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Re: Your favorite YouTube channels
« on: September 05, 2016, 07:03:23 pm »
I see some of my favorite channels here, i thought you guys only liked pewdiepie and beauty stuff.
Some of my favorite channels are :
Game Sack
My favorite channel so far (with Joueur du grenier)
Seriously, it's super great and i love the format of their videos.
It's a retro video game channel that basically reviews games with a certain theme (Games with Female Protagonists, Not in Japan, Left in the arcades...)

Game Dave
Another cool guy with great and funny videos, he reviews games and accesories.
It seriously needs moar views.

My life in gaming
I don't really care for their game reviews but i love their RGB series, which gives you advice on how to get the best picture out of consoles.

Rerez/Rerez 2
Lots of reviews about everything including movies based games, accesories, obscure games (sometimes not so ha)...
I definitively recommend this.

Obselete Geek
He mainly focuses on retro computers but his videos are gold ! Must watch

The obvious
Joueur du grenier
Cinemassacre (when a new AVGN episode gets released, don't care for Mike playing em)

The lesser known
Nightclub testing
RetroCore (his let's compare videos)
Rigg'd Games and his "Open Cart Surgery" series

Larry Bundy Jr also makes interesting videos, when he's active lol.

Guiz and Jerome (en) (watch The Resellers, pretty nice fictional series about two guys with a gaming pawn shop and they feature pretty nice hardware hacks)
Le Jeu C'est Sérieux (fr) (same guys as above but in French and they do let's plays, things about collectioning games and the hacks they feature on The Resellers)
That sounds interesting, sounds like channels for me, thanks juju.
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