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Awesome updates! Also I'm glad password saving was implemented. I have played this a lot but sometimes I still forget to write it down. I really need to save since the game gets a bit hard after the first few levels :)

Also that's a lot of achievements O.O
I expanded this topic to include all Illusiat games other than 13 and the maps from Illusiat 1 through 3 and 6 through 12 are now included.
Some comments about this one: If there is ever a remake or update to this game, then you will get an item at some point in the game that lets you teleport to any village or close, because about 50% of the game is going back and forth from one region to another right now.

Also, the Illusiat 1-12 maps will be in one single topic.
Oh thanks for the tip! I'll keep that in mind :). ANd yes Banchor is fun, it reminds me a lot of Zelda
How do you go through those paths with the electric bolt thing without dying? Looks nice as always by the way. I can't wait to try the new version, even though I've been mostly playing Banchor lately (3 bosses beaten so far) :)
I definitively can't wait for the new version. The new graphics adds more variety.
The Illusiat 12 game is slightly smaller than Illusiat 13, but has more grinding. Nonetheless, there are many maps.
Damn, 30 levels! That's gonna be pretty fun and add a lot of replay value. Also I like the new graphics!
Other / Re: What kind of project are you working on?
April 28, 2021, 12:13:34 PM
Quote from: novenary on April 25, 2021, 06:43:39 PMwhere the limitations on the CE come from
Texas Instruments :trollface:

Walrii made out of https://audius.co music website logo
Other / Re: What kind of project are you working on?
April 25, 2021, 02:18:26 PM
Ah that's good then about the light/airflow and printer accuracy. If there was a :walrii: 3D model that could be an interesting 3D printing and painting idea. xd

As for micropython, if it was to be implemented on 68k calcs, I'm very curious about how much heap and stack memory there would be. On the TI-84 Plus CE-T Python Edition and TI-83 Premium CE Édition Python calculators, heap memory is extremely limited to the point where pure TI-BASIC is actually superior for game dev. Also, my older TI-84 Plus CE lacks the extra chip required to run python scripts so I need to buy a special device and attach it to my calc if I want python on it. But it's TI we're talking about, here, so perhaps on 68k, maybe there could actually get better heap/stack mem?

EDIT: As for myself, I finished two music albums at the end of February and I've been working on many First Fantasy: Mana Force CE-only updates in the last few months such as the addition of treasure chests, four extra dungeons (via second quest like the NES Zelda), new graphics and fixes, but since 2016 I've only released one brand new game.

I also need to figure out why sig images won't appear in my sig.
Welcome back! The forum side of CodeWalrus is kind of R.I.P nowadays but the Discord has more users and there are still some of the very old users like Lionel on IRC (when our IRC bridge actually works) and tr1p1ea on Discord. You'll be surprised but even MaxCoderz had new posts lol.
Other / Re: What kind of project are you working on?
April 25, 2021, 11:34:43 AM
Pretty neat 3D printing idea! Plus if you eventually use LED light bulbs they tend to last longer when not using an enclosed light fixture. Do 3D printers in general print exactly the same size as you specified or do they print slightly smaller or larger?

As for 68k calculators, the TI-BASIC on them, even without ASM/C libs, is pretty good in terms of functionality, despite being as slow as z80 calcs. There's also a new version of Newprog that came out for the TI-89 recently, which is supposedly similar to Axe in concept.
Ooh I see now! I didn't know there was multiplayer. Would link play be easy to add?
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