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Rogue One

Started by Dream of Omnimaga, December 30, 2016, 08:19:24 AM

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Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on January 27, 2017, 11:04:44 PM
[spoiler=ending]I wonder if the movie is really as much of a spinoff as they claim to be? Due to how it ends where IV begins, I almost feel that instead of the Machete order, we're better off going with 3.5->4->5->2->3->6->7, or if we watch them in story order, we put 3.5 between 3 and 4. But again, I could be wrong, because I never watched Episode III (yet).
[spoiler=more stuff]The star wars main line clearly tells the story of the skywalker family, while that isn't the case with rogue one (Skywalkers are just.....background characters / extreme side characters (Darth Vader and Leia)). So I'd say it being a spin-off movie is pretty OK[/spoiler]
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To be or not to that even a question? Who gets to decide this anyways?


I'm seeing it tomorrow for some reason
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Well don't you sound terribly excited! It's a great movie so you better enjoy it :p
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Not bad! [spoiler]The CGI characters like Leia they showed were pretty good [/spoiler]
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Saw it two weeks ago.
[spoiler]Well, Leia is well done indeed. Or maybe that's because we see her for half a second and she doesn't even move, but at least there wasn't any problem to be noticed. Tarkin looked like a character from Pixar though. Too much skin detail and reaction to light. Plus the fact that I don't know how they animated him but either that was bad motion capture or great "traditional animation", but it was not realistic enough anyway. In a Pixar movie, you don't care, they're all unrealistic, but here he breaks the whole coherence.

About the story, well lol yeah, everybody dies. But on the other hand, that was to be expected. They can't appear in the rest of the story since the rest of the story is already out and they're not there :P

I enjoyed watching it. As a Star Wars, there was enough space battles and enough "why we do space battles" so ok, not disappointed.
And as a special Star Wars it was even better. I mean, you don't necessarily expect everyone to die but you know that you don't have to expect these new characters to stay either, unlike in other Star Wars. It was exactly the contrary as for SW7 where fans were happy to see the old team, so when Han dies it's more of a shock. So yeah, with RO, it was just sit-and-enjoy without consequences.
And it allowed them to make more complex characters. I mean, in 1-6 the only complex character is Darth Vader. Good guy at the beginning, bad guy at the end, good guy again at the very end. All the other ones are either good guys or bad guys. Here, since everyone dies, they can all have their facets. Cassian looks like a bad guy at the beginning, killing another rebel without blinking. But in the end you see he was doing it for the rebels and stuff, and that he didn't blink but he still didn't like doing it.


I didn't watch it. Just posting here cuz I'mma luzer.  :blah:
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