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Messages - Dream of Omnimaga

The Pokédex, or rather the Walriipedia, has now been implemented. The screenshot doesn't show it but this is where you can assign characters to your battle party. There's also a new custom font now:

The game is 517 KB large so far, which probably makes it the second largest file size for a TI-84 Plus CE game outside of that 2D racer where the entire track uses over 2 MB worth of pre-rendered images.
In early 2016 I worked on an hybrid TI-BASIC RPG called Pokéwalrus intended to include 150 different walruses to capture in 3 vs 1 battles, giving you the ability to use them in battle parties. Unfortunately my interest in calc programming waned shortly after that and then past life issues took their toll on my health. However, starting in 2020 I started either reviving or giving major updates to calculator projects that had not been updated for years and/or were abandoned. This time around it's Pokéwalrus turn to get revived, although as a Celtic CE-enhanced TI-BASIC game instead of using grosged's Sprites library. Here comes First Fantasy II: Pokéwalrus (the original FFII project was renamed to First Fantasy Zero).

So far the overworld map is done, but you cannot enter any dungeon (I still need to do maps for them). The intro is also done and is essentially an hommage to the NES and Famicom Final Fantasy games, but the story setting is set around 1000 years after Darkblasters. There are already 46 playable characters in the game, out of 300. Battles are not done but the presentation is mostly done (although slow) and although they are separate from battles right now, attack move animations are done, although like in the NES Final Fantasy you'll notice while playing that many attacks are merely recolored versions of their originals. Nonetheless they show some Celtic non-sprite graphical capabilities. If Celtic CE ever allows the user to scroll only a portion of the screen then I might add an earthquake attack move to spice things up, but there are so many amazing things Roccolox Programs added to it already so Roccolox++ (yes I know Karma doesn't work on forums). I also obviously need to add dungeon maps to the mix (the overworld is 130x100).

It's essentially a more open-world, 3 vs 3 version of Pokémon with no human involved (other than for creating this universe in the first place by causing two apocalypses in a row) and no items (some walruses can heal others or themselves, so like in Final Fantasy it's generally a good idea to include a walrus that has healing abilities in your party. Keep in mind that the game will be very large, though. There will probably be a version with far fewer playable characters for those who prefers a smaller file size experience.

EDIT: Damn almost already 7 years
Gaming / Re: (split) CodeWalrus Minecraft Server
June 01, 2023, 06:21:04 AM
@Yuki should rent a $1000/mo VPS and restore a quackup of the old server there :P
Gaming / Re: (split) CodeWalrus Minecraft Server
June 01, 2023, 06:19:42 AM
@Yuki halp I caught two walruses again
Other / CodeWalrus merch (2 t-shirts for now)
April 19, 2023, 12:44:35 AM
CodeWalrus now has merch! (at least as long as this Chinese print company I use exists I guess, else it would result into a massive price increase)

There are only two merch item available for now, though: :walrii: t-shirts.
Here is my 19th music album release, The Bit Merge, A blend of Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Playstation 1, NES, Commodore 64 and other music productions ranging from eurodance to hardcore music, with a few more rocky tracks here and there. Most tracks are remixes or covers of my previous tracks.

The album is currently available at
Games / The Legend of Zelda: Dark Link Quest (2004)
January 27, 2023, 11:59:15 PM
In 2004 I released Zelda: Dark Link Quest, using picture variables beyond the officially supported limit of Pic0 through Pic9. Unfortunately, Texas Instruments eventually changed how group files are sent to calculators around that time, preventing the game from being sent to the TI-83+ and TI-83+SE without TI-Graph Link software, meaning you needed a 32-Bit computer to send it. In 2007, I thought I released a fixed version for TI-Connect and other modern softwares, but alas it wasn't the case, as many important files were missing from the 2007 upload. Thanks to LogicalJoe from Cemetech, the game has now been saved from being lost to time and can now be sent to TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus series calculators using TI-Connect CE or other modern linking softwares!

Ancient Zelda game made with TI-BASIC using various ASM libraries, now updated for modern linking softwares and TI-84 Plus compatibility. Since the game has dated code and predates xLIB APP, Celtic III and Doors CS 7, it has hundreds of sub-programs and a 15 MHz calculator is recommended for speed reasons.

With the exception of games made with the Action-RPG Construction Set, Zelda DLQ is the only Zelda game project ever completed for TI-83+SE and TI-84+/SE calculators. It is semi-open-world, there are three dungeons, various items from the original games and various monsters.
The album is now on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon and more!

Tho you can stream it for free of course at Bandcamp as well at

Semi-off-topic: I also updated my free music compilation from last year with the two free songs that came with 32-Bit Rekt Overcharged at Bandcamp.
The final chapter in the 32-Bit Rekt music album Trilogy: Overcharged, is now available on Bandcamp!

This time around there is a lot of influence from the 80's, especially synth-pop, italo-disco and also the 90's and more, including more electronic power metal, UK hardcore and eurodance.

Like the two previous releases, the entire album was made on a Sony Playstation 1 emulator using Music 2000/MTV Music Generator, hence the 32-bit moniker, but this time around I used a modified version of Music 2000 that includes all sounds from MTVMG2, Music 3000 and Music 2002 Club Edition.
Heya, so far I have only been unable to find a walkthrough for any level past level 9 on Youtube. It seems that this game was either almost completely forgotten and most info about it lost to time except for download links. All Google results just lead to completely irrelevant Android phone-related links, same for Duckduckgo. It probably lived in the shadow of Lode Runner, Great Giana Sisters and Mario series when it first came out in the 80's.
Video of modded version of Music 2000 for the Playstation 1 using the Music 2002 riff and sample library:

-This tool is for reverse-engineering Music 2000, specifically the data (such as the sounds), so that eventually it can be replaced easily. It's still under development but it's progressing nicely. @Yuki is working on it. :)
There's also a Music 2000 Discord server with a room about modding the software:
The album sequel 32-Bit Rekt Part 2 is now on Bandcamp and Kunaki!

1. (synth-pop)
Tales of Neon Light 05:01
2. (90's eurodance)
Maximum Liquidation 07:11
3. (UK Hardcore)
The Knight Blew the Moon Up 05:45
4. (Electronic power metal)
Dream of Omnimaga 07:32
5. (Happy hardcore)
The Walrus Dance 04:03
6. (Melodic trap)
Hodl to the Rug 04:47
7. (Freeform)
The Dreaded Chemist Screwed Up 04:39
8. (Electronic power metal)
Through the Metal Infinity 05:55
9. (90's eurodance)
Eurodance Election 04:56
10. (synth-pop/synthwave)
Stuck in my Water Bed 03:59
11. (UK hardcore)
Techno Strike 2000 05:29
12. (ambient electronic power metal)
Fantasy of Fantasies: Epilogue 09:40

Spotify, Amazon, Apple and Deezer versions will be available in two or three weeks at my new URL (see sig's last URL or previous post)

My landing page URL has changed (see last sig button), as the original URL was obtained through Freenom and I no longer have access to it (for now at least). I also made new merch that is already available at my page but due to the nature of print on demand merchandise and the fact some of my stuff is all-over-print the prices are very similar to what you see at concerts and shops that sells merch from established musicians and bands.

I ordered two samples so far to see what they look like in real life. Hopefully I can afford to do so with the others soon. I'm also working on 32-Bit Rekt Part 2 album which is over halfway done.
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