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Hardware / 4xxx logic computer
September 30, 2015, 12:42:06 AM
Hey, it's been a while since I've been active here, which is really something I should do something about. So how about posting this project I've been working on lately here? Sounds like a plan!

Recently I got a bunch of wires, breadboards and logic ICs (4070 (xor), 4071 (or), 4081 (and) and 4539 (4-input mux) to be precise), with which I'm planning on making a (probably) 8-bit computer. Currently, I'm working on figuring out how to most efficiently make it - breadboards are really quick but a cluster**** of wires, perfboards are pretty neat but cost lots of time to make, and I suck at designing PCBs and they are a hassle to make.

I already have a working 2-bit ALU (arithmetic logic unit, the calculaty part of a processor) on a breadboard, which can be expanded easily, and I'm working on making the same 2-bit ALU on a perfboard, to see how that turns out. I should be able to connect those two versions together to get a messy 4-bit ALU, I suppose. I'll see!

The ALU I'm working with currently has the ability to invert either of the inputs, a carry in/out and three functions (AND, OR and ADD) which can be combined to do lots of stuff. For example, to subtract, carry in has to be enabled and input B has to be inverted.

Anyway, I currently don't have any nice non-shaky pictures or videos to show, I'll take a few of those with some precious daylight tomorrow.
Just for the record, WalrusIRC seems to work fine on Safari on OS X El Capitan (10.11)
Well baguettes, I knew I shouldn't have dropped French as a subject.
This post has originally been posted by SirCmpwn on TI-Planet and has been crossposted with his permission.

Hello again! We haven't posted any updates since November so there is a lot of news for you:

  • New contributors! We now extend thanks to kedarbramhe, Hugo "s0r00t" Courtial, Francis Lewis, Noah "Ivoah" Rosamilia, Kevin Lange, altbdoor, Justin "Jnesselr" Nesselrotte, Bjorn Neergaard, Willem "willem3141" Sonke, and Andrew Boos!
  • New games have been ported: ports/ztetris (thanks unlimitedbacon!) and ports/rubik (thanks Ivoah!)
  • New software from boos1993: community/progcalc is a programming calculator app that lets you do integer math on KnightOS (thanks boos1993!)
  • community/calendar has been added to the default distribution (thanks willem3141!)
  • We have redesigned to be prettier and such (thanks altbdoor!)
  • There is a KnightOS wiki now (thanks boos1993!)
  • Users can upgrade their OS through the settings tool without pulling a battery (thanks, SirCmpwn!)
  • Lots of improvements have been made to PKO ( (thanks boos1993!)
  • Date/time support in the kernel is nearing completion, settings has been updated to support it as well (thanks willem3141!)
  • We've started working on calcsys (thanks, SirCmpwn!)
  • Our new assembler/linker, scas, is nearing completion. It will be released as independent software when it matures. (thanks, lots of people!)
  • The castle is maturing, and now lists app manifests from /var/applications/ so you can run any installed app. We've also made /var/castle/pin-{0-9} symbolic links to app manifests, which defines the apps pinned to the home screen. (thanks, SirCmpwn!)
  • We have partially implemented the KIMG format and produced a tool to convert most image formats into KIMG files. (thanks, neersighted!)
  • We have started work on a text editor called "bed" - Basic EDitor. (thanks, lots of people!)
Pretty pictures:

Quote from: SirCmpwn
This time around, I'm pretty sure most of the work was NOT done by me, which is a first :) Thanks everyone!
If game developers would just get off their fat ass and start properly optimizing games and texturing them well, most likely (looking at you, Ubisoft)
I don't have BF4 installed at the moment, I can install it if you want.
I just tested, and I can run your particle simulator at a texture size of 4096^2, so 16777216 particles. It generally runs at 55-60 FPS, but sometimes dips down into the low 50, high 40s. Regardless, this thing has some serious horsepower. It also runs Battlefield 3 on ultra with 110-140 FPS :D
Note that you'd probably want the Titan Black. The normal Titan is getting a bit outdated - the gaming performance of the GTX 970 actually exceeds the GTX Titan. But that's mostly because the Titan is mostly aimed at GPGPU, like CUDA and OpenCL, or things like Cumred_Snektron's particle thingy - it easily doubles the GTX 970's performance in Passmark Direct Compute.

By the way, my GPU is arriving tomorrow :D
Woops indeed, confused the two (sorry Fender fans, sorry Gibson fans D: )
The 970 isn't a card for 4K gaming, you really want double or even triple GTX 980s if you want to somewhat comfortably game at 4K.
I just ordered a 970, the EVGA GeForce GTX 970 FTW ACX 2.0 4GB (or 3,5GB :) ). It was reduced in price, from €380 to €330, so I just did it.
Quote from: CKH4 on February 10, 2015, 06:39:58 PM
They aren't very rare and its been painted at least once, I read that they were only painted black. Cool piano anyway.
Yeah, the previous owner painted it white.

Quote from: Streetwalrus on February 12, 2015, 08:22:32 AM
Also Vijfhoek, what is this guitar ? It looks pretty original. :P
It's the Jackson Kelly KE3, which is based on the Fender Explorer. Marty Friedman (who was in Megadeth for a while) is known for playing on Kellys.
I have no clue to be honest
iOS has a similar system, where system applications are in the read-only /Applications and user apps somewhere else I can't remember.
I really dislike CyanogenMod for their diplomacy. I really hate them for it. But their ROMs are truly great.
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