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Author Topic: The end of CodeWalrus?  (Read 9031 times)

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Re: The end of CodeWalrus? (read post before voting)
« on: July 16, 2017, 05:29:26 am »
Man, that was so sudden.. and everything falls apart !
I noticed too that without @xlibman posting, activity would drop significantly.
And unfortunately not everyone posts as much as dj...

As much as i would like you to switch to something like phpBB or flarum,
it's probably going to be more realistic to merge with Ti-planet.
I mean, i'm not even sure you feel motivated to do option 1...
That being said, Omnimaga.org is even less active than codewalrus and it's still not shutdown. (but it's pretty much a ghost town)

Unfortunately, most people are busy sharing stupid videos of cats or talking about politics endlessly on facebook/twitter.
There is no real talk, it's just everyone sitting in their own corner.
Sadly, it's seems that the trolls have won.

I better save my stuff again but i want to say this : if it has to shutdown down, it will dearly miss me.
Simply put, there is nothing like it on the web. When i turn on my PC, the first website i go to is codewalr.us.
What you did and the community you have created (even tho not much of it is left) is amazing.
I don't know where i will go next, i don't like how cluttered ti-planet is and i feel like they're less tolerant of my pointless trolling...
But it's probably going to be the only realistic option, if ti-planet can survive of course.
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