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Drawing & Animation / Re: Rejection official music video
« Last post by xlibman on Today at 02:54:14 am »
Thanks. And nope (except keyboard every now and then).

By the way, a second version of the video will come out in the near future. Juju has After Effects and he will apply a proper 90's effect to it and video won't be out of tune like this one.
Drawing & Animation / Re: Rejection official music video
« Last post by SiphonicSugar on Today at 02:46:04 am »
I'm really loving this song DJ.

I forgot, do you play any instruments?
In 2006, Arthur O'Dwyer's Castle Adventure revolutionized the TI-BASIC text adventure.
Now, at the tail end of 2017, comes a new innovation in TI-BASIC text adventures. Get ready to experience...

9K Adventure

You are Grimbis the black dwarf. Your mission is to recover Gawyn's orb, in order to keep the land frozen in an eternal winter. To do this, you interact with the game by entering simple English commands.

Download attached. Try it!
Other / Re: Are you afraid of spiders?
« Last post by xlibman on Today at 02:17:30 am »

Good thing there are slightly more chances to win the lottery jackpot than this.
Calculator News, Coding, Help & Talk / Ticalc.org 2017 POTY voting
« Last post by xlibman on Yesterday at 06:39:24 pm »
We're late to the party but the ticalc.org POTY has been underway for a while now. Voting for the monochrome Z80 category is over but now you can vote for your favorite TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition program!

Descent and Sorcery of Uvutu are the two contenders this year. See the news article http://www.ticalc.org/archives/news/articles/14/149/149107.html

To vote, you need to make a ticalc.org account (if not done already) and the poll is located in the sidebar of http://www.ticalc.org front page.
Hey there! A few months back, I replied here with a sprite editor I made. Well, I'm back with a brand new rewrite of the program. It has tons of new features that I'm excited to use. Here's just a few ones that work right now:
* Custom pallette.
* Sprite editor that will edit any size of sprites.
* Layout editor that will allow for any sized sprite as well as on the fly scaling.
* Super easy one-click export to export the layout, the sprites, and everything you need to the calculator. It'll calculate the scaling of sprites and work it all out for you.
Now for my favorite features....
* Importing of a normal photo file as a sprite or as a full screen image. This will run everything at the native resolution and respect your pallette choices. It's awesome.
Here's a quick teaser image:
I'll finish it up and put the link here soon.
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times
« Last post by Sorunome on December 11, 2017, 01:25:54 pm »
Does anyone know a way how to reproduce that bug reliably?
Drawing & Animation / Rejection official music video
« Last post by xlibman on December 11, 2017, 08:28:22 am »
This is kinda old-school style, but this uses footage from the Superstar Hero game (although cropped)

It was for my latest song called Rejection (which is semi 16-bits style power metal)
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: ICE Compiler
« Last post by PT_ on December 11, 2017, 06:46:19 am »
I'm late so I haven't checked the changes yet, but by "everything changed", do you mean the syntax changed to the point where my old code will not run? Or did you just add and improve a lot of stuff?
I'm sure your previous source isn't valid anymore, but I'm not sure. At least the compiled size will be smaller with ICE v2.0.
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