touch it, call it, touch it, use it
name it, buy, rename it, trash it
watch it, mail, format it, bring it
fax it, touch it, call, unlock it
break it, scan it, name it, buy it
quick - rename it, use it, name it
buy, rename it, quick - format it
fax it, touch it, call it, send it


Fibonacci indented in a way that should make more sense:
use it, buy it, bring it, fax it, touch it, code it
pause it
Equivalent to something like def fax_it_touch_it(buy_it):
play it
name it, buy it, rename it, pay it, watch it, format it, check it
name it, buy it, rename it, unlock it
break it
pause it
This is equivalent to:
if buy_it < 2:
return buy_it
play it
use it, name it, buy it, rename it, trash it, click it, format it, bring it, fax it, touch it, call it, touch it, use it, name it, buy it, rename it, trash it, watch it, format it, bring it, fax it, touch it, call it, unlock it
pause it
Wow, this is complicated...
...but basically, this translates to:
return fax_it_touch_it(buy_it - 1) + fax_it_touch_it(buy_it - 2)
You'll be able to see it here if you look REALLY hard at it
play it
break it

scan it, name it, buy it, rename it
use it, name it, buy it, rename it, format it, bring it, fax it, touch it, call it, send it
pause it
These two lines are equivalent to:
buy_it = inputnum()
print fax_it_touch_it(buy_it)
NOTE: This buy_it is not the same as the buy_it in the function itself!
play it

I figured I should put this here, because it might be lost if I don't.

This is a full English translation of the NES game Soap Panic. (Basically, it's the Japanese version of Bubble Bath Babes. Google it if you don't know what it is...but in Incognito Mode, of course.) As I cannot legally provide a download for the ROM, attached is the .ips file, which you can patch to "Soap Panic (Hacker) [f1].nes" (make sure it's the one that doesn't have half of its graphics data missing!).

Because I know you don't want to have to play the whole game to see the...*ahem* "rewards" Imgur album with each of the changed screen is right here. (Warning: NSFW.) In the cases where there is text on the bottom of the screen, they only show up on PAL or Dendy systems, because they are cut off by NTSC systems.

I simply modified the graphics (and optimized the data) of each "reward" screen. Credit goes to a user on r/translator/ for the actual translation.
As a sort of spiritual successor to Puzzler's Sudoku, I'm going to try and bring to the monochrome calculators another staple of newspaper puzzle pages: the crossword!

This is only a demo at this point. The included crossword puzzle is based on the puzzle featured in the New York Times on April 25 2018, with a very interesting theme. Use the arrow keys to move around, and the letter keys to input letters. DEL deletes letters, and MODE switches between looking at/writing ACROSS or DOWN clues.

Download attached. Make sure to include the CROSSWRD appvar, or else the calculator might freak out.
Recently, as a little exercise, I made a Twitter bot called On Accident Bot, which detects tweets that use the improper phrase "on accident" and corrects them with "by accident".

If anyone wants explanation, clarification, or source code, please don't hesitate to ask!
The attached download is outdated. Click here for the latest version!

In 2006, Arthur O'Dwyer's Castle Adventure revolutionized the TI-BASIC text adventure.
Now, at the tail end of 2017, comes a new innovation in TI-BASIC text adventures. Get ready to experience...

9K Adventure

You are Grimbis the black dwarf. Your mission is to recover Gawyn's orb, in order to keep the land frozen in an eternal winter. To do this, you interact with the game by entering simple English commands.

Download attached. Try it!
After discovering Text to Trump, I thought to myself: how cool would it be to make a text-to-speech voice that resembles my own? And then I thought: how hard would it be?

The answer to both questions is "very". :P

Slightly modified from this Github repository, I created a Python program which would take entries in a modified version of the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary, convert them into individual sounds, and play them back (as well as output them to a .wav file). The results are a bit Stephen-Hawking-ish right now, but I hope to try and improve it soon ;)

Here is an example of "my own voice" reading the CodeWalrus intro:

Requires Python, PyAudio, and PyDub. You do not need FFmpeg, but the program can freak out without it.

Project download here. Try it!
When the CSE came out, my first color TI-BASIC game was Cookie Clicker +C, which is to date my most popular file on TICalc.

Almost 4 years later, my second color TI-BASIC game was Descent, which is unique in that it is cross-compatible with the older monochrome models.

Now, I am proud to introduce my third ever color TI-BASIC game, Picross!

For those who do not know what Picross is, Picross is a picture logic puzzle, and you must color or leave blank spaces in a grid according to numbers on the side to reveal a hidden picture. The Wikipedia page on Picross has some more information.

At the moment, it is only a demo, with the ability to view and solve a random puzzle of a random size. The numbers going across on the top and the side are supposed to represent the numbers for the current row and column. You may edit the grid with 2ND and ALPHA, and when you solve the puzzle, the game detects this and tells you.

Download attached. Try it out!
The attached download link is outdated. Click the screenshot to go to the latest version!
Also, click here to download on TICalc!

[spoiler=Original post]
Quote from: Original postOver the past few months, the slow trickle of new released programs and games for the 8X+ series has slowed even more. In an attempt to remedy that, I'm making a new game, compatible with both color and monochrome calculators.

It is unnamed as of yet, but it's based on Escape, The Psyche, and Orbix. It is a game in which you are a marble, sliding through stages and past obstacles in order to get to the exit. Moving in a direction moves you until you are stopped by a wall, and it requires you to be creative and problem-solve.

One level is included as of now. It is compatible with both color and monochrome calculators (and the look changes slightly for color calculators). Try it, and tell me what you think!

Also, what should I call this? Should there be a story, and if so, what should it involve?
Other / Regex golf
July 21, 2017, 11:45:51 PM
In honor of this xkcd comic, I made these regexes.

/[ckp]e|j| t/
Matches: The subtitles of each Star Wars movie (yes, even "The Force Awakens" and "The Last Jedi")
Doesn't match: The subtitles of each Star Trek movie
Special notes: The Star Trek movie without a subtitle isn't counted, as it does not have a subtitle.

/f?i.?[ns]|h |y/
Matches: The subtitles of each Star Trek movie
Doesn't match: The subtitles of each Star Wars movie
Special notes: The Star Trek movie without a subtitle isn't counted, as it does not have a subtitle.

Matches: The last names of US Presidents who were Democrats
Doesn't match: The last names of US Presidents who were Republican
Special notes: Franklin Delano Roosevelt is rendered as "fdr".

Matches: The last names of US Presidents who were Republican
Doesn't match: The last names of US Presidents who were Democrats
Special notes: Franklin Delano Roosevelt is rendered as "fdr".

Can anyone optimize these/make others?
Consoles / Graphics-hacking Super Mario Bros.
July 03, 2017, 04:32:57 AM
I had an idea to hack the graphics of Super Mario Bros to change the art style. So far, I'm almost done hacking the graphics for the sprites (and now, I even have some leftover tiles, in case I wanna add something somewhere).

These pictures will show my progress, with (almost!) every graphic I've changed.

I can't really figure out the title screen format (and it doesn't help that it's stored in CHR-ROM without much breathing room for adding things), so I did this basic edit.

Mario flashes his classic peace sign. Let's-a-go!

Here is where you can see the first substantial changes to the enemies and powerups.

I took the liberty of disabling the powerup-flashing code of the Fire Flower and Starman. That orange deserves to be displayed in its full glory!

No longer do you have the ambiguity of "is that a skull or a peace sign?"

Fire Mario throws fireballs like an expert.

I think the Koopa Troopas look very Koopa-y today.

It always bothered me that the Piranha Plant's mouth wasn't really connected to its "body". Something had to change about it, fast.

What's a Koopa Troopa without a Red Koopa Troopa?

dun dun DUUUUUUN

Toad is as annoying as ever, but at least he doesn't look like he's giving the middle finger anymore!

Under the sea...under the sea...darling, it's better down where it's wetter, take it from me...

The cloud is NOT impressed.

I don't know what will kill you faster: a bullet to the head, or a hammer to the head.

Buzzy Beetle is buzzy.

In addition to changing the graphics, here is a list of the changes I have made to the code.

  • Implemented my "powerup-fix" (Mario form is based on collected powerup, not previous form)
  • Made damage system more forgiving (only lose one powerup per hit, instead of always reverting to Small Mario)
  • Disabled powerup flashing
  • Altered player sprite that shows before levels
  • Fixed lives display (two-digit numbers of lives display correctly), and capped lives at 99

Just for future reference for me, I'll put some addresses here that I have NOPed and made safe for any code/routines I might wanna code.

AddressCode before thisCode after this
$0A71 - $0A7ARemove axeDestroy/write block metatile
$12BA - $12BFSwitch playersArea parser task handler
$63A2 - $63ABBlockBufferChk_Enemy (?)BlockBufferChk_FBall (?)
$673B - $674DCUSTOM: Draw "peace sign" Mario before levelDATA: Enemy graphics table
$6F38 - $6F43Kick player's feet while swimmingChoose graphics for player's action
$70F9 - $710BShrink playerFlip player tiles if dying

The .ips patch is attached. This is a work in progress, so tell me what you think!
Other / Happy Tau Day!
June 28, 2017, 11:58:08 PM
As of the day this post was created (June 28, 2017), today is Tau Day! This is like Pi Day, except this day celebrates the virtues of the true circle constant, tau (= 2pi).

Read The Tau Manifesto here.
Check out some more information here.
The following gif should give a geometric explanation of the number itself:

Please, tell me your opinion on the tau vs pi debate below!
Should we use tau? Should we stick with pi? Should eta have a say in the matter?

Regardless, a happy Tau Day to all! I'll be eating full circle-shaped foods today, instead of only half circles.
I want to do a disappearing act at the end of a performance I'm doing on July 4th. The desired effect of the trick is that I somehow disappear from the stage. What are the easiest/least expensive methods that I could feasibly do, without anything like trapdoors in the stage?

The stage is elevated off the ground a few feet, and it 's closed off from the sides. There are no curtains, or ways that I can escape the stage save for some obvious staircases on the sides.

Here is the most practical idea I've come up with: a cardboard gravestone, with a trick to it. The red ball represents me. Pardon my use of MS Paint.

Anyone else have ideas for disappearing tricks?
Very recently, SethBling and Cooper Harasyn discovered a new exploit for Super Mario World! This allows you to install a permanent jailbreak onto your console, complete with a hex editor and mod loader! Watch more about it here:

If you don't have a multitap or enough skill in Super Mario World, watch this video for instructions on installing it with a Game Genie:

Once you have the jailbreak installed, consult the following manual for usage instructions:

Installing mods is very simple: use the hex editor on page FFFF to write in a mod, and press Select+R to activate it.
Do not activate an invalid mod, and do not activate a mod unless you know it is valid. If you don't know a valid mod to enter, write 6B to the first byte in the page, which will cause the mod to do nothing.

I have created some mods myself for Super Mario World, for use with this jailbreak. If you want to try these out, or suggest ideas for mods I could code, feel free.

Zero Out Mod Space

A6 F0 E0 0F 90 06 A9 00 9F 00 FF FF E6 F0 6B
[spoiler]A6 F0         LDX $F0          ; Load current index
E0 0F         CPX.B #$0F       ; If this is within the code...
90 06         BCC EndOfMod     ; ...skip to end of mod
A9 00         LDA.B #$00       ; Store the value #$00...
9F 00 FF FF   STA.L $FFFF00, X ; ...into the current index
E6 F0         INC $F0          ; Increment index
6B            RTL              ; End of mod code

Always Shoot Fireballs On Yoshi

A9 01 8D 1E 14 6B
[spoiler]A9 01      LDA.B #$01  ; Store the value #$01...
8D 1E 14   STA.W $141E ; ...into "Yoshi has wings" flag
                       ; Usually, this is #$00 when Yoshi doesn't have wings,
                       ; and #$02 when he does.
                       ; Setting this to #$01 is apparently an unused mode.
                       ; With it, Mario (in any powerup) can shoot fire,
                       ; but flight and the tongue attack are disabled.
6B         RTL         ; End mod code

Infinite Time

A2 03 BF 0C FF FF 9D 30 0F CA 10 F6 6B 12 17 0F
[spoiler]A9 12      LDA.B #$12  ; Load the letter "I"...
8D 31 0F   STA.W $0F31 ; ...into the hundreds digit
A9 17      LDA.B #$17  ; Load the letter "N"...
8D 32 0F   STA.W $0F32 ; ...into the tens digit
A9 0F      LDA.B #$0F  ; Load the letter "F"...
8D 33 0F   STA.W $0F33 ; ...into the ones digit
8D 30 0F   STA.W $0F30 ; Store some non-zero value into the timer frame counter
6B         RTL         ; End of mod code

Press X To Kill All Enemies

A5 18 29 40 F0 1E A2 09 BD C8 14 C9 08 90 12 BD
7A 16 29 02 1D D0 15 1D 32 16 D0 05 A9 02 9D C8
14 CA D0 E4 6B
[spoiler]A5 18      LDA $18          ; Load some controller data
29 40      AND.B #%01000000 ; If X isn't being pressed...
F0 1E      BEQ EndOfMod     ; ...skip to end of mod
A2 09      LDX.B #$09       ; Load #$09 into X
BD C8 14   LDA.W $14C8, X   ; Load enemy state
C9 08      CMP.B #$08       ; If enemy state < #$08...
90 12      BCC NextEnemy    ; ...skip the current enemy
BD 7A 16   LDA.W $167A, X   ; Load sprite properties
29 02      AND.B #$02       ; If invincible to fire/cape/etc...
1D D0 15   ORA.W $15D0,X    ; ...or being eaten...
1D 32 16   ORA.W $1632,X    ; ...or not able to interact with player...
D0 05      BNE NextEnemy    ; ...skip the current enemy
A9 02      LDA.B #$02       ; Load #$02 (enemy killed, falling off screen) into A
9D C8 14   STA.W $14C8, X   ; Store "enemy killed" into the current enemy state
CA         DEX              ; Decrement X
D0 E4      BNE LoopStart    ; Branch back if X is not 0
6B         RTL              ; End of mod code

Coin Counter Counts Jumps Instead

9C CC 13 A2 00 A5 72 C9 0B 90 0C C9 0D B0 08 A5
F0 D0 06 EE CC 13 E8 86 F0 6B
[spoiler]9C CC 13   STZ.W $13CC   ; By default, never add coins to your coin total
A2 00      LDX.B #$00    ; Load #$00 into X ("already added coin" flag)
A5 72      LDA $72       ; Load "player is in air" flag
C9 0B      CMP.B #$0B    ; If "player is in air" flag < #$0B...
90 0C      BCC ClearFlag ; ...clear jumping flag
C9 0D      CMP.B #$0D    ; If "player is in air" flag >= #$0D...
B0 08      BCS ClearFlag ; ...clear jumping flag
A5 F0      LDA $F0       ; If "already added coin" flag is set...
D0 06      BNE EndOfMod  ; ...skip to end of mod
EE CC 13   INC.W $13CC   ; Increment coins
E8         INX           ; Increment X
86 F0      STX $F0       ; Store X (0 or 1) into "already added coin" flag
6B         RTL           ; End of mod code

Max Speed Star Power

AD E4 13 C9 70 90 05 A9 1F 8D 90 14 6B
[spoiler]AD E4 13   LDA.W $13E4  ; Load player dash timer
C9 70      CMP.B #$70   ; If player dash timer < #$70 (max run speed)...
90 05      BCC EndOfMod ; ...skip to end of mod
A9 1D      LDA #$1D     ; Store ending value of star timer - 1...
8D 90 14   STA.W $1490  ; ...into star timer
6B         RTL          ; End of mod code

Gotta Go Slow!

AD E4 13 F0 0A A5 71 C9 09 F0 04 22 06 F6 00 6B
[spoiler]AD E4 13      LDA.W $13E4   ; If player dash timer is zero...
F0 0A         BEQ EndOfMod  ; ...skip to end of mod
A5 71         LDA $71       ; Load current player animation
C9 09         CMP.B #$09    ; If player already dying...
F0 04         BEQ EndOfMod  ; ...skip to end of mod
22 06 F6 00   JSR.L $00F606 ; Jump to death subroutine
6B            RTL           ; End of mod code

Press Down In Air To Ground Pound

A5 75 0D F3 13 D0 22 A5 F0 D0 0D A5 72 1A 25 16
29 04 F0 15 64 7D 85 F0 64 7B C6 80 A9 1C 8D E0
13 A5 72 D0 06 22 BF 86 02 64 F0 6B
[spoiler]A5 75         LDA $75         ; If player is underwater...
0D F3 13      ORA.W $13F3     ; ...or flying with a P-Balloon...
D0 22         BEQ EndPound    ; ...make sure player isn't pounding
A5 F0         LDA $F0         ; If player is already ground-pounding...
D0 0D         BNE GroundPound ; ...skip to ground-pounding code
A5 72         LDA $72         ; Load "player in air" flag
1A            INC A           ; Increment (to make this comparison shorter)
25 16         AND $16         ; AND with controller data
29 04         AND #$04        ; If player is not pressing down and not in air...
F0 15         BEQ EndPound    ; ...make sure player isn't pounding
64 7D         STZ $7D         ; Stop any current movement upwards
85 F0         STA $F0         ; Store something non-zero into "ground-pounding" flag
64 7B         STZ $7B         ; Make the player not move horizontally
C6 80         DEC $80         ; Make the player move down
A9 1C         LDA.B #$1C      ; Store the "butt-slide" pose...
8D E0 13      STA.W $13E0     ; ...into player's current pose
A5 72         LDA $72         ; If player is still in the air...
D0 06         BNE EndOfMod    ; ...skip to end of mod
22 BF 86 02   JSR.L $0286BF   ; Cause a Yellow-Yoshi stomp earthquake
64 F0         STZ $F0         ; Player is not ground-pounding anymore
6B            RTL             ; End of mod code

Yoshi Can Flutter-Jump

AD 7A 18 F0 6B A5 72 F0 67 A5 74 05 75 D0 61 A5
19 C9 02 F0 5B A5 F0 F0 2A A5 F2 3A 30 01 3A 85
7D 85 F2 A5 7B 30 08 C9 20 90 0A A9 20 80 06 C9
DF B0 02 A9 DF 85 7B A5 7D 10 0E C9 E0 B0 0A C6
F0 80 06 A5 F1 F0 02 C6 F1 A5 15 89 80 F0 20 A5
7D 30 1C C9 20 90 18 9C 0D 14 A5 F1 D0 11 A9 01
85 F0 A5 7D 85 F1 A9 30 85 F2 A9 09 8D F9 1D 6B
64 F0 64 F1 64 F2 6B
[spoiler]; Variables used:
; $F0 = Time to flutter jump
        If this is non-zero value, it will apply flutter effect
; $F1 = Flutter jump rest
        Amount of time left
; $F2 = Flutter carry
        Calculated player Y speed
AD 7A 18   LDA.W $187A   ; If player isn't on Yoshi...
F0 ??      BEQ Reset     ; ...stop the flutter jump
A5 72      LDA $72       ; If player is on the ground...
F0 ??      BEQ Reset     ; ...stop the flutter jump
A5 74      LDA $74       ; If player is climbing...
05 75      ORA $75       ; ...or swimming...
D0 ??      BNE Reset     ; ...stop the flutter jump
A5 19      LDA $19       ; Load player powerup
C9 02      CMP.B #$02    ; If player has cape...
F0 ??      BEQ Reset     ; ...stop the flutter jump
A5 F0      LDA $F0       ; If player isn't flutter jumping...
F0 ??      BEQ NoFlutter ; ...don't apply its effects
A5 F2      LDA $F2       ; Load flutter carry
3A         DEC A         ; Decrement it
30 ??      BMI Label1    ; If player is supposed to be rising...
3A         DEC A         ; ...rise twice as fast
85 7D      STA $7D       ; Store into player Y speed
85 F2      STA $F2       ; Store into flutter carry
A5 7B      LDA $7B       ; If player is moving left...
30 ??      BMI MoveLeft  ; ...jump to code for moving left
C9 20      CMP.B $#20    ; If player X speed < #$20 (not quite running, to the right)...
90 ??      BCC Label2    ; ...jump past speed-limiting code
A9 20      LDA.B #$20    ; Load #$20 into A
80 ??      BRA Label2    ; Jump past code for moving left
C9 DF      CMP.B $#DF    ; If player X speed >= #$DF (not quite running, to the left)...
B0 ??      BCS Label2    ; ...jump past speed-limiting code
A9 DF      LDA.B #$DF    ; Load #$DF into A
85 7B      STA $7B       ; Store into player X speed
A5 7D      LDA $7D       ; If player is falling...
10 ??      BPL Fluttered ; ...jump past flutter decrement
C9 E0      CMP.B #$E0    ; If player is almost done rising...
B0 ??      BCS Fluttered ; ...jump past flutter decrement
C6 F0      DEC $F0       ; Decrement the flutter jump counter
80 ??      BRA Fluttered ; Don't run the resting code if we're flutter jumping
A5 F1      LDA $F1       ; If there is still flutter jump rest time...
F0 ??      BEQ NoRest    ; ...don't decrement the rest timer
C6 F1      DEC $F1       ; Else, do
A5 15      LDA $15       ; Load some controller data
89 80      BIT.B #$80    ; If player isn't holding the jump button...
F0 ??      BEQ EndOfMod  ; ...skip to end of mod
A5 7D      LDA $7D       ; If player is rising...
30 ??      BMI EndOfMod  ; ...skip to end of mod
C9 20      CMP #$20      ; If player is just starting to fall...
90 ??      BCC EndOfMod  ; ...skip to end of mod
9C 0D 14   STZ.W $140D   ; Disable spinjumping
A5 F1      LDA $F1       ; If we are resting...
D0 ??      BNE EndOfMod  ; ...skip to end of mod
A9 01      LDA.B #$01    ; Store the value #$01...
85 F0      STA $F0       ; ...into the flutter jump timer
A5 7D      LDA $7D       ; Store the player Y speed...
85 F1      STA $F1       ; ...into the flutter carry
A9 30      LDA.B #$30    ; Store the resting time...
85 F2      STA $F2       ; ...into the flutter rest timer
A9 09      LDA.B #$09    ; Load sound #$09 (cape fly sound)
8D F9 1D   STA.W #$1DF9  ; Play sound
6B         RTL           ; End of mod code
64 F0      STZ $F0       ; Reset
64 F1      STZ $F1       ; every
64 F2      STZ $F2       ; flag
6B         RTL           ; .

A few days ago, I was browsing through some files on my computer, and I found a folder on my desktop called "SudokuAxe". I've already made a Sudoku game in Axe, so I was about to delete it...until I compiled it on my calculator again.
Apparently, quite some time ago (probably summer of 2016, can't remember exactly when), I made another full-fledged Sudoku game, complete with support for up to 10 level packs, and a fully-featured Sudoku level pack editor. I can't even remember exactly how I did all that, but I did.
So, I polished it up, and now I am ready to finally release it.

Long story short,
I accidentally made the best Sudoku game out there for the TI-8X+ series.
(that may or may not be an overexaggeration)

Introducing Puzzler's Sudoku!
This is a fun-filled Sudoku game for the TI-8X+ series, with 100 levels that come standard, and a random puzzle generator so the fun never stops!

How to play
At the menu, you can choose to play a level pack, or jump right into the fun by selecting "Random Puzzle".
If you select "Level Packs", you can choose from up to 9 custom level packs on your calculator, or choose the default pack "SudokuPk". Then, choose a level, and you can get to playing!

Use the ARROW KEYS to move your cursor, and use the number pad to place a number in that square. 0 or DEL erases a number.
Use ALPHA to change between pen mode and pencilmark mode.
"Pen mode" is the default mode; it allows you to place a number in a square.
"Pencilmark mode" allows you to enter candidates for the square in small numbers, allowing you to keep track of what square can be what numbers. The number pad toggles each number.

Gameplay continues until you win! If you wanna quit early, though, press CLEAR to exit.

UPDATE: Fixed some bugs with reading level packs from archive, and fixed random puzzle generation
Download the attached SUDOKUJW.8xp and SudokuPk.8xv to start playing! If you want to make/edit level packs, also download SEDIT.8xp.
If you want it all in one nice package, including a detailed README, download it from ticalc here:
Download Puzzler's Sudoku!
Consoles / Wal-Rush! NES
April 23, 2017, 11:46:02 PM
Maybe this will become a thing. Maybe not. I'll just set this here for now.

Other / Personal list of NES Game Genie codes
April 15, 2017, 03:33:00 AM
@DJ Omnimaga wanted me to make this, so I am :P

I have an Everdrive N8 and an NES at home, and I love to play on it often. One thing that's sometimes fun to do, besides playing the games, is making up useful, funny, or just interesting Game Genie codes. I will post new codes I make for new games as I create them.

Also, yes, every code here is of my own creation. Almost.

Big Bird's Hide & Speak

ASETPAEYYou will select the right person, no matter who you select (game might softlock)
ENKLTTEIEveryone, no matter if they're the right person, nods their head after you choose them
ESETPAEYYou will select the right person if you select anyone that's not him
PEUTIAGAYou only need to select 1 person correctly to win the round
ZZEUTZTZAs soon as the characters enter, they are all Ernie; game softlocks after round

Blurred Lines 2048 (yes, that's a thing)

AAATATOnly 4 tiles spawn
EIIVTGMute the DPCM channel (no "Hey hey hey"s or "Everybody get up"s or similar will play)
ZEYVAIAlternate code to AAATAT

Dr. Mario

EAAOUTPills appear at the beginning of each round instead of viruses
ENLEUGPills float in the air, instead of falling
IXPAGZThe last music track to play will continue to play through each level
GOALOKAlternate code to TELAEI
TELAEIThe game thinks it's being pirated (crashes when you place a pill)
YUPAEYPlace viruses instead of pills

Kirby's Adventure

AAAPKTInfinite energy

Mario Bros

ENTSZZEarthquake when POW block is hit


AYATLAOnly need 1 dot to win

Sesame Street Countdown

ASPLULEvery number you choose within the level, no matter what, is counted as correct
AYIZELThe Count says that every number is correct, but it might not be
POPZAANo matter what number you choose, The Count will always say a glitch number called "ah ah ah"

Summer Carnival '92 - Recca

AXUSYKGG+KSKIPGUIActivates an interesting (unused) intro: the SEGA logo and jingle appear, then explode, and then the Nintendo logo drops down and plays the Game Boy startup sound effect

Super Mario Bros

AATLKYGravity is not imposed on enemies and powerups
AATLOGPowerups don't come out of blocks
AAZUZTMario can always shoot fireballs, regardless of his powerup
AEGISSHold LEFT against any solid object to enter a subworld (where you go depends on where you are in the level)
AEGLKGPowerups don't move
AETAIGMost things that give you points give you 1-Ups
AILALL2-player mode is disabled
AIPVEZEach Toad looks like Peach
AITELGPress B at a Toad to go back to the title screen and unlock "hard mode", effectively beating the game
ANYAAZA rather...umm...interesting way of starting on World 2
ANNEPIEYMario has the palette of Luigi
ASALPA+TGYOPOWalk around in the intro of 1-2 (can't escape)
ASPOULAlmost every hole in the ground is filled
AYAPKLHidden 1-Up blocks are always active (as opposed to only being active after collecting a certain number of coins)
AYOETGEY+YZVAEEZY+YZVASALIMario is always referred to as Luigi in-game
AYPVEZYou rescue Toad at the end of the game
AYTELGYou continue on to 9-1 at the end of the game (seems to break Coin Heaven; game crashes at World A-1 if you fall down)
AYZEPGPeach will tell you the princess is in another castle at the end of the game
AYZIPYAs Fire Mario, press B to kill all enemies on-screen
AYZSVAInstead of becoming Fire Mario when collecting a Fire Flower, you go to the next world after a few seconds
AZPIOEMushrooms behave like 1-Up Mushrooms
EIAGOP+YYAGEOAll enemies are Bowser
ENAISAEnemies are powerups and powerups are enemies
ENZUUKMushrooms don't move
ESIINKHitting a block gives you 200 points and may kill some enemies
GAGLITMario can't shoot fireballs underwater (because physics)
GIZSVAInstead of becoming Fire Mario when collecting a Fire Flower, you turn into Small Mario, but he can't hit blocks
GTAOZPThe Starman music plays instead of the regular music
GTLPXZEvery brick is loaded as a cloud
GVAPZGThe ground is rendered as clouds
GVPLAPYou don't die by falling down pits, but you come down in a sublevel (for example, falling down the pits in 1-1 put you in the underground section)
GVPOZGOnly one row of the ground is rendered
LAAIKEPowerups, in addition to their power, also give 1-Ups
LALISPMario never dies when getting hit
LYZSVAInstead of becoming Fire Mario when collecting a Fire Flower, the sky changes to night
LZZENKHidden 1-UP blocks are revealed! The blocks' location is revealed with a small exclamation point
NGZEUKHidden coin blocks are revealed! The blocks' location is revealed with a small letter C in a circle
NNILXIEvery mushroom/flower is replaced with a weird Koopa-shell powerup that acts like a Starman
OOIINGBecome Starman-invincible whenever you hit a block (WARNING: can crash emulators)
OSIINKHitting a block gives you 400 points and may turn some enemies into Koopas
PEZLEKFire Flowers move like Mushrooms
PZAEUK+PZPENKStarmen in bricks are revealed! The blocks' location is revealed with a small * icon
PZPPANEvery screen in the game scrolls (even the intro to undergroud/underwater stages, and the Warp Zones)
SUYLUYAnything that falls down the bottom will appear on the top, and vice versa (you can't escape Coin Heaven; buggy behavior with lifts)
TEYIUTPress DOWN on any solid surface to go to a subworld (where you go depends on where you are in the level)
TGGITNFireballs can kill all enemies instantly, even "unkillable" ones (except Firebars)
TITLPZ+VGLIVOA Fire Flower gives you one extra hit
TXZYGVThe death noise sounds like a pulse fading out...I dunno how to describe the sound
TZAENK+TZZAUKCoins in bricks are revealed! The blocks' location is revealed with a small coin icon
VELLZNThe pipe that leads to the Minus World leads instead to World 8 (not completely tested)
VGAAUK+VGPANKPowerups in bricks are revealed! The blocks' location is revealed with a small Mushroom icon
VKPAUKPowerups in ? Blocks are revealed! The blocks' location is revealed with a small Mushroom icon
VTAETUOnce you beat the game and can press B to select a world, you may select any world from 1 to 255 (world numbers appear as graphical garbage, and levels are loaded as garbage data; some may crash)
VTLAPEImmediately start in an inescapable water world (not the Minus World), but return to the title screen as normal once you die
XTLGGKLakitu's Spiny Eggs do not fall straight down; they veer to the sides based on your position, speed, and random chance (not tested completely)
XYTEIXPress B at the title screen to change the world you start in

  • Combine ANNEPIEY, AYOETGEY, YZVAEEZY, and YZVASALI for full gameplay as Luigi, even in 1 player mode! (Requires 2 chained GG devices, or some method/apparatus for entering more than 3 codes.)
  • Combine GTAOZP, GTLPXZ, GVAPZG, GVPLAP, and GVPOZG for a full Coin-Heaven-like experience! (For normal GG devices with only 3 codes, the middle 3 suffice.)
  • Combine VTAETU and XYTEIX to access any world from 1 to 255 right from when you start the game!

Super Mario Bros 2 (USA)

AENEOGPPEveryone can float by holding A
AEOUETTPThe screen is always shaking as if you just threw a POW block; strange gravity with some objects
AESOTAIAPull up a big vegetable to freeze time
AEUEKKGLJump way higher than usual
AIUENLEYPress UP and DOWN to climb invisible vines (doors don't work; you must climb down in front of them)
AYOENGEIJump in midair
EEEAXXEKNo matter how many lives you lose, you never get a game over
IENOTSLPSnifits spit Snifits (and they spit Snifits who spit other Snifits, etc)
KEOOXXSEThe Super Mario Bros 1 theme plays at the title screen
OXXOKAEU+VOXOSAOOShells bounce off obstacles
SXOUXVVKThrow down a POW block, and kill every enemy in sight until you go through a door
TONOTSLOSnifits spit eggs
ZAXPGGALSubspace looks normal (but with graphical glitches)

Super Mario Bros 3

AATEVTPause is disabled
ALUZZIYZFire Mario now looks more like he did in SMB1
AOZULTImmediately get forced into an unused level (possibly a rejected World 6 level)
EIGXLTIf you duck on any platform for long enough, you will fall through to the background
EYEZEZEITurn into Fire Mario when collecting a Fire Flower while small (instead of turning into Super Mario)
EYUZXGEITurn into Raccoon Mario when collecting a Super Leaf while small (instead of turning into Super Mario)
LPOGVPYXPress Select to toggle invincibility
GGUXSKXV+KZUXNKXV+OGUXVKXVActivates Debug Mode on the menu if holding A+B on controller 2
NNXXKGAEAlways run as if your P-Meter was full
PAIUUTYou fall through to the background on white blocks instantly
ZPXXTSZXLuigi is usually a slightly lighter green in-game than on the map screen; this code makes the color consistent

Takeshi no Chousenjou

EGOYESOKPress A at the title screen to warp to the final room
GONNOGLEAlternate code to EGOYESOK

Tetris (Nintendo)

AYIAEPPieces go down faster when you hold DOWN
ENTONAThe demo is desynced; you get the same pieces every time you play
EYTZAGPress START at the title screen to immediately skip the copyright notice
PALEGZShorter wait at the copyright notice (not too noticeable, though, to be honest)
ZALAAPPartly-functional 2 player mode!

  • Combine EYTZAG and PALEGZ to skip the copyright notice altogether!
Donalddubs (the Trump-remixer I've been speaking to in private) has suggested making my channel into an all-Trump-remix channel. Not being ready to quite do that, I made a new channel, and made a quick video to go with it!

You can probably expect more of this type of video from that channel, so subscribe if you like it!

Posted this topic because DJ told me to :P
Media Talk / Spider-Dude!
February 13, 2017, 06:20:14 AM
This is a small superhero movie that my brother's friends convinced me to make. I'd say, of the action/superhero movies I've done, this is the best one.

There are also some cool special effects in there, to make it look that much more cool.

Oh, and yes, I changed my shirt in midair.
Media Talk / Cheers to Constant Tau: A Dialogue About Tau
February 06, 2017, 02:06:48 AM
Script of dialogue, and a creative twist - the particular letters a certain statement holds entirely follow tau's decimal digits (6.283185307179...), following in count an accurate number echoing digits within words.

This is true for the entire script (not counting, of course, stage directions and bolded names). To see this, examine the first words of the play. "Eureka!" has 6 letters, "an" has 2 letters, "argument" has 8 letters, and so on, following the digits of the true circle constant tau, for a total of 769 digits. The plot follows a girl named Vi who "discovers" tau, and tries to convince a skeptical Mike of its merits.

More can be found in the notes section at the end of the play. What do you all think?
Long time, no see, everyone ;)

@123outerme 's programming "group" Tilda^3 just got a new! Of course, the first project I suggested to do was a puzzle game on the TI-84+.
The result of our creative processes? Short Circuit.

This is a demo right now, showing you each object you can place (in order, these are straight wires, curved wires, forked wires, crossing wires, AND gates, OR gates, NOT gates, and diodes). Those numbers above each object will end up being the amount you have left to use.

Here are the controls:
ARROW KEYS - move cursor
PLUS/MINUS - go through objects
MODE - rotate selected object
2ND - place object
ALPHA - erase

Download here. We also have a GitHub repository, if anyone wants to take a look at that.
Other / Google's screaming ads parody
January 16, 2017, 09:20:53 AM
As some of you might know, Google recently has a lot of online advertisements circulating where they have reaction gifs playing in the background while an example query is searched, along with some ANNOYING SCREAMING IN THE BACKGROUND.

So, I did what anyone with decent video editing software would do, and made another advertisement in the same style, but with a totally different message.

The link is here (NSFW language in the search results):

Should I upload that to YouTube? :P
Games / [ti-84+CE] Cookie Clicker CE
December 30, 2016, 09:13:05 AM
From the same developer who brought you Cookie Clicker 84+ for TI-84+ BASIC, Cookie Clicker Axe for TI-83+/84+ Axe, Cookie Clicker +C for TI-84+ CE/CSE BASIC, and wow this one's old and I think you get it I made a bunch of these, comes:

Cookie Clicker CE

This, of course, will be another clone of that classic cookie clicking game we all know and love. However, this one aims to be a bit different, with plenty more (planned) features and graphical goodies than the average calculator port of Cookie Clicker.

At the moment, it's nothing to write home about, though. I only have clicking on the cookie, a cPs test that adds 1 cookie every second, and scrolling through buildings. I promise you, though, I will see this through to a finished version, at least up to having upgrades and achievements.

Download attached.
Code is sloppy because I threw this together in about 2 days, and you can tell from the way the cookie output isn't even formatted :P
I Don't Even Game is (maybe) getting its own port to the CE!
And what better time than Christmas to announce it? ;)

I Don't Even Game is a port of the Flash game of the same name. It is a game where you have to force yourself not to think "how should I do this", but just do it. A lot of the tricks and sneaky solutions for each screen are the right mixture of clever and mind-numbingly stupid. ;D
Oh, and you can't move left. :P

Download is attached (only a demo, with 10 of the screens implemented; after this, it loops until the uint8_t room number wraps around). I will be working more on this as time goes on, and I catch on to some of the even sneakier tricks ;) .

Screenies, in order from newest to oldest:

I made a TI-BASIC terminal-style scheme for input and input processing.

The input is already all taken care of. You can input letters, spaces, and numbers (I might revamp this, because on hindsight, I might not need numbers except for special cases). What I think is innovative about this is the scrolling and input processing.

The scrolling works like this: Str9 contains each line, with a boxplot character at the end (basically, any character I'm sure won't appear in the string), and L1 contains the x-positions of the text. Each are shifted as a new line is added, and the screen is redrawn.

The input processing is a little more clever: Str1 is stripped of extraneous spaces, and separated by keyword. If a keyword is found, a code (unique for each keyword) is added to Str2. Then, Str2 is searched for each combination of keywords that do commands, and then that command is done.

To add a keyword:
In CPROCESS, there are lines that go like this:
{Ans="QUIT" or Ans="EXIT" or Ans="DONE" or Ans="BYE" or Ans="GOODBYE" or Ans="CYA",Ans="TEST" or Ans="TESTING",Ans="HI" or Ans="HELLO" or Ans="HEY" or Ans="HEYA" or Ans="HIYA" or Ans="YO",Ans="WHAT" or Ans="WHATS" or Ans="WHATZ" or Ans="WTF" or Ans="WOT" or Ans="WOTS" or Ans="WOTZ" or Ans="WAT" or Ans="WATS" or Ans="WATZ" or Ans="WUT" or Ans="WUTS" or Ans="WUTZ",Ans="UP",Ans="WASSUP" or Ans="WAZZUP" or Ans="SUP",Ans="HOW",Ans="ARE" or Ans="R",Ans="YOU" or Ans="YA" or Ans="U",Ans="WHO",Ans="YOUR" or Ans="UR" or Ans="YUR",Ans="NAME" or Ans="NAEM",Ans="CALLED" or Ans="CALLD",Ans="SMART",Ans="REAL",Ans="MALE" or Ans="MAN" or Ans="BOY" or Ans="DUDE",Ans="FEMALE" or Ans="WOMAN" or Ans="GIRL" or Ans="LADY",Ans="GENDER" or Ans="SEX",Ans="STUPID" or Ans="DUMB" or Ans="IDIOT" or Ans="MORON"
If max(Ans

First, make sure there are enough characters in the giant string in the bottom. Add some if necessary.
In the expression in the second line, add a piecewise expression with the number of the keyword and the keyword itself like this:
The Nth character in that giant string in the bottom is the corresponding character for your keyword, so remember it.
Note: multiple words can be assigned to one code, but one code cannot match more than one word.

To add a command:
Commands are strings of keyword codes. For example, in the example program, "398C" represents "WHAT ARE YOU CALLED".
In CCOMMAND, add a section like this:
If inString(Str2,"command
command code goes here
Goto E

To output a line of text, do this:

OUTPUT is your output line, XPOS is the X-position of the line, and IS_NEWLINE is 0 if this line overwrites the last line, and 1 if it scrolls up.

Questions? Ask me, and I'll try to clarify. Keep in mind, however, this may not be bug-free or optimized fully. If anyone is willing to help, that would be swell.

Download attached.
I've made yet another song about tau. I think this might be my best yet, and I'm proud of the lyrics (especially the fact that I was able to shoehorn the names of the guys who proposed tau in the first place and their publications, and 35 digits of tau itself!).

Lyrics if you need to follow along (because especially during the actual verse, I get fast):
[spoiler=Lyrics]This what they all been waitin' for
I guess so
They been waitin' for this for a long time didn't they
We gotta start using tau
Ayo teacher pull up on the projector
Ayy we just lookin' at this from all angles
Look at the angles

Angles, angles
Angles, angles, angles, angles, angles

I got all different angles
Trigonometrical values
Nothing hard for an answer
Fill in the blank and it's magic
Unit circle, values
Radians, giving you angles
Radius is your parameter
Never die, never diameter
Unit circle, values
Radians, angles
6 point 2, 8 3
Circumference, radius
Man, it's a turn, like a planet
If you're in this class and you panic
Go with the natural constant
Hope you students understand me

I got all different angles
Trigonometrical values
Nothing hard for an answer
Fill in the blank and it's magic
Unit circle, values
Radians, giving you angles
Radius is your parameter
Never die, never diameter
Unit circle, values
Radians, angles
6 point 2, 8 3
Circumference, radius
Man, it's a turn, like a planet
If you're in this class and you panic
Go with the natural constant
Hope you students understand me

Angles, angles
Angles, angles, angles, angles, angles, angles, angles, angles

I got all different angles
Trigonometrical, getting values
Nothing hard for an answer
Tau is the constant, like it's endless
Whole buncha calculus
They don't know what the better irrational is
I get answers without a two factored in
Got no reason for having diameters, tau is the naturalest
Unit circle, values
Radians, giving the answers
Euler's Identity may just
Be better with tau as the circular ratio
E to the i pi plus one equals zero
E to the i tau equals one, and it's clearer
Complex rotation ain't complex in math
It's a turn, like a planet, if you're in this panic
Then you're gonna get it, using tau means that you quicker-witted
I got students that's counting for digits
Say you learning a lot of new studies
But your number's 6 point 2 8 3 1 8
5 3 0 7 1 7 9 5 8
6 4 7 6 9 2 5 2 8
6 7 6 5 5 9 0 0, 5 7 6 8
I got all of the digits
Numbers all are infinite
The mathematicians
Know we all need to listen
To "Pi Is Wrong", which is written
By Bobby Palais
Michael Hartl, and The Tau
Manifesto, and Tau Before It Was Cool by Joseph Lindenbergh
I want it clear when it's written
Learn tau and its digits
And all of the math is terrific

Angles, angles
Angles, angles, angles, angles, angles

I got all different angles
Trigonometrical values
Nothing hard for an answer
Fill in the blank and it's magic
Unit circle, values
Radians, giving you angles
Radius is your parameter
Never die, never diameter
Unit circle, values
Radians, angles
6 point 2, 8 3
Circumference, radius
Man, it's a turn, like a planet
If you're in this class and you panic
Go with the natural constant
Hope you students understand me

I got all different angles
Trigonometrical values
Nothing hard for an answer
Fill in the blank and it's magic
Unit circle, values
Radians, giving you angles
Radius is your parameter
Never die, never diameter
Unit circle, values
Radians, angles
6 point 2, 8 3
Circumference, radius
Man, it's a turn, like a planet
If you're in this class and you panic
Go with the natural constant
Hope you students understand me

Angles, angles
Angles, angles, angles, angles, angles[/spoiler]

What do you think?
This Is The Only Level now has its own port to the TI-84+CE!

Beat the level. There's only one.

Download here on!

[spoiler=Original post]I've decided to take up C for the CE (thank you, Mateo :) ). My first game will be This Is The Only Level. You know, like this one.

I've gotten done with the tilemapper. Here's a gif of the current progress:

Download is attached.

There are a couple of questions I want answered, though, so the development process can go as quickly as possible.

1. What's "sprite clipping" and should I use it?
2. For some odd reason, the gfx_TransparentSprite() routine leaves the tile sprites normal when drawn slightly off-screen, but the player sprite entirely disappears when he is off-screen even one pixel. Why is that, and how do I fix it?
3. The "random" colors for the background and spikes look like different shades of blue for some reason. Am I doing it wrong, or is there bias in the random numbers?
4. Are there any more conventions and things that can make my programming life easier?[/spoiler]
I just made a new song! It's about tau (of course :P ), and it's a parody of "One Dance" by Drake.

It was a personal challenge to make a song about tau without mentioning pi by name. So, I just said "C over D, there's never much love for C over D" :P .

Lyrics are here:
Quote from: LyricsBaby, I like your tau

Then 318
You know that's tau, OK?
C over ra-
-dius is what I say
Even when it's test day
C over D, there's never much love for C over D
I pray it's never on our math sheets,
I pray, I pray

That's why I need a one tau
Gotta calculation right now
One full turn when I go
No conversions taking a hold on me
I need a one tau
Gotta calculation right now
One full turn when I go
No conversions taking a hold on me

Baby, I like your tau

Sense and elegance
All I'm wishing for radians
Nobody knows tau's the constant
I had to bust up the silence
You know you gotta do it rightly
Soon as you answer, do it consisely
I don't wanna spend time writing
We've got no time

And that's why I need a one tau
Gotta calculation right now
One full turn when I go
No conversions taking a hold on me
I need a one tau
Gotta calculation right now
One full turn when I go
No conversions taking a hold on me

Baby, I need to know, where do your circles go?
Cause if you're tau, I'll make it so
Make your circle whole
Where, where, where
Where, where, where, where
Where, where, where
Where, where, where, where
Cause if you're tau
Cause if you're tau
Cause if you're tau

I need a one tau
Gotta calculation right now
One full turn when I go
No conversions taking a hold on me
I need a one tau
Gotta calculation right now
One full turn when I go
No conversions taking a hold on me

What do you think? I know there were some autotune glitches, but other than that, how is it?
Other / Gematria/Numerology - examples
August 24, 2016, 08:41:02 AM
For all entries in this list, take the letters' positions in the alphabet and add them up. They will be equal. The number 177 has no significance, but it shows the relation of the statements.


I have a couple of favorites, like CONSTANT OF CIRCLE, DO ONE FULL TURN, and E TO THE I TAU'S ONE.

Here are some relating to Donald Trump (politically charged, so spoilers):

Can you come up with examples of your own? For example, GEORGE W BUSH = WASHINGTON = 130. Use whatever scheme you want to relate the phrases, but be consistent!

This is my latest song, summarizing most of what I could find of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine's 60 Minutes interview. This time, I went for a chill beat, and let pretty much everything flow naturally. Tell me what you think of the new style!

Lyrics are in closed captioning, for those of you who can't follow the flow :P

So, what do you think? Please like, comment, and share the video if you can!

This is my latest song, simultaneously summarizing and making fun of Donald Trump and Mike Pence's interview on 60 Minutes. The audio is kind of a bad quality on the voices, but it's not really something I can help, because DVRs don't record shows on your computer, much less with HQ surround sound :P .

If you want lyrics, they're in YouTube's closed captioning. You might need them, sometimes Trump flows too fast!

What do you think? Please like and comment on the video if you can!
One day, I had this one new beat I made, and I was thinking "Hmm...I wonder what would happen if I put words in the candidates' mouths." So, here it is.

Quote from: LyricsDonald Trump, I challenge you to a battle
Hillary Clinton, we're going to make this election radical

First, the choice between different visions / That means they'll be the ones making the decisions
Second, every time you insult Muslims or immigrants / Threatens them across the country they are living in
Third, America isn't a third world country / Just because America doesn't have a lot of money
Fourth, we need to be firm with our rivals / So we don't start a war when this election is final
And one more thing: our troops give their all / We are not a country that cowers behind walls
It takes patience, persistence, and respect for the facts / We need to break down the barriers that hold Americans back

As you know, America is a disaster / I am a top President everyone asked for
A world class liar, rigged by big businesses / That's Hillary Clinton, not who the real victim is
"I'm With Her"? No, "I'm With YOU" / Why I'm running: I love what I do
Wall Street banks, they totally own her / We don't need or want Bernie Sanders voters
To vote for a new agenda with big dreams / Support for one of the bloodiest wars ever seen
She gets rich making you poor, pathetically / This fact alone disqualifies her from the Presidency

The struggle continues! The struggle continues! Thank you all!
Our mission is more than just transforming / It is all of us together, the vast majority
Knows that a broken Secretary Clinton / is part of a corrupt campaign finance system!
That is true with Donald Trump as the right wing / Whether Wall Street likes it, we will continue fighting
The struggle continues! Keep down, Bernie Sanders / Enough, Donald Trump, they deserve a commander
Being on a program is not the same thing as actually / This isn't reality television, this is reality

Tell me what you think, does it sound cool?
This just sounds weird and unnatural, not just because of the pitch changes. Now I know how people feel after nighttime DJs get a hold of their songs.
I made this beat using samples from Soundation. I used in a rap that I shall proceed to embarrass myself with (like that Tau 'n' Pi thingy).

Here's the rap song I made it into, which is a tutorial on how to solve the Rubik's Cube. I certainly hope I got the point across with the song, but I also plan to shoot a video for it...sometime.

If you want the instrumental for the full song, it's here.

If you want my rough lyrics draft, then look here (but please don't, I'm embarrassed already :P ).
[spoiler=Lyrics]If you got a problem, gotta know how to solve it
Lemme take this Rubik's Cube for you and do all of it
If it's perplexing you, gotta perfect the cube
So now, you're gonna get to do the Sexy Move

Turn the right side, turn the up side, then
Turn the right and up side backwards again!
Turn the right side, turn the up side, then
Turn the right and up side backwards again!

If you're being honest now, do you think you got it down?
Then I won't be cruel like my name is Bobby Brown
First, what we gotta do is finish the white cross
And Imma show you how to do it if you're quite lost

Find a white edge, bring it below where it's 'sposed to go
Turn it to the white side, and then it's okie-dokie-o
If it goes up, and the colors don't match,
Turn it down, to the side, bring it up and bring it back

Now, no amount of teaching's gonna really help you crack this
All you need is just a little bit of practice
One last tip though, before you really beat it:
Make sure you don't mess up the ones you've already completed

You got the white edges, so let's do the whole white side
Gonna start to trek through the cube like it's sci-fi
The corners are really all that's left to do
So just don't forget to use the Sexy Move

Put the white on the bottom, and the corner up above
Now what moves we gonna do? You know what I'm thinking of
Just get in groove and do the Sexy Move
And then the white side corners will connect for you

Yeah! There's the white side, now we'll do the next row
All the colors should match up - you should check, though
The middle layer's gonna be our next task
(but how do you get the middle layer?) Glad that you asked

You got four pieces, so it shouldn't be an awful stump
Make it great again like your name is Donald Trump
Just take the middle piece and match it up, this is critical
Pay attention, this'll get difficult


Push it away, taking it out, bringing it back, diggity-down
Push it away, taking it out, bringing it back, diggity-down
Look at that, you conquered it, and put it all in order
And now you gotta worry 'bout the other three corners

Two thirds done already and you're feeling like a champion
But wait, the last layer, "Oh my god," you say, "it can't be done!"
Well, if you got it there, then you can put it back together
Just focus on the next step, keep your act together

The yellow edges face up, they should all align
If none are facing up, or it's a J, or a line
Hold it like this, here's the next thing to crack
Turn the front, do the Sexy Move, then bring it back

Now to put 'em in the right place, just turn the top side
So that one color matches up, and it's got right
'Til all the edges match, and you're satisfied,
Take it out, turn it back, and then bring it back inside

Now you got almost everything done and restored order
All that's left to do is finish the four corners
Find a corner in the right place, show some hustle,
Put it on the top left, and do the three-corner-shuffle

To the left! (Bring it down) To the right! (Bring it down)
To the left! (Back in town) To the right! (Back in town)
To the left! (Bring it down) To the right! (Bring it down)
To the left! (Back in town) To the right! (Back in town)

Three-corner-shuffle, that's the three-corner shuffle
Now take a deep breath, you've almost solved the puzzle!
Twisting the corner is what's left to do
So put the yellow on the bottom, do the Sexy Move

The Sexy Move, The Sexy Move
If it matches, turn the bottom, see what's next for you
The Sexy Move, The Sexy Move
And now you know how to perfect the cube!

Give yourself a pat on the back, you ain't sweating it
You just learned the moves that are helping you in getting it
And if this is what you do to finish that,
Then you'll solve the cube in just two minutes flat![/spoiler]
Hey there. I'm remaking a game I once made, and there's one thing I want to be able to add: external level packs. I might be able to make a level-pack maker just fine, assuming I know how the appvar thingy works in Axe, but what do I have to do to make that level pack associated with the program? As in, when I start the game, I want to be able to see a list of the game packs on my calculator for that game and nothing else, how do I do that?
Games / [ti-83+/84+] Desert Bus II
May 30, 2016, 08:13:51 AM
Based on this new game by DJ Omnimaga, I decided to make a spiritual successor to Desert Bus. If you're unaware, it's an unreleased game in which you drive a bus from Tuscon to Las Vegas...for 8 straight hours. No traffic, no turns, no pause feature, no nothing, you have to just drive for 8 hours.

In this game, you're that same guy in that same bus, but along the way, you crashed into a tree, and are waiting for the towing company to arrive (which will take 8 hours). During the wait, you have nothing to do but stare at the wreckage. Also, it's a hot day, and you tire easily, so you must drink enough water to stay awake the whole time, too. Press any button but CLEAR to drink water.

Oh, and it really does take 8 hours to wait. Try it! See how big of a score you can get!

Download link attached.
TRIGGER WARNING! Contains references to tau (= 2pi = 6.28...)

Quite a while ago, I made a parody of "Day N Night" by Kid Cudi, all about the virtues of the number tau, using Melodyne to tune my vocals to sound like the original. I think the result was pretty nice. Some lyrics sound cringy to myself, but that's just me.

The raw vocal clips are in these links, if you wanna torture yourself with them.

If you want the edited vocal track, here it is, but in reverse, because it sounds cooler that way.
Ever wondered how well two songs with the same title can work together? Well, here's my example with an MJ/Tupac remix.

Weird how well it works once you sync up the tracks. I only did this in about 10 minutes, so it's nothing special, but it's still listen-able. Tell me what you think!
Other / General anagram thread
May 04, 2016, 07:06:47 AM
General anagram thread ~ had a large arrangement!

Welcome to the wonderful world of anagrams! An anagram is a word or phrase created by transposing the letters of another word or phrase. For example:


As you can see, "LISTEN" and "SILENT" each have one E, one I, one L, one N, one S, and one T, so they are both anagrams. One way to think about it is to take Scrabble tiles that spell out a certain word or phrase, and ordering them to make whatever words you can make out of them. Try it yourself with some of the anagrams in this thread!

Here is a quick overview on the "types" of anagrams. An anagrams is usually meaningful, and has some sort of relation to its base. For example:

The eyes
They see.

Some anagrams flow like a sentence or complete thought along with their base. I have found no names for these elsewhere, so I'll just call them sentence-grams. These are usually signified with ~, as in:

Miss California's
as firm as silicon.

The least common variety of anagram is called an antigram, which is simply an anagram with an opposite meaning to its base. These are signified with ‡, as in:

The Oscar Nomination

It's not a cinema honor.

To read more on anagrams, including some classic examples, what makes a good anagram, how to make your own, and much more, click here. (Technically, that's a FAQ for a Google Group related to anagrams, but it's a helpful resource.)

This will be a thread for posting classic anagrams I find to be good or interesting, as well as having a place for some of my own creations. I will not credit any resource when I find other people's anagrams, as it's hard to trace back the exact roots of many anagrams. I will have a section dedicated to my own creations, though.

Warning: Incomplete as of now

[spoiler=Anagram list]

Others' anagrams = Share among arts


  • A Chevrolet = Love the car!
  • Gin and Vermouth = Hung over, damn it!
  • Stone age = Stage one.
  • A carton of cigarettes = I got a taste for cancer.
  • Religion is the opium of the masses. = Sometimes, if theologian is pusher.
  • If at first you don't succeed, ~ try deft, if cautious, second!
  • What is the square root of nine? = THREE, for an equation shows it!
  • Medicinal marijuana. = A cure? I'm in a damn jail.
  • Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum [Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee.]
    Virgo serena, pia, munda et immaculata [Virgin serene, holy, pure, and immaculate]
    A virgo intacta AND a mum? Presume a lie!
  • If love isn't here, ~ then life is over.
  • For the evil that men do ~ doth live on after them.

People's Names

  • George Bush = He bugs Gore. = Bugger! Shoe!
  • Adolf Hitler = Do real filth. = Heil, old fart!
  • Osama bin Laden = A bad man (no lies). = A bad Islam one. = Old man in a base. = A damn alien S.O.B.!
  • Usama bin Laden = Damnable in U.S.A.!
  • Elvis Aaron Presley. = Seen alive? Sorry, pal!
  • Robert Schumann = Brahms' Nocturne.
  • Jim Morrison = Mr. Mojo Risin'.
  • Will Shakespeare ~ speaks well, I hear.
  • William Shakespeare = I'll make a wise phrase. = Here I was, like a Psalm. = Hear me, as I will speak! = I am a weakish speller.
  • The Artist formerly known as 'Prince' = No first-rate workmanship recently!
  • The German neurologist Dr Alois Alzheimer =Memories going, lost in a rather
  • Severiano Ballesteros = Valor es sobresaliente. [Value is outstanding.]
  • Mandela, the president of South Africa = "The land of our fathers is emancipated."
  • G. Dubya = Bad guy.
  • George Bush = He bugs Gore. = Bugger! Shoe!
  • George W Bush = Huge S.O.B. grew = He grew bogus.
  • George Walker Bush = Rake who glugs beer.
  • George "Dubya" Bush = Huge bad guy bores. = Huge abuser, by God!
  • U.S. President George Bush = Huge, depressing, true S.O.B.
  • President Bush of the USA = A fresh one, but he's stupid.
  • President George Bush = There's God! Superbeing! = Bright, super-dense ego. = The person is buggered. = The bigger, proud sense. = Bugger the depression!
  • President George W. Bush = Send the US bigger power. = Greed rips the US. Now beg!
  • President George Walker Bush = Keep war, then bugger soldiers. = Superb heir! Great knowledges!
  • President George "Dubya" Bush = Ego upset by greed and hubris.
  • The President of the United States of America, George Walker Bush = Damn! The result is garbage, takes pretender to White House office. = Takes power after foe, Mr. Clinton...but gee, he's sure a s***headed git! = 'Empire State' ego. He is a genuine bastard! f*** the rest of the world! = Debate it less. We ensure a gung-ho dictatorship of the 'free' market. = We see the fight to get Osama Bin Laden, a sheer f***ed-up terrorist. = "Seek Bin Laden!" He set out after Osama, he screwed right up. Forget it! = He deregulates work to the edge. I hear fatcat businessmen profit. = Beware! Stupid ego gets set, makes a free land into the Fourth Reich. = Habilitated greed makes the terrorist thug use offence weapons. = Stop. Take Hitler. Guess we see the huge bad reincarnated form of it.
  • The President of the United States of America, George Walker "Dubya" Bush = Degree-less twit! Before Katrina issue, he thought FEMA "...a body part?". Dunce!
  • The outgoing President of the United States of America, George Walker Bush = Guess I'd like to throw a shoe at the stupid bugger. An offence? Interrogate me!

Other Names

  • United States Of America. = Its cause: attain freedom. = Dine out, taste a Mac, fries. = Mac and Fries Eat-Out Site. = Atomic tests are fun idea! = I see fun, so I am attracted! = Can't our team defeat ISIS? = I use fears to dictate man. = Eat our fascist dementia. = M.I.T., a neat ace for studies.
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa = What a foreign stone pile! = I spot one giant flaw here...
  • Harley Davidson Motorcycles = Very costly old road machines.
  • The Great Pyramid of Cheops = My God! Perfect Pharaoh site!
  • A Nintendo Gameboy = Made to be annoying.
  • Seven Eleven Incorporated = Open it and never ever close!
  • Nessiteras rhombopteryx = Monster hoax by Sir Peter S.!

Medium (41-99 letters)

  • "That's one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind." Neil Armstrong =
    An "Eagle" lands on Earth's moon, making a first small permanent footprint.
  • Once and for all, can you give me an educated answer to the question: what comes first, the chicken or the egg?
    The egg. Whatever a hen's made out of was not normal chicken DNA quite yet, according to the rules of science.
    Oh, to conclude that old query can make us frenetic.
    "Ah," one man voiced, "it was the egg, for the answer's genetic!"
    When true cooks are concocting a quiche, they add hotter fowl in advance. An omelet means use the egg first.
    Quite the latter, if two eggs came as an hors d'oeuvre, and coco chicken and mango chutney is the fowl entree.
    We did watch a "chicken versus egg" footrace. They aren't so equal. Come on, the round thing came in last! (No feet.)
    After adequately checking some facts, I've announced an answer: "To get to the other side!"
    Oh, um...wrong cliche!

Long (100-999 letters)

  • Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
    Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
    All mimsy were the borogoves,
    And the mome raths outgrabe.
    He, Lewis, grabbed the vibrant role,
    Assembled dreams and rhymes with glee,
    But vowed that one most mighty goal:
  • "Preamble to the United States Constitution"
    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
    Columbus to Perry, Edison to Einstein, Ruth to Ryan, Reuter to Hoffa, Disney to Spielberg: O honored pioneers! Adventurous to timid, carefree to burdened, refined optimists to crude pessimists, enfeebled to health nuts; Republicans to Democrats, Christians to Jews; Harlem to Watts, Queens to Glendale, Fifth Avenue to Main Street, Atlantic to Pacific: no lie, 'tis home to the free!
  • I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
    US Flag Code: If seated, stand at attention, face the flag, join in with pride, right hand over the heart. Bicycle police and soldier units in uniform will be obliged to salute.
    We, inhabiting Americans, to fulfill a solid region, hatch justice, profit placidity, defend, be good and well, and steer in free evolution, signed that rich tablet to the USA.
    I, B.H. Obama, new leader of the Free World, just one ebony politician, plight to change the racists' sullied attitude, indict infective drug dealers, and also fight inflation.
    Birth of the Elected

    I, Washington,
    I, Garfield,
    I, Cleveland,
    I, Taft,
    I, Wilson
    I, Johnson,
    I, Reagan,
    understand the helpful, doubtless attitude of good American liberty.

    I accept.
    Those dirty, flag-waving Republicans
    often pander without limit
    just to get Bush the oil thief elected again.
    Arnold's bold farce election
    in California is hated indeed.
    I promise to be faithful to this country under certain chief regulations and standards, eject ego, and dwell in a high, beloved titbit of wealth, politics, lineage, and life.
    I, George W. Bush, an evil Republican fascist, used God to inflict pain on the world, end life, facilitate death, create militant jihad rebels, and to let youths die for nothing.


  • A poem where every line is an anagram of the title.

    Washington Crossing the Delaware
    A hard, howling, tossing water scene.
    Strong tide was washing hero clean.
    "How cold!" Weather stings as in anger.
    O Silent night shows war ace danger!
    The cold waters swashing on in rage.
    Redcoats warn slow his hint engage.
    When star general's action wish'd "Go!"
    He saw his ragged continentals row.
    Ah, he stands - sailor crew went going.
    And so this general watches rowing.
    He hastens - winter again grows cold.
    A wet crew gain Hessian stronghold.
    George can't lose war with's hands in;
    He's astern - so go alight, crew, and win!
  • President Suharto = 

    **How he ran the country**
    South-eastern drip.
    Dishonest rapture.
    Hate? Not surprised!
    Reported this anus.
    Disaster up throne.

    **He rules with an iron fist**
    Has tortured penis.
    Desperation hurts.
    He send up traitors.
    He'd nurse patriots.
    Suspend traitor, eh?
    Pains? He's tortured.

    **Off-topic, but funny**
    Rude short panties.

    **Economic problems cause unrest**
    Disaster open hurt.
    Rather no disputes.
    Depression? A truth.
    Tourist sharpened.
    Ah! Riots erupt! Ends?

    **Students protest, want resignation**
    Protested. Ah, ruins.
    Oh! Students repair.
    I rap students' hero.
    Or students are hip.
    So, hints departure.
    O! pushed restraint.

    **Finally, he resigns**
    This departure, son.
    Death not surprise.
  • Diana, The Princess of Wales =

    **Diana meets Dodi**
    Di - separation, cash, new self.
    Sad faces? New relationship!
    Ascend a few relationships.
    He is new fiance. A sports lad.
    We sip carafes on the island.
    No speechless waif. Radiant.
    No faeces in her. Pat wild ass.
    Won hearts if nil escapades.
    Ends as if won special heart.
    World pants: "She is a fiancee".

    **The fateful night**
    Whole feast. Dances in Paris.
    Fastens special new hairdo.
    Dancers? A wife sips ethanol.
    Ethanol in car? Few as pissed.
    Wine, ale, passion. Deft crash.
    Deficient! Wears no lap-sash.

    **The car crash**
    Pow! She dies in fast car lane.
    Fast speed, alien wino crash.
    s***! We die of car's lane snap.
    No witnesses? Failed? Ah, crap!
    Sees crash. Nationwide flap.
    News fiends: "A car hits a pole".
    Annihilate few sad corpses.
    Whose filets in a crap sedan?|
    Warns: defecates in his lap. O!

    **They try to save her**
    A safe windscreen --> hospital.
    Hospital news: I feared scan.
    Ashen, a specialist frowned.
    Fail as chest pain worsened.
    She is now a step near flacid.
    We fear: "Ascend in hospital?".
    Dies! A France hospital news.

    **The headlines**
    Headline: "O! A princess waft".
    Line was: "Death of a princess".

    **then the funeral**
    Hearse leads - no swift panic.
    Send few Palace historians.
    Elton's idea is crap. He fawns.
    Candle in the ..... wife soars, a.s.p.
    Worshiped! Ascent's a finale.
    Heap flowers - incessant aid.
    A waste of pansies, children.
    Oh! Least few rancid pansies.
    Spencer said: "it has one flaw".
    The Earl said: "news of panics".
    Sister dies. How can fan plea?

    **Charles keeps a stiff upper lip**
    Alas, Prince astonished few.
    Answers: "Death is final - cope!"
    We find Charles passionate!
    So the Palace insiders fawn.
    As the Palace frowns inside.
    Scraps a wife. On thee island.
    If the Palace's insane words....

    **Was it a conspiracy?**
    A plot is a French News's idea.
    The Press wailed: "A can of sin!"
    Nailed the Press. Saw if a con.
    Flinch. Speed, was it a reason?

[spoiler=Warning: Rude]

  • Coitus interruptus = Cunt users rip it out!
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease = My ass blew fire, I moaned a lot.
  • Large breasts = Great braless.
  • Feeling romantic = Flaming erection!

Original anagrams = I am also arranging


  • Drinking an alcoholic beverage = "Go in. Go near back. Hell, I can drive."
  • School is starting soon = Go to sit in honors class.
  • Surfing the internet ‡ Returning the finest.
  • A dream in the night ‡ Death in nightmare.
  • Not allowed ‡ "Do let on" law.
  • Anime cartoons = Some can not air. = So, not American?
  • A shirtless guy ~ 's surely a sight.


  • Microsoft announces new Xbox One with more storage space and lower retail cost = Tomorrow, a nation brawls to spend on next excuse for a console...TWICE! Sheer magic.
  • Obama approves sending up to four hundred and fifty more US troops to Iraq = President's for moving a thousand equipped army troops out abroad for fun.
  • The two escaped prisoners from New York = Word to press: cops know they remain free.
  • The protesting in Ferguson, Missouri = Shooting ignites fires, more upturns.
  • The protests in Ferguson = Nonstop grief tethers us.
  • The latest superhero movie Ant-Man = Oh, Marvel team puts one in theaters.
  • One-third of American white girls use tanning beds, dramatically increasing cancer risks = Nice girls, if recent research said melanoma is sinister and tragic, why go in and turn black?
  • Kidnapper Ariel Castro's home demolished, he is still facing life plus a thousand years in prison = He kept three girls for a decade in his place. So sad! Our painful loss, it has inspired many millions.
  • Who should be voted in as the American President? = One best case: I wish I'd not have Donald Trump here!

People's Names

  • Popular teenage artist Justin Drew Bieber = Just write real boring tunes, be paid, repeat.
  • The famous performing artist Michael Jackson = He's a king, a perfect form...just a Smooth Criminal.
  • Scott Walker = Act! Let's work! = Total wrecks!
  • William Henry Gates = Wealthy, rising male.
  • The Prince George Alexander Louis Mountbatten-Windsor = An excellent, good European newborn I trust is made right.
  • Washington Crossing the Delaware = He saw English Redcoats, noting war.
  • The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln = Confederate shoots a man's brains, in all this pain.

Other Names

  • Texas Instruments = Turn in tests, exams.
  • The White House Correspondent's Dinner = The President, our chosen winner, hosted.
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ‡ Political effort meant to see elephant harm.
  • Eating at Red Lobster = Old brine, great taste.
  • Subway Restaurant Chain = Bust a waste can in a hurry.
  • United States of America = See? Our media taints fact! = Refuse action at Mid-East.
  • The United States of America = I can taste freedom. I use that! = I must set a trade fee to China.
  • The Sony Playstation Four = Fun toy to astonish player.
  • TI-Nspire = Pristine.

Medium (41-99 letters)

  • "Beauty will save the world" (Fyodor Dostoyevsky in The Idiot) = Today, we do this: sit and briefly view the lovely outdoor sky.
  • "True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen." - Francois de la Rochefoucauld = Love is a deceitful, obscure, hostile, woeful, heavy, unseen, fear-evoking hassle, and hard work to catch.
  • Once and for all, can you give me an educated answer to the question: what comes first, the chicken or the egg?
    Ah, too much to ask me. Feels aggravating how the correct cycle isn't found! I needed a hint, can we request one?
    Now, I'd suggest, reach one closed favor...if each created the other, that cycle's quite an unknown enigma to me!

Long (100-999 letters)

  • I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
    I, Donald J. Trump, a Republican egotist, shall, if I get voted in office, fight ISIS, change tiny fences built on the southern border to a wall, aid deceit, and alienate the world.
  • "Donald Trump has been in the public eye for over thirty years...and he was never once accused of being racist by anyone until he decided to run against the Democrats."
    He could conceivably be President of the United States of America, and screw us over. It's already great, you ninny! Don't cheat and beg! He can end! Hurry, Bernie, stop him!
  • "Why do the nations so furiously rage together, and why do the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth rise up, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord, and against His Anointed."
    If I had to give you a good answer, I think it's all simple. The nations hurt land and go through long and repeated war, rather than agree to end, so they get peace. If you think that's huge, sheer nonsense, it is.


  • I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
    =But I echo the thought of Father, He who fought to help you dodge the doom of slavery and beating.
    Thou shalt have no other gods before me.=Thus, be safe! Have honor go to Me, the Lord!
    Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.=Hah, heathen! Never have any statue of an idol. While breathtaking, they're unrighteous; they tarnish the Savior's name. Ignorant attention on them is taken to be a threat.
    Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;=To pray to and glorify the statue of an idol god is sinful. To he here who doth hitherto question my truth, that then commands the further devotion of another faith; harsh judgement will then be given to them.
    And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.=Heaven hands men a duty: men must know to respect common demands of The Almighty.
    Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.=I'd hurt the foolish man that invokes the name of The Lord Almighty on sin, then take that loud villain straight down to Hell.
    Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.=Repel hobby at home; make this day better.
    Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:=Ah, slob! Today, do all hard tasks, with no luxury.
    But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:=However, Saturday's thy total activity rest. No harsh, annoying work then through the day. Don't tend to that thornbush, save thy strength for any other day. Maybe try sitting still. Then, do that thornbush in a month.
    For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.=The Heavenly Father, He has made the whole world, the land, and the odd beasts and birds that inhabited it, in more or less seven days; and He relaxed after the last day.
    Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.=Show that you had loved thy family, thy brother and thy children. Hug them, then hope that they not anger God.
    Thou shalt not kill.=Hunt talk? I'll shoot!
    Thou shalt not commit adultery.=My! Don't touch all that moisture!
    Thou shalt not steal.=Thus, a last loot then.
    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.=Ah, that honesty fails us...bent lies about things are wrong.
    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's.=Christians, never be envious of an obnoxious man. The things this man has, though they're costly, have no worth. Oh, that is irony! Only stress virtuous things: sharing both truth and honor.
  • Out of the night that covers me,
    Black as the pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance
    I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeonings of chance
    My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears
    Looms but the Horror of the shade,
    And yet the menace of the years
    Finds and shall find me unafraid.

    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate,
    I am the captain of my soul.


    I move from very cloudy nights
    Obscure as chasm depths immense.
    O! I act so proud of my rights
    For handing me my own defense.

    That, through a dull, confounded life,
    My choice would never be to frown.
    Through cutthroat battles of my strife,
    My constant head cannot come down.

    That hollow hole of shattered heads,
    All agitate a dreadful fear
    That chance will batter you to shreds.
    The consequence? I still am here.

    Perhaps I can bunch man to be
    Unbounded, yet off on the brink.
    It's palpable that I am free;
    I see that I am what I think.

[spoiler=Not really THAT rude...]

  • A-cup breasts = A superb cast.
  • Soixante-neuf position = A six on top of nine...use it!


An anagram is a word or phrase made by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase (for example: Astronomers = Moon starers). Generally, these new words and phrases are related to the subject, but in rare cases they can be used to mean the exact opposite (for example: Within earshot = "I won't hear this"). These can even be humorous and outside-the-box (for example: Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler).

The Anagram Times is a news website where news articles and current events are re-interpreted as anagrams. Headlines, important names, and quotes from news articles are taken and anagrammed into different phrases.

Some excellent recent stories to come out of The Anagram Times are:

Cruz and Kasich take on Trump = Men's pact: run, kick out hazard.

Boehner wants Paul Ryan for President = Say, power baron lined up fresh entrant

Alton Towers = Lot to answer

Couple sits on bench. After a while they got up = Scene's nice: the two photograph beautifully

Mars Food tells customers to go easy on the pasta sauce = To analyse: Seems too processed, too much salt, sugar, fat

This is an example of a recent story I submitted (I made it into a gif showing the letters moving):

I have a challenge for some of the more experience wordsmiths on here: make a story yourself, from the headline of a recent news story. Take whatever software you prefer for crafting anagrams (I prefer Anagram Artist myself), or craft one by hand, and submit it to The Anagram Times as a possible story for inclusion.

Submit your anagrams here, and look out for them on the front page! I'm interested in seeing your interpretations of the news!
I've been playing one of my favorite games in the NES library, North & South, which is a Civil War simulation game (done VERY well, actually), and I thought, wouldn't it be cool if it had a TI-84+ port? So I made a mockup, and it actually looks decent.

So, this thread will consist of me planning on how to implement this beast of a game in Axe. :P I will also take any suggestions for how certain parts can be programmed to work.

As of right now, I'm looking for a good way to render the map. Any ideas, anyone? I'm not gonna allocate >6KB for the full picture variables :P
...on my TI-83+ series of calculators.

Not to worry, though, Jeremy Gibbons and I have a solution for you!

Based on the findings in this mathematical paper, here is a TI-BASIC program that calculates one by one the digits of pi, with features such as:
    * Arbitrary precision arithmetic simulated through lists
    * An efficient decimal digit streaming algorithm
    * Adequately optimized code (will optimize more, though)
    * Author-verified to calculate more digits than he knows (and I know about 50 :P )
    * A hidden feature...see if you can find it ;)
    * insert other stuff here

Download attached. Also, see if you can find the Easter egg, for twice as much fun!

EDIT: I modified the program because the display didn't quite work on the color calculators. Download the new version if you haven't already.
I guess I'll leave this here with no explanation.
I'm trying to compile a program into an application with Axe Parser. It works fine in program mode, but when I try to compile it, it errors out after the 1st and 2nd pass with a "NOT ENOUGH ROM" error. I have 24KB of RAM and 52KB of archive available, so I don't know where this error is coming from. Any help?
Games / [TI-83+/84+] This is the Only Level
March 05, 2016, 07:23:09 PM
Elephants sometimes do forget...the rest of the levels.

Based on this awesome game from Armor Games, with one level as the title suggests (yet 30 different "stages" :P ), I present to you, a could-be-would-be project in the works: This is the Only Level 84+!

The attached download is outdated. Click the screenie to go to the latest version!

You can also download from or Cemetech!

[spoiler=Old post content]
I only have three different screenies so far: one demonstrating the tilemapper, one showing a physics engine, and one showing how to work the button with the door. Ignore them and download the latest binary instead, if you so choose. Or don't. I don't care. There's not much to do anyways unless you have the source.

Games / Wal-Rush! for the Atari 2600! [Atari 2600]
January 25, 2016, 08:25:54 AM
Yes, you saw that right. Wal-Rush!, my entry for CodeWalrus Contest #2...on an Atari 2600. I'm gonna let that sink in for a minute. ;)

Click the image for the latest version!

Inspired greatly by the recent release of Zippy the Porcupine (I knew this game back when it was just a 1-level demo!), and the fact that Atari games are limited yet cool, I have decided to port my contest entry to the Atari 2600 using the programming language bAtari BASIC. I'm sure it'll be a natural game on the Atari 2600.

I will find my own time and resources to program this game, as I am in no rush for a contest deadline (so don't expect this done "soon" by any definition). As well, I will also try to compose music and sound effects at one point, as well as making it look really cool :3

As of now, I have a small demo, which I have attached along with the files I have used in the IDE, visual bAtari BASIC. The demo is playable in Stella or on a Harmony cartridge, and the file is named "Walrush.bas.bin" (in the "bin" folder). As well, the source code is viewable in any text editor, and the file is named "Walrush.bas". As it stands, this is meant to demonstrate the physics of the Wal-Rush! engine so far.

For those who can't play the file, here is a (crappy) video I recorded of the demo.

Use left and right to move, and fire to fly. What do you think so far?
Are you tired of regular old programming languages? Do you ever wish there was something less code-y to code in? Haven't you ever wanted to talk like a beatnik?

Well, then Beatnik is the esolang for you!

For those who don't know what an esolang (or "esoteric programming language") is, it is "a computer programming language designed to experiment with weird ideas, to be hard to program in, or as a joke, rather than for practical use."

Beatnik is one example of an esolang, created by Cliff L. Biffle sometime near 2001 (the exact year is unknown). It's especially nice in my opinion, because most of you already know how to write valid Beatnik code, and a reference to its full vocabulary can be found at any toy store. Allow me to explain...

How it works: Beatnik code takes the form of English words. For example, "Hello, aunts! Around, around, swim!" is a valid Beatnik program, despite not making much sense. (What that does, if you're curious, is it reads a character from the user, adds 7 to it [i.e. A -> H], and prints it out.) The function of a word (for example, "aunts" or "swim") is determined by the score one would receive by playing that word in English Scrabble (for example, "Hello" is 8 points, which would turn into INPUT, etc).

Beatnik is a stack based language. For those unfamiliar, a stack is very simple. You can put things on top, or "push", and take things off (in order from top to bottom), or "pop", and that's it. So, if you push 2 and 3, and do an "add" instruction, 2 and 3 are "popped", added into 5, and then the result it "pushed".

The numbers Beatnik deals with range from 0 to 255. The values wrap around, i.e. 0-1=255, and 255+1=0.

Full instruction list, as from the official specification:
    <5 - Does nothing. The Beatnik Interpreter may mock you for your poor scoring, at its discretion. Low scoring words such as "I" or "of" are probably not good words to program with immediately after stealing all of the interpreter's cigarettes and stomping on its beret.
    5 - Finds the score of the next word and pushes it onto the stack. Skips the aforementioned next word.
    6 - Pops the top number off the stack and discards it.
    7 - Adds the top two values on the stack together (as described above)
    8 - Input a character from the user and push its value on the stack. Waits for a keypress.
    9 - Pop a number off the stack and output the corresponding ASCII character to the screen.
    10 - Subtract the top value on the stack from the next value on the stack, pushing the result.
    11 - Swap the top two values on the stack.
    12 - Duplicate the top value.
    13 - Pop a number from the stack, and figure out the score of the next word. If the number from the stack is zero, skip ahead by n words, where n is the score of the next word. (The skipping is actually n+1 words, because the word scored to give us n is also skipped.)
    14 - Same as above, except skip if the value on the stack isn't zero.
    15 - Skip back n words, if the value on the stack is zero.
    16 - Skip back if it's not zero.
    17 - Stop the program.
    18-23 - Does nothing. However, the score is high enough that the Beatnik Interpreter will not mock you, unless it's had a really bad day.
    >23 - Garners "Beatnik applause" for the programmer. This generally consists of reserved finger-snapping.

By now, you may be wondering, why is it called Beatnik? Well, you're about to find out. Here is the source for a program that simply prints all printable ASCII characters.
Ho humbuzz, Dionysus. | orgasm if I feel altruistic & alone...

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch?! Ha!

Monarchies spoil; language intermediates everyone!


Now, for my interpreter. I made it in TI-BASIC as a little fun project, using this interpreter for reference. Some information about it:

    When you run the program, you are asked to input a Beatnik program. You can use capital and lowercase letters, as well as (meaningless) punctuation. Words are delimited by spaces, so make absolutely sure at least one space is in between words!

    After input, the code is "compiled" (i.e. evaluating the scores according to Scrabble rules, which will be interpreted as instructions by the interpreter. You can press MODE to quit compiling. When it's done compiling, press ENTER.

    At any point during execution, you may press MODE to terminate the program early. Once the program terminates on its own, it will say "Done" on the bottom, and you can press ENTER to quit out of the interpreter.

    Input is handled by using the 8th line. It shows a "?" on the 8th line. Press the number keys to type a number (the printable-ASCII equivalent, if applicable, is shown to the right), press LEFT or DEL to backspace, and press ENTER to input it. You are not allowed to input anything less than 0 or greater than 255 (try it, seriously).

    Output is handled by printing the ASCII character that corresponds to the number popped. If a printable ASCII character is "output", it displays on the top in a kinda-typewriter-like format. If ASCII codes 10 or 13 are "output", it brings the line down. Otherwise, nothing is output.

    The only problem you might run into is conditional jumping through scores of 13-16, with how I interpreted the jumping. I interpreted the jump forward as "increase the instruction pointer by n+1 if jumping, else increase by 2" and the jump backward as "decrease the instruction pointer by n if jumping, else increase by 2". This definition is used by the online interpreter which I used as reference; however, some select Beatnik programs may have trouble with this.

Screenie of the Beatnik interpreter running "Hello, aunts! Around, around, swim!":

Other example programs:

Truth machine (made by me):
Truth beyond frontiers remains, but amazingly, falsities stay constant, existing greater.

Print "I LOVE YOU" (made by me, in a way that flows like a story):
He arrived.

He arrived at my door extremely late one day.

If you only did uninteresting, idle things in your life, always acting as if nothing he does will change your opinion ... can go well.

But one awful dilemma I face, is that growing emotion ruins my serious, careful way of thinking. If a love flame is forced and futile, why bother kindling another one?

Yet, you think, it might not be a bad idea. Relationships always work out, and this can be an escape from a tense, complex life. Unmarried at home, lost in a loud, irregular reality ... maybe sometime, just maybe, it's time I found the one.

If he's a guy who is faithful, kind, and will be mine joyously to the end, I will prove to him I shall cherish and treasure him just as much. But how do I say it? I can't place the words...

"You absolutely need to know", I say, nervously, "that I...I...I..."

The download for the interpreter is attached to this post. Go ahead, and tell me what you think!
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