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More than a century prior to Róçtok's takeover of the Eastern Union of Kingdoms, the world of Folúp' was almost pushed to the brink: Mysteries unravelled, histories rewritten, and civilisations rediscovered. And this story shall also be told; the puzzle will soon be finally solved, one piece at a time...

Tales of Amis'fiça: Black Millennium — Act Two: Found (2024)

01. No Ruby Slippers 3:06
02. The Nexus 6:08
03. Iron on Iron (Battlecry) 8:21
04. One Million Words 7:35
05. Nadir... 6:25
06. ...Zenith 6:08
07. O Naïve One, You and Your Friends are Far from the First 9:51
--- I. The Escape
--- II. Heart of the Matter
--- III. Collision Chaos

08. The Silent Hero 5:31
09. Homeward Bound 9:34
10. Someone Else's Story — III — Tkáyo's Voyage 9:50

We rejoin our heroes as they continue their quest to rescue Nason', Girudì's fortress inching ever closer. But as they approach their destination, Tkáyo still cannot help but feel responsible for everything that has befallen them...

It was kind of obvious that calling the previous album "Act One" meant there was going to be a sequel, wasn't it? Believe me, I'm nowhere near done with telling this little story arc.
Might be a bit more of a wait for the next album, though... got one or two ideas that I'd like to get out of the way before tackling that one; Probably looking at 2027 at the latest.
Music Showcase / Not a Number: Absolution (single)
March 02, 2024, 09:37:53 AM
Absolution (2024)
> <

01. Absolution 5:22
[spoiler]02. Absolution [Instrumental] 5:22
03. Absolution [A capella] 4:41[/spoiler]

Recently been obsessed with watching Murder Drones on YouTube; and with the last two episodes on the horizon, I couldn't help but get inspired.
Olduvai (Knee-Deep in the Dead) Redux (2023)

01. Olduvai (Knee-Deep in the Dead) Redux 4:48
[spoiler]02. Olduvai (Knee-Deep in the Dead) Redux [Instrumental] 4:48
03. Olduvai (Knee-Deep in the Dead) Redux [A capella] 3:51
04. Olduvai (Knee-Deep in the Dead) [original 2013 mix] 4:38
05. Olduvai (Knee-Deep in the Dead) [2023 Rough demo vers.] 4:42[/spoiler]

Today marks the tenth anniversary of "Olduvai (Knee-Deep in the Dead)", an admittedly-unknown song from my back catalogue, one that I don't recall ever sharing (I don't even think I had shared it on the old TIMGUL site... it's certainly not in the archives). But, much like what I had done with Aphelion back in 2021, I had long felt that this track also needed the sound it truly deserved.

For archive's sake, I have included the original 2013 version of "Olduvai" alongside the 2023 Redux, both as a pay-what-you-want download, or you can purchase it for exclusive extras.
I did also upload it onto Spotify, but I think the distributor's being a bit slow.
UPDATE: Album now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and YouTube Music:
More than a century prior to Róçtok's takeover of the Eastern Union of Kingdoms, the world of Folúp' was almost pushed to the brink: Mysteries unravelled, histories rewritten, and civilisations rediscovered. And this story shall also be told; the puzzle will soon be finally solved, one piece at a time...

Tales of Amis'fiça: Black Millennium — Act One: Lost (2022)
> <

01. The Next Piece of the Puzzle 2:56
02. Someone Else's Story — I — Extras 7:16
03. The Great Migration 5:44
04. Someone Else's Story — II — Hand of Steel 8:37
05. Against the Shadow 2:51
--- I. An Incoming Storm
06. Against the Shadow 4:41
--- II. Within the Inbetween
--- III. Welcome, Traveller

07. Lost & Found 9:56
--- I. Hey, You...You're Finally Awake (A Million Miles Away)
--- II. Enter Miyalu
--- III. Silent Connection

08. The Curse of the Isles of Amis'fiça 10:03
--- I. Exception to the Rule
--- II. Darkness' Descent
--- III. The Curse
--- IV. To the Lands that Lie Beyond the Wall

09. On the Wings of a Dragon 5:51
10. There's No Place Like Home 4:18

Deluxe Bandcamp Edition bonus tracks:

11. The Nexus [demo] 6:08
12. The Next Piece of the Puzzle [instrumental] 3:09
13. Someone Else's Story — I — Extras [instrumental] 7:08
14. The Great Migration [instrumental] 5:20
15. Someone Else's Story — II — Hand of Steel [instrumental] 8:06
16. Against the Shadow [instrumental] 7:04
17. Lost & Found [instrumental] 9:41
18. The Curse of the Isles of Amis'fiça [instrumental] 9:43
19. On the Wings of a Dragon [instrumental] 5:51
20. There's No Place Like Home [instrumental] 4:16

"Have you ever noticed that all stories start in the middle? Not its premise, of course; but the surrounding context and the stage presented are always set long before any tale's commencement.
But ah, do I detect an air of bewilderment amongst the audience that I am granted? Perhaps this is our paths crossing for the first time, be it for you, or indeed... for I? You must forgive me, for the directions in which time herself has shown she can flow are not as uniform as one would first assume.
Nonetheless, while I sense no ill in introductions, one could argue it unnecessary to give you mine. Not that you are not deserving mind you, but while I am not exactly of... "your" world, it would be foolish to say that I am of... "this" one either. Think of me as "The Weaver" of this "web" being re-spun before you.
But this path has already been predetermined; neither you, nor even I can alter its course or outcomes, with the fates of its world's peoples locked forever, set in stone. Of course, it is always said that the journey is more than the destination..."

You didn't think this story was going to be over after the conclusion of the Messenger Trilogy albums, did you? Oh no, I've only just begun to tell the stories of this world.
Obviously, as the title implies, this is just the first half of this particular story, but I have been busy working on Act Two — no idea on when it'll be finished, but I'm hoping for the end of next year, barring any delays.
It's far from "professional sounding"; I'm still recording everything in my living room and mixing it all using Logic's stock plugins, it's just a matter of tweaking it until it sounds right.

And I'll admit, I've been pretty quiet on the YouTube front. My last cover was back in January (not counting the cover I put out yesterday (neither of which I can't seem to link properly without BBCode taking a dump all over this post for some reason? Link to my YouTube's over of the left of the post, you'll see it all there), but I've mostly been busy with bigger projects; mostly Album 4 (which is about 90% written, I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the year at the latest, and is honestly looking that way), but I've also been slowly chipping away at a potential book which actually serves as a sequel to the *Messenger Trilogy* albums.. whether or not it'll actually get finished I can't say (I might share what I've written so far, but it is still all first draft stuff, and a good portion of it needs rewriting anyway).
Aphelion Redux (2021)

01. Aphelion Redux 9:26
[spoiler]02. Aphelion Redux [Instrumental] 9:26
03. Aphelion Redux [A capella] 8:17
04. Aphelion Redux [2021 Rough Demo vers.] 9:31[/spoiler]

Today marks the tenth anniversary of my debut EP, Day One.
And honestly looking back on it, I feel the years have not been kind to it. My vocal range was much narrower back then compared to now, the mixing was pretty lackluster (it sounded great through my headphones, but PC speakers? oof), and overall far too rough-sounding. Don't get me wrong, I'm still pretty proud of that release, but over time, I've always felt that I could have done much better, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it the sound I was originally aiming for back in 2011.

Initially, I was going to remake the entire EP, but the other three tracks in DAY ONE wouldn't be able to exist in the same form if made today. Not to say those ideas won't get repurposed elsewhere; I still have an old harddrive from that time full of unreleased songs and unfinished projects, they too might get the redux/repurpose treatment soon...?

As for DAY ONE itself, I'm still keeping it public, but only for archive's sake:
ele.mental [EP] (2020)

01. VOID 4:43
02. EARTH 4:42
03. FIRE 4:11
04. WATER 4:24
05. AIR 4:47
06. ÆTHER 10:46

Given how... "current circumstances with the world" has made me limit what time I spend outside (and I hope everyone is staying safe and sane too), I figured I'd make use of that time.
Lyric- and songwise, this is completely unconnected to the overall "mythos" that I've been telling with my original music thus far (from the three albums I've already released to the ones I have planned), but this was certainly a fun project while I put together ideas for the fourth album. The fact that this only took me a few months to write makes me think I could make Album 4 on a slightly smaller scale (ie., two short albums rather than one long one). Heck, I might even do something like this again in the future.
hey not a number remember when you did those albums a couple years ago
yeah what about them
you know they're called "trilogy part 2 and 3" right
uh huh
so about "part 1-

The Messenger Trilogy, Part I: Fall of the Messengers (2020)

01. Prelude to the Fall 2:01
02. Long Live the Kings 3:34
03. The Secret Princess 4:21
04. Willing Duke I: Mine By Right 4:35
05. Willing Duke II: An Act of Treason 4:41
06. Defender of the Glory 4:04
07. Suburban Girl I: The Innocent Lies 5:11
08. Cold Sweat 6:05
09. The Resistance 7:57
10. "So They Say..." 3:05
11. Suburban Girl II: The Guilty Truth 2:30
12. Upon a Furrowed Brow 6:49
13. Willing Duke III: Midnight, Tonight (The Last Stand) 9:29
-- I. On My Mark
-- II. The Last Stand
-- III. Have At You
-- IV. Hanlon's Razor

14. Rise of the Second Eastern Union 4:24
15. Take Your Place 9:12

For those wondering about the other two parts of the Trilogy, I already made a thread for those in case you want to hear the rest of the story.

And with that, the Messenger Trilogy is finally finished, which is a sentence I never thought I'd say... but at the same time, this project is far from over; this was just an introduction to the world in which it all takes place in; the starter's over, it's time for the main course (which I have no idea when it'll be all done - I'm aiming for the fourth album to be done by 2023 - three years should be plenty of time)
New Single for the album: The Resistance:

The Resistance 4:57 [single edit] (2019-03-29)

Single can also be downloaded for (minimum) Free over on Bandcamp:

Unforgotten EP (2019)

01. Unforgotten Realms 1:23
02. The Ballad of Bopen 4:23
03. The Song of Dragons 0:41

3-track tribute to URealms Live, a Tabletop RPG-type show on YouTube/Twitch (think Dungeons & Dragons meets Whose Line Is It Anyway?).
They finished their third Season not too long ago, so with Season 4 on the horizon I figured I'd do something special (and unofficial, these are just covers/adaptations of works from the show).
Tracks 1 and 2 from downloaded from Bandcamp for (minimum) free, however purchasing the full EP also includes instrumentals and stems to the tracks.
Additionally, Track 2, "The Ballad of Bopen", has its own music video:
Glad you're liking it so far.  :) Although the piano's only there until I get around to recording the vocals (same with the "guitars").

Speaking of, new WIP:

Defender of the Glory 1:35 [SKETCH 01a] (2019-02-17)

"Imagine if you will, a scenario in which the villain has won. Consider this their 'victory lap' around our hero.. that is, if they were here to see it."

Composition-wise, this is another in the stretch of the more "conventionally-written" tracks for the album. Gotta counter all the crazy from the likes of The Willing Duke III. Especially considering how I'm getting ever closer to that 79-minute mark with the album as a whole.
New WIP:

Take Your Place 1:58 [SKETCH 01] (2019-02-03)

I'll be honest, as the number of tracks that are left to be worked on decreases (including Sketches to tracks I haven't uploaded here, only 2 of the 15 tracks need starting), so too does the amount I have to say with each upload.
New WIP:

The Willing Duke II: An Act of Treason 4:26 [SKETCH 01a] (2019-01-17)

Not a lot to say about this one yet, mostly due to this one being another story-heavy track.
New WIP:

Long Live The Kings 1:58 [SKETCH 01a] (2019-01-15)

Planning on this being the opening track to Album 3; kind of a "Queen meets Dream Theater", even though I've always admitted that I am no Brian May nor John Petrucci.
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