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I am genuinely suprised - are these consoles really still getting active development? I might have to go unbury my stepbrother's genesis....
I'll try to get a set for my library, cause they could totally use some nicer music for a change.
you need admin rights to have write access to C:\Program files\<insert blah here>, for obvious security reasons.
alright, so I found a number of bugs and fixed them, and now there is only one issue remaining with the utility (that I have found); If the user doesn't run the application as administrator, then it cannot extract to the required location (much the same issue as before).

Bugs fixed include allowing the tool to grab plugins from a location with spaces in its name (example: C:\T n l\.....), and some small glitches with program detection.

the application now tests if it has admin priviledges, but it cant do anything about it other than display an error message and how to fix it; I'd rather it attempt to fix the problem itself. is there a way to run a program from the command line WITH admin priviledges?
I cant help but think of "Cornerstone: The song of tyrim" when I look at this. beautiful!
I was working on a tool for a game I've been (overly) engrossed in recently, and ran into an issue.

The software I was developing failed to unzip a .zip file; the utility used to unzip the files is from an external source, so I don't have control over it, merely I tell it what to unzip and where to unzip stuff over the command line.

Im able to get the software to work on my computer, but it didn't work on others. My guess is that security on my computer is lowered a tad, allowing the utility to unzip files to otherwise protected areas (namely C:\Program files\Vendetta\ ); is anyone familiar enough with windows to confirm? is there any good way to get around this, so the software works (even if I have to use a different method for extracting files)?

Here is a link to the program itself, though it wont run properly without the game installed:
Since i'm a huge sega fan, I regularly play various sonic-themed games on nearly all of my devices. However, looking at the ti calculator, few (if any) games featuring sega ever came to fruition (is that a word?). I planned to fill that gap with tiny chao garden, a clone-ish of the Sonic Advance chao garden.

Chao wanders (pic1-stored) map, sometimes says things.
Can buy stuff for chao, including fruit (red, blue, and green fruit) and toy (a trumpet)

In works:
A way to earn rings to buy stuff with (minigames of sorts. Not as flashy as originals, due to limitations)
single-colored sprites, instead of single-color everything (can be disabled in options to save speed)

To Do:
Clean up existing sprites and make sprites for objects that dont have any
Custom plot-based font (expect disabled by default to save speed)
Chao has stats (im not sure what for, since you cant transfer chao to official gardens; maybe ill make other games using this, but dont hold your breath)

Ill post screenies when I find my camera (though its a little ugly right now)
Other / Re: New member introductions: Say hello here!
October 01, 2015, 02:49:47 AM
PlotLib doesnt connect each plot with lines; during sprite creation, you throw an x1y1 x2y2 coords of a picture at it (rectangular selection area of Pic1) and it records every pixel that isnt white as ON to L1 and L2. then, when you draw the sprite using scatterplot, it just recalles those pixels. Im sure using xyline instead of scatter would acheive lower sprite sizes, but was beyond the scope of the project (introducing plotsprites to newer programmers).

Of course, getting 2 sprites to display at the same time was horrendous at first, cause I didnt use augment, but instead manually added, one by one, every single list element to the cumulative lists.

Now the thing im working on with this is bypassing the 999-point cap. Lists have a maximum of 999 points, then you cant add more data. still not sure what to do; i had an idea, but it wasnt working right. Ill topic it when I get back to it.
Lossless compression. cmon, you expect me to even research this stuff? I just knew i wanted a 'non-corrupting' executable compression.

I was doing  :w00t: until the lovely community woke me up to the real world.

Btw, thats w00t? It looks more like it should be 'psycotic' :/
When i said binary compression, i meant that my ti-basic program would take another program, crunch it with my personal non-existing compression, and then slap on a self extractor on top of it.

Without libs, cause i didnt even know they existed at the time.

PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Re: Windows 7 Downloads
October 01, 2015, 02:28:46 AM
Windows 10 would reformatt ssds and hdds; its the mbr partitioning system that its incompatible with. Its nothing to do with the drive itself.

Also, the oem is meant for use on a blank system; they (ms) dont expect oem users to use the disc for offline upgrading.

The upgrade installer available for win7/8 users doesnt really wipe things, it just plops win10 on top of the old system, since most everything in 7/8 is compatible. No idea what happens with mbr+win7 systems, but the newer partitioning taboes were introduced with winVista, so there shouldnt be any anyways.

Of course, it will uninstall programs listed as incompatible within the installer; many older Antivirus programs, Windows Media Player, etc.
My first project had to be a compression system for TI, a lossless binary compression routine. Naturally, cause I was such a noob, I thought I could do it in ti-basic.

I guess if you count P3 in plotlib, then i did do a sort of compression routine, but I dont think that counts; all I did was exploit a larger plot setting and pulled less pixels from the original plot sprite.
PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Re: Windows 7 Downloads
October 01, 2015, 02:06:46 AM
I used an oem disc to install win10, and can shed some light on it destroying data. Windows 10 requires some special formatting to run off a hard drive (idk why, but whatev)(not the filesystem, but how mbr is set up) and most hard drives arent partitioned in this style. Its supposed to be more secure for the data. Anyone who dualboots linux, or just generally formatted their hard drives themselves via gparted/similar, probably didnt notice that win10 doesnt abide by standard mbr partitioning tables and requires a reformatting of the entire hard drive - since the oem disc requires you to conceiously delete your old drive, i guess the guy didnt know what he was doing. Unless the 'upgrade' installer is different. My dad used that, and it only uninstalled a few programs; documents werent touched here.

I never lost data cause i have 2 hard drives, and i just removed my main to protect it, just in case. I had to use the oem cause i was upgrading from xp, which worked wonderfully till recently (my fault, not xp's).

Anyways, yeah. If you choose to upgrade, dont do anything stupid, and you should be fine. Just read what your doing.

Of course, we can always complain about how win10 cannot dual-boot with other OSs properly - to my knowledge.
For a while, it seemed like all changes were posted to the main changes listing. Anyways, thanks for the info, ill check those from now on.
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