Author Topic: The end of CodeWalrus?  (Read 8431 times)

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Re: The end of CodeWalrus?
« Reply #45 on: July 23, 2017, 10:26:10 pm »
Honestly, f*** Alvajoy. He should've been banned as soon as he threatened Mateo. Now because of a stupid 13-year old CW is in the s***te. It's sad that Streetwalrus and aeTIos resign, but I agree with Juju and xlibman, really. Also, what did kotu do?
Kuto was makeing low quality posts like alvajoy but he is better now.

Yeah, on that, I think most people probably don't understand my sense of humour very well. I take the mick out of my friends a lot, basically, if I take the mick out of you or mock you, it's probably just because i like you. You would normally know if i actually am being spiteful or whatever - it's totally different. So my apologies for this.

There's really no need to have my pm's on ignore @xlibman , I only really use them to direct you to hardcore music lol

I really hope cw stays alive.

I would offer my services (not sure what I could help with really but I know PHP) but considering the controversy that has gone around me I probably would not be considered, lol. Oh well
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