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I actually found my solution to my issue though.
This is the fix for it :
sprites_current_frame_[a] += 1 / ( (Get_Refresh_rate * seconds) / (double)(frame_end-frame_start));
It shouldn't be set to this value because sprites_current_frame_[a] is a double then converted to an integer.
So in my case, i have :
Get_Refresh_rate = 144 (frames per seconds)
seconds = 0.25 (in seconds)
frame_end-frame_start = 9 (the number of images to display one by one)

The function's purpose is to display all 9 frames by 0.25 seconds given a framerate of 144 FPS.
This function is executed every 1/144. When i realized that, it clicked on me : )

I guess i should have explained it.

Hello guys,
so let's assume we have a display refresh rate of 144hz and i want to display a sprite with 9 frames in 0.25 second.
Now if it was 1 second instead, it would take 16 frames to update the sprite's frame by one.
In this case, it would take only 4 frames before it updates the sprite's frame by one.
I also want it to also work for a display refresh rate of 60hz.
So in the case of 60hz, it would take 1.66666666667 frames instead to update it.

My sprite function looks like this :
void Put_sprite_top_left(uint_fast32_t a, double top_left_x, double top_left_y, int w, int h, int frame_start, int frame_end, int loop, double seconds)
 SDL_Rect position;
 SDL_Rect frame;
 position.x = (int) (current_internal_resolution_width * top_left_x);
 position.y = (int) (current_internal_resolution_height * top_left_y);
 position.w = w;
 position.h = h;
 if (!(sprites_current_frame_[a] >= (double)frame_end && loop == 0))
 if (sprites_current_frame_[a] < frame_end)
 sprites_current_frame_[a] += ((seconds)*(double)(frame_end-frame_start)) * (1.0/Get_Refresh_rate) ;
 if ((sprites_current_frame_[a] >= (double)frame_end && loop == 1) || (sprites_current_frame_[a] < 0.0 && sprites_current_frame_[a] == 0.0))
 sprites_current_frame_[a] = (double)frame_start;
 printf("sprites_current_frame_[a] %f\n", sprites_current_frame_[a]);
 frame.x = (int)(sprites_current_frame_[a])*(w);
 frame.y = 0;
 frame.w = w;
 frame.h = h;
 SDL_RenderCopy(renderer, texture_library_memory[a], &frame, &position);

Of course it is wrong...

See this line in particular
sprites_current_frame_[a] += ((seconds)*(double)(frame_end-frame_start)) * (1.0/Get_Refresh_rate) ;
How can i fix this ?

Consoles / Hardware revisions for video game consoles
January 01, 2020, 04:49:48 AM
Consoles over their lifetime are getting new revisions with often improvements or in some cases downgrades compared to their earlier motherboard.

For this thread, I thought I would take a look at several consoles and their hardware revisions.
Many of which had been infamous for these and I want first to take a look at the Playstation 3 first.
(Next will be the Megadrive/Genesis)

Playstation 3

The PS3 had many board revisions with 3 significant ones : "PHAT" models, Slim, and Super Slim.
We'll start with the PHAT models.

Phat / Fat

These were the very first major revision released by Sony and the first minor revisions featured some sort of backwards compatibility with PS2 games as well.
The downside is that the PS3 had enormous power consumption, even compared to the first Xbox 360.


This was the first model released in Japan in November 2006.
It features all of the bells and whistles : OtherOS support (until it was later removed), Full PS2 backwards compatibility, Super Audio CD support, onboard Wi-fi, 4 usb ports and an MMC reader.

It came with a 60GB hard disk that can be upgraded and has an onboard NAND chip of 256MB.

The Cell and RSX chips have a die process of 90nm. As a result, this is the most power hungry PS3 out there, which can max out at 380W and 200W in average.


Also released in November 2006, this is similar to the A revision but it does not have Wi-fi or an MMC reader and its HDD is only 20GB. Power consumption is similar. (if no Wi-fi is being used)


This is the PAL revision that appeared at the PAL launch of the PS3.
Gone is the Emotion Engine, which is now being software emulated instead.
These consoles are known as "Partial compatible" consoles and according to an analysis by My life in gaming, they feature better graphical output than the full backwards compatible models in PS2 games.
The downside is that more games are incompatible and flat out won't work or will have more issues.

These models still retain the MMC, Super Audio CD support, and other features from the A revision.

A later revision that came with a 80GB hard disk in North america and Japan. It is otherwise similar to the A revision.


This is the last major revision to the Phat models and features several changes.
Gone is the PS2 backwards compatibility, Super Audio CD support, MMC reader, and 2 of the USB ports.

The Cell processor die shrank to 65nm. (RSX chip still unaffected)

As a result, the power consumption drops to about 40W and much lower when in load (280W).

It also came with a 40GB hard drive and still comes with the 256MB NAND chip.


Similar to the G revision except that it now comes with a NOR flash chip of 16MB with most of the firmware now stored on the HDD.


Similar to the H revision but features a 65nm RSX chip. Power consumption drops by 50W in normal usage.

K revision up to Q are identical except for the HDD which ranges from 80GB to 160GB.

Slim Models

Sony then announced a new major redesign with a new case in 2009 : the slim models.
These models are overall more reliable (we'll go into details) and consumes less power than the phat models. None of the slim models feature OtherOS, SA-CD or backwards compatibility with the PS2.


Features a 45nm Cell processor, which significantly drops the power consumption to 100W in normal use. This is the last die shrink of the Cell processor.

It still has the 16MB Nor chip as well as 2 USB ports only.


The following year, Sony released another revision to the CECH-21xx.
This is the first revision to feature a 40nm RSX chip, which further drops the power consumption to 85W.

It was also later discovered that this was the very first Slim model to fix the YLOD issue for good by swaping them with different capacitors versus the NEC/Tokin capacitors which were found to be the culprit to the YLOD as they were defective (made during the Capacitor plague) and were causing unclean current to be provided to the chips.

The CECH-20xx can also suffer from the YLOD issue (it still uses the NEC/Tokin capacitors) but is less likely to happen due to the die shrink of the Cell processor. However, it can still happen and some people reported to have YLOD on their Slim models. (most of them 2XXX models)


A minor redesign change that caused power consumption to drop by 5W. For a while, all slims (and early Super slims) were using a similar motherboard.


Later released in 20111, this is the last Slim revision and is nearly identical to the 25xx models except for a different NOR chip.
This is the first model to disable analog output for blu-rays. This was previously used before as to go around HDCP being enforced and making screen capture of blu-rays disabled. It is still possible to play back standard BD-Roms via Analog however.

Super Slim

As the PS4 was approaching and the PS Vita being already released, Sony made the last redesign of the  PS3 series : the Super Slim.
It features a much smaller, compact case with greater efficiency for some of the later models.
The press was also hyping up a die shrink for both the Cell and RSX chips to 22nm/28nm respectively. However as it turns out, it was not really the case.


The first and most common model. Features either a 16MB Nor chip or a 16MB eMMC memory.
Also seems to feature a different PSU which is rated lower. (75W)
Some later models of the 40xx series also feature a die shrink of the RSX chip, down to 28nm.
As a result, consumption drops by 15W.


This revision features the die shrink of the RSX to 28nm.
Note that there seems to be conflicting information saying that only 42xx models featured the die shrink while others still used a 40nm RSX.
As a result, power consumption drops by around 15W and the RSX chip is noticeably smaller on the board. Those can be identified by the use of 2 chips on the RSX versus 4 on the 40nm ones.


This is where things really get strange. This model was released in Japan only.
Teardowns of the motherboard show that only the RSX had changed (still 28nm) : the planned switch to the 22nm process for the Cell never seemingly happened.

However, there are other reports that it did switch to a 22nm process.
It would mean that the chip size stayed the same but internally, the die shrank.

It's entirely possible that Sony did this as to not design a new motherboard while still shrinking the cell to 22nm but this is unlikely.
Nobody has measured its power consumption or confirmed it was a 22nm cell processor via a microscope or the likes.

If true, a 22nm Cell processor and a 28nm RSX chip would bring significant power saving and an overall power consumption under 40 watts.

This is the only model to completely close the Analog hole when it comes to blurays : Analog output is disabled for BD-ROMs. (in addition to standard blu-rays)

Best hardware revisions to stick with

Best power consumption :

The CECH-42xx is good too, especially if the 22nm bit turns out to be false.
Consumption for it should be less than 62W.

Best model for backwards compatibility with PS2 games :

The partial compatible PS2 models are also worth mentioning because they have sharper graphical output for PS2 games, especially with smoothing on.
However, make sure to do the NEC/Tokin capacitor repair even if you don't have YLOD because the caps are defective !

Best model for capturing blu-rays over Component/RgsB/D-terminal :

This is the last model that can do this and is the more reliable. The CECH-21xx can be used for this purpose too.
It's worth noting however that most people will just strip the HDCP signal from the HDMI port and that will get you better video quality. Just keep in mind that owning these devices can be illegal depending on legislation.

Models to avoid


These models are unreliable and don't feature backwards compatibility.
While they can be fixed like BC models, it is just not worth it to do it on those models as they have very high power consumption compared to Slim models.
You are better off using a Slim or Super Slim models if you don't care about PS2 games.


Despite being a Slim model (the very first slim revision in fact), it can still suffer from the YLOD issue due to the use of NEC/Tokin caps. This was only fixed since the CECH-21xx revision.
Well i also tried to do my own distro with buildroot from scratch but this time it won't detect my SMB share...

I'll pay 10€ whoever can help set this up on Void linux musl for the raspberry pi 2/3 and share me the image file.
Because i'm tired of figuring out and i can't get this to work. (i must mention that pi share psx does work but boots up way slower)
Hello guys,
i would like to play PS2 games via a SMB share with my Raspberry Pi directly connected to my PS2's ethernet port.
For this purpose, a tool called pi-smbshare was released :

However, it is ultra slow when it comes to booting up and eats a lot of energy.
Void linux musl ARMv7 boots up much faster and has samba/dnsmasq available.
psx-pi-smbshare uses also samba and dnsmasq.

However, i can't get dnsmasq to work or set up the DHCP server.
It is configured as such in psx-pi-smbshare :


When i do so however, dnsmasq does not attribute ip addresses to my PS2.
They also set eth0 like so :
sudo iptables -F
sudo iptables -t nat -F
sudo sh -c "echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward"
sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask

# Remove default route created by dhcpcd
sudo ip route del 0/0 dev eth0 &> /dev/null

On the other side, the PS2 is configured like that :

The SMB share is configured like so in smb.conf
workgroup = WORKGROUP
usershare allow guests = yes
map to guest = bad user
allow insecure wide links = yes
Comment = Pi shared folder
Path = /share
Browseable = yes
Writeable = Yes
only guest = no
create mask = 0777
directory mask = 0777
Public = yes
Guest ok = yes
force user = pi
follow symlinks = yes
wide links = yes

Then i connect the PS2 and raspberry pi together. However, it complains that it can't find the SMB share.
(The SMB share works when the raspberry pi is connected to my router but the latency is so high that it's not worth using over USB when doing it like so)

What am i doing wrong ?
Gaming / Re: Car adapter/USB for video game consoles
December 17, 2019, 08:22:11 AM
Quote from: Juju on December 17, 2019, 08:05:08 AMIf you're powering home consoles in your car, how you would power the screen now? A splitter, or batteries?
In the case of the PSOne and the car adapter, it also has a plug for the official LCD screen.
For the Wii U, you could just use Off TV play if you have the appropriate adapter.

In other cases : Yes, a splitter like this one can be used.

However, you have to make sure that the screen can be used over 12V DC (there are car adapters for some LCD monitors as well) and that there's enough power for them.

Of course, this isn't an issue for a solar charger because you would most of the time use it at home.
You really don't want to use an inverter even though you can because some of them are only 50% efficient, though it is an option.

EDIT: There are also some small screens with HDMI input that can be powered through USB and that's an option too.
Gaming / Car adapter/USB for video game consoles
December 17, 2019, 07:26:19 AM
Want to play your video game consoles on the go ? Car adapters is one of the best way to do so !
Video game consoles usually accept DC 5V (with some variations depending on the console) so using an AC inverter is usually a bad idea because there will be some losses
and you'll drain your battery faster. (or at least you will be less efficient)
Another use for car adapters is when using a battery backup powered by solar panels : Solar panels usually work in 12V 5DC. (they can be put in series and that will increase the voltage but you get the idea)
So in theory if you power a video game console through a car adapter instead of a huge, inefficient AC adapter, you can save some power and be more efficient.

Here's a list of video game consoles that have either a car adapter or USB adapter available for it :

Portable video game consoles

Atari Lynx

A car adapter was available for the Atari Lynx.
However, you might want to do a USB mod to it (see below) instead as the voltage regulator inside of the Atari Lynx can fail.

Sega Game Gear (with Model 2 plug)

Power consumption (unmodded) : 4.5w

An official car adapter had been made for the Game Gear. There are also 3rd party ones that will work with a Gameboy/Gameboy pocket.
This is also compatible with the MegaJet & Sega Nomad.
It can also theoretically work on the Megadrive Model 2 & 32X (see below).

Game boy Advance
Too many to lists, also many USB adapters available.

Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS
Plenty of car adapters too. USB adapter available.
If you use a solar charger, using the USB cable is preferred.

Sony PSP/Vita/PSTV
Because they output 5V DC, a simple PSP plug to USB can be used.
The PSTV requires 2A however so make sure to provide enough power to it. (You might be able to get away with less with Wifi disabled)

Nintendo Switch

An officially licensed Nintendo Switch car adapter by Hori had been made.
There are also other 3rd adapter ones but most of them are just standard USB car adapters. (and won't charge as fast)
If your solar charger supports USB 3.0 QC or better yet USB type C then it should be preferred over the car charger
as the car charger itself contains a small DC to DC converter.

Home consoles

Yes, there are some car/USB adapters for home consoles too.

CBS Colecovision

A USB Type C external power supply had been released for the Colecovision by Dragonbox for 40$.

Sony PSOne Car Adaptor

Power consumption : 10 Watts
Unfortunately it's very sought after but you won't have trouble to find one.
It can also be used to power on the LCD accessory but you can just plug it into an OSSC and use that on a monitor.
There are also some 3rd party ones that are almost as expensive.

Nintendo Gamecube

Power consumption : 12~23 Watts

There's also another one that can power on a PSOne as well as the Gamecube.

Playstation 2 Slim (70000 and 75000 series only)

Power consumption : 45 Watts

Very rare & uncommon, though not as much as the Wii U one.


A car charger by Yobo had been released. Unfortunately, it's very uncommon and mostly found only in the US.

Wii U

Power consumption : 34 Watts

Only one adapter was released and it is extremely rare. I was unable to find any online listing for it.
No other 3rd party made a Car adapter for it

Megadrive Model 2 / Sega 32X

Power consumption
Model 2 (without 32X) : 0.3A (3.6W)
Model 2 + 32X : 0.7A (8.4W)
In theory, this can also be used with the Megadrive Model 2 / 32X as the two consoles also use the same power adapter as the Game Gear one (with Model 2 plug).
However, i haven't tried it.

With modding

NES / Famicom

Since the console internally runs at 5V, it's possible to mod it and bypass the PSU. The console can then be powered on by a single USB cable.

A seller was also selling Famicom with USB plugs for power.

Original Xbox

N64freak was selling an ATX mod for the OG Xbox. With the use of a PicoPSU, it is then possible to power the console with a car adapter or DC cable.
The files for the ATX mod had been released :

Dreamcast / Sega Saturn

3rd party internal picoPSU mods are available and output 12V DC. This can then be used with a car adapter or DC cable.

Atari Lynx

Console works internally at 5V so a USB mod is doable.

It's possible to mod a PS3 so that it uses an ATX power supply. With the use of a PicoPSU, it should be possible to plug it directly
to a solar charger or to a voltage regular + car charger plug.

Bad offenders

Very high power consumption

Fat PS3
Xbox 360 (before Corona revision)
Any PS4 models
Xbox One (first model)
Xbox One X

AC plug only (external mod impossible without internal modifications)

Fat PS2 (Internal mod is possible as demonstrated by someone)
Xbox One S
Phillips CDi
PS1 (except PSOne revision)

No car adapter/usb/internal mod available

Master System/Genesis Model 1
Super Nintendo

Nintendo 64 (uses a weird format like the Colecovision)
Atari 2600/Atari 7800 (9V DC)

Feel free to correct me if there's any mistakes or missing info
Gaming / Super Smash Bros Brawl running at 120 FPS
November 24, 2019, 03:57:55 AM
The Gamecube and Wii only support up to 60 hz.
In fact, the first video game console to support 120 hz is the Xbox One S & X and only one game supports it.
However thanks to cheat codes, hacks and Dolphin, it's possible to run some games at 120 FPS.

I can safely say that it does make a difference, even though it is minor but it's great enough that it's hard to go back to 60 fps...

Here's a video recording of Brawl running at 120 FPS (Youtube doesn't support 120 fps) :

You obviously need a monitor that supports 120hz+ otherwise you won't notice a difference.
For the sake of comparison, here's the same & characters at 60 FPS :

60 FPS feels very choppy after playing the 120 fps version for a while...

If you want to give it a try yourself, here's what you need to do :
- Compile Dolphin yourself with an Audio hack applied to the source code. (apply the diff)

--- a/Source/Core/Core/HW/SystemTimers.cpp
+++ b/Source/Core/Core/HW/SystemTimers.cpp
@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@
 void AudioDMACallback(u64 userdata, s64 cyclesLate)
-  int period = s_cpu_core_clock / (AudioInterface::GetAIDSampleRate() * 4 / 32);
+  int period = s_cpu_core_clock / (AudioInterface::GetAIDSampleRate() * 4 / 32) * 2;
   DSP::UpdateAudioDMA();  // Push audio to speakers.
   CoreTiming::ScheduleEvent(period - cyclesLate, et_AudioDMA);
- Add this to your user config (Right click -> Properties on a game entry):

EmulationSpeed = 3.00000000
- Use the following Gecko codes :

120HZ (slow mo)
04708d20 3f000000

Disable Vsync (input lag)
04023b88 60000000
04024028 481c4904

Slow Fix v3 (+ Debug c-stick)c2048b70 0000000c
7ccc3378 3cc080b8
80c64eb0 3ce08000
7c063840 38e00000
41800034 88060048
2c000000 41820014
80060040 2c000000
41820008 38e00001
3cc0805c 88c68a0b
2c060000 41820008
38e00001 7c671850
5460063e 7d866378
60000000 00000000

- Enable Audio stretching

The only issues is that the menu is too fast, the timer is double its speed (workaround is playing stock matches) and the cstick doesn't work properly.
All of these could be fixed with Gecko codes but no one seems to be interested to fix those...
Let's hope this changes.
Phantasy Star Online, one of Sega's introduction to online multiplayer games on video game consoles and probably one of the first ones.
It was renowned for being quite addicting and reviving the series, though in a different route than most expected.

The game was first released on the Sega Dreamcast in 2 versions. V1 came out first in late 2000 while v2 came out the year after.
It was later ported to the Gamecube as PSO Episode I and II and also to the Original Xbox.
It was also ported to Windows first in Japan only in late 2001 and later revised as the ultimate version, PSO Blue Burst, in 2004 in Japan and 2005 in North America.

The official servers later died first in 2003 for Dreamcast, then later in 2007 for other versions.
However, all versions (except the Xbox version) are now supported by private servers, whenever it be Sylverant or Schthack.
I prefer to use Sylverant because it's simplier and has less issues. (they insist you on having original keys)

I'm assuming we'll use the Gamecube version here : this version has some graphical effects that are missing in the Xbox/PC version.
Another advantage is that you can use either a Wii or Wii U together with Nintendont and its BBA emulation to go online.

Gamecube version


Phantasy Star Online Episode I and II can be very expensive online, at least 20$. The Plus edition (NA and JP only) is even more so and can cost in the hundreds...
I stuck with the non plus edition and it's fine for the most part... you can also download Plus only quests online anyway plus some extra ones.

Just make sure it has the manual ! The serial number and access key is written on it. I learned it the hard way unfortunately...
This is the same for Episode 3 btw.

If like myself you got the game without a manual (i just got the box and disc) then you can attempt to generate your own.
Just make sure to enter it ingame first before putting them in Sylverant or Schthack !
You need to make sure your serial, access and guildcard is valid !

Guildcard is 5 numbers, Serial is 10 numbers and Access key is 12 numbers.

Now you have several ways :
- Use an actual Gamecube along with a BBA.
The BBA can be very expensive (much like the Dreamcast's own BBA) but it has very low latency, which may be ideal for Mario Kart DD.

- Use a Wii with Nintendont.
This is the cheapest way to get PSO GC up and running. A wii can be found for as low as 20$.
Just avoid the Wii mini as it has too many limitations and shortcomings.

- Use a Wii U with Nintendont.
This may be the most ideal solution (especially with HDMI out) and the Gamepad can be used in WiiVC.
However, the output quality for Wii games isn't that great and its very blurry.

- Use Dolphin + OpenVPN.
I would not recommend this because it's tricky to set up and there's Blue Burst which is superior in most ways but it's there
if you want to play with GC players for example.

I'm going to assume that you'll use a Wii with Nintendont installed. Make sure you install the homebrew channel with Mailbomb or a savegame exploit like Super Smash bros Brawl.
You'll also need to dump your disc with CleanRip : it is available for the Wii and will also work in vWii for the Wii U.
You might also want to patch your game especially if you use the european version as it does not support progressive mode :

Setting up Nintendont

You can choose to put your iso either to an SD card or a USB drive/key. You can also use the original disc too. (although i don't recommend it because you'll end up wearing it down in the long term, you should really use cleanrip and dump it).

Press B on your ISO or the game disc option (depending on your wishes) and make sure the BBA option is set to On and Channel to Auto.
You might also want to increase the emulated memory card size to 2043 unofficial to download plenty of quests and stuff but sticking with the default is less risky.
On the Wii U and Wii Family edition, you must use the Emulated memory card option because they lack Gamecube ports for memory cards.

Once done, you can run the game. If you are using an unpatched US/JP of PSO, you may need to hold the B button for progressive mode.
Using the option to force progression does not work for the PAL version, you must use the patch from PSOPalace for that. (which means you can't use the official disc for forcing progressive mode)

When the game boots up to the first time, it might ask you to fix the calendar. It shouldn't go back to the Gamecube screen especially if you don't have the IPL image !
Just refuse to fix the calendar and boot right up to the game.
Sometimes it could still refuse to boot if you don't patch PSO (PAL version at least) so that's worth trying.

Setting up the server

Nintendont emulates the BBA, which makes things a bi easier compared to Devolution and its use of the modem.
Go to (Titlescreen) Options -> Network Option -> Provider Option and select "YES".

If it asks you to use Slot A then say "YES".
Now go to "Network Setup". Then select a provider from the menu list.
It should be "Provider 4" by default.

Select Edit and make sure it has the following settings :
- Connection settings : Automatically obtain an IP address (DHCP) (if it is static, then adjust accordingly)
- Line timeout (minutes) : Automatically disconnect 99

Then there's the DNS part, which can dependant on your server.
I'm assuming you want to connect to Sylverant but check with your server's which IP you should use.
- DNS Server address :
Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS : (Leave blank)

- DHCP Hostname : Not Set

This is sometimes used for the screenshot functionality.
It seems that it doesn't work properly with Nintendont so leave it off.
- Proxy server address : Blank
- Proxy port number : blank

Then you can save your settings.

Setting up the Serial/Access

When you create a new character in "Online", it should ask you for the Serial number and Access key.
See well above about that

After you typed them in, make sure to type them in your profile settings in your server as well.
If everything is done correctly, it should connect to the server and you can choose a ship.


Before the Nintendont BBA branch, there was Devolution which supported this functionality.
However :
- It was closed source. You could not add new controllers, nothing.
- It had a very annoying DRM mechanism, which makes it impossible to use on the Wii U for that reason because the console can't read GameCube disc.
it will be never fixed because its main author decided to be an ass about it. I'm glad Nintendont finally added this functionality.
- It emulates a modem rather than a BBA. As a result, downloading quests is much slower than Nintedont.

It does however support USB keyboards as well as the screenshot functionality. The former may not be an issue if you have the ASCII gamecube controller but few people do.

Anyway, Nintendont has many other advantages (and options) so it is safe to say that you can throw Devolution to the garbage and enjoy PSO for real.
Just though i would update on this.

Google is now advising their employees to avoid political subjects. Some of them were not too kind to this.
Though i think it's hypocritical for some of those people ("conservatives" in particular) to agree with such thing especially when they are doing the exact same thing over on twitter and elsewhere.

Another thing that happened was said insider revealed a blacklist :

Now, he said that they mostly blocked "conservatives" from Google Now stories (including Alex Jones) but they also blocked 2 gay websites, torrentfreak, numerous torrent websites and more.
I can't help however but feel like Project Veritas greatly exaggerated the importance of said leaks.
What they did leak was important but nowhere near the scale they suggested it would affect things.

It did however explain why you would get pictures of black people when you specifcally search for pictures of white people.
The cruel irony is that Qwant, which had fiercely denied copying Google's search results, also has the same results when searching for white couple.

Kind of sad that no one took the defence of torrentfreak and other innocent websites for being blocked from Google now stories...
Consoles / Re: Opossum Massage Simulator for N64
August 22, 2019, 05:28:54 PM
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on August 22, 2019, 04:43:17 PMToo bad it doesn't run on Project 64 and Mupen 64.
Yup, N64 emulators are still in shambles. And none of them support direct access to the framebuffer for example, which most homebrew games (including OMS) do.
MAME still has broken controls (although it does boot) while only Cen64 can play it. (but it requires an official 4k PIF file. Thats the bootloader)

Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on August 22, 2019, 04:43:17 PMGlad to see this updated, though. Does it work well on the real console?
After i fixed it, it works okay although its a bit slower than i would have liked. (and as a result, its easier too lol...)

I'll show it running on the real console at some point along with Evil Australians.
Consoles / Re: Opossum Massage Simulator for N64
August 21, 2019, 03:15:14 AM
Well i got my flashcart like yesterday and decided to try out my homebrew games : none of them worked.
Of course, things always break when i am involved...

Turns out disabling AA would break it on real hardware but not on emulators for some reasons !

Evil Australians is now working too... so i have updated all of my links to reflect that and updated my builds.
Of course, i reported the bug to the libdragon team..
Gaming / Video game youtube channels worth watching
August 08, 2019, 12:38:21 AM
I thought it would be nice to compile a list of quality video game channels for those who are procrastinating.
Here are my favorites :

Must watch

Modern Vintage Gamer

Very technical, focuses on implementation of software & hardware as well as the hacking story and others of video game consoles.
He's also a programmer who ports homebrew to CFW enabled consoles.

8-Bit Guy

Focused on Retro gaming and old computers. Quality editing with some interesting content, he tends to make long videos.
Like MVG, he's also a programmer, though he has a focus on old hardware. He made the Planet X series for the C64 and MS-DOS computers.

Game Sack

A show with each episode focusing on a theme. It used to be hosted by Joe & Dave but Dave has since left the show.
It's still great though, even with Joe alone. I was afraid it was going to be him streaming all day.

Fairly good


Frequent videos about retro gaming and sometimes new games with other related news as well.
He's not as knowledgeable as the 8-Bit guy or MVG though but he's not a noob either.
He likes to share his opinions about video games (especially obscure ones !) and is somewhat optimistic.
His hidden gems series in particular is very interesting to watch.
I would recommend most of his videos.


His repair videos (Open Cart Surgery) are interesting, though it kind of gets boring after a while.
I would recommend you still give it a shot though.


The main show is, of course hilarious, but outside of that it's a mixed bag.
I'm not a huge fan of most Matt Matei's videos for example.
I also not a fan of them sitting around and playing games because well, playthrough in themselves are pretty boring.
Still, most of it is quality.


The opposite of youtubers like 8-Bit Guy or MVG.
Little to no technical details, very focused on emotions regarding video games and the quality behind them.
He also likes to share his old memories and is a fan of the Ys series.
If you like that kind of content though, it's pretty good.

John Hanc
Similar to MetalJesusRocks, though more focused on retro games. He frequently releases content.
He's a huge video game collector (has plenty of rare items) and sometimes talks about current events related to video games;
Worth a watch in a while, especially given that he was involved in some events.


Obviously a huge nintendo fan with interesting top videos, tutorials, rebuttals and news about on going events.
Some of his videos are worth a watch.


He makes good videos for the most part, although it's a far cry from his older days in my opinion...
He also should do some more research at times because some of his info can be inaccurate.
(or at times, he does not in depth to much. Probably to avoid getting his ass bitten)
Despite this though, it's still decent for the most part.

(But i dare not to watch his souilja videos as i've been involved in the software of some of the handleds in question)

Inactive (or somewhat/changed focus)

Game Dave

His famicorner videos were very good but his videos outside of that are less interesting sadly.
He since became a father so i'm afraid we won't see more videos of that kind.

Obsolete Geek

Videos on old obscure hardware (and sometimes not), decently made. Sadly, he stopped making videos a year ago.


Former traveler's tales worker, with very technical videos on old consoles, weird tricks and so on.
He does not release videos often sadly.

Let me know if i forgot some of them
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on June 29, 2019, 02:31:33 PMSeems like the video was deleted on Vimeo too.
Yup, a few days after it was posted, Vimeo deleted it for "incitement of hate speech"... which is laughable considering it was talking about Google possible meddling in 2020 elections, that's it.

The video is still on bitchute :

There were a few more reactions since the video got released, including Donald Trump himself.
Quote from: undefinedTRUMP: You saw what happened yesterday with Google. Google was totally biased, like you know they talk about Russia, because they have some bloggers. And by the way some of those bloggers were going both ways they were for Clinton and for Trump.

MARIA: Well somebody at Google said they what happened in 2016 to happen in 2020. They don't want it to happen again.

TRUMP: Let me tell you, they're trying to rig the election. That's what we should be looking at, not the phony witch hunt. This is the greatest political disgrace in history......

TRUMP: They should be sued. What's happening with the bias, and now you see it with that executive yesterday from Google the hatred for Republicans. It's not even like let's lean democrat. The hatred. And actually I heard that all during my election. They were swamping us with negative stuff.

Here's what happened next related to the incident :

QuoteJune 25 : Leaked emails claims that Google flagged Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and PragerU as "dog whistle nazis" and recommending to disable some features.

June 26 : Project Veritas claims that Google intervened in the Irish abortion debate by censoring key words.
They have posted a few screenshots of said blacklist including the URLs.

I think the 8th amendment would have been repealed anyway regardless of Google's meddling but still...
It's also unknown how said blacklist was put in practice, if it was applied.
I recall saying Google defending it (when breibart released such allegations in 2018) by claiming they were cracking down on bots taking advantage of the debate.

June 26 : Vimeo deletes Project Veritas's video on incitement to hate grounds. (Which i can confirm is a lot of bulls)

June 27 : Youtube responded to deleting Project Veritas video by claiming they got a privacy complaint over it.
Project veritas responded by saying that Gennai was a public figure for Google and spoke at a number of conferences, thus it did not hold weight.

June 27 : Senator Ted cruz posted the interview with the Google executive on his channel. Not deleted so far.

Today : Project Veritas sent cease & desist letters to a bunch of journos including bloomberg, vox, the Verge among others demanding they retract their claim that they were selectively editing words from Gennai. All of them complied.

That being said, considering the laws he himself had passed, i can't help but feel like they were reaping what they sow.
Mississippi had passed a law in 2016 that would allow business to discriminate on religious grounds, Donald trump himself made sure to sign into law the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers which led to the mass censorship of adult creators on Patreon & others (and certainly didn't help prostitutes) among others...

With that said though, it still doesn't excuse Google's actions, on top of their other accusations they are facing in congress :
This includes abusing the smartphone market by shutting out 3rd party stores and some apps like adblockers off the Google play store, compelling manufacturers to pay the 5$ per device fee for adding Google services, their overreach of personal data and so on...)

I doubt it helped the community as they were more interested in censoring key words than to oppose the laws.
Indeed, Google did not hesitate to look into the files of a prostitute in her Google drive folder...
Youtube is quick to demonetize videos that simply swear (which is the reason why AVGN videos are now being sponsored, among other things) or report on catastrophic events.

The result of this is that it leads Young americans to be less trusting of LGBT people because of incidents like these are being blamed on them, when in reality
it's Google strong-arming creators and others...

Anyway, i'm pissed at Google and i wanted to let my steam off. I'm sorry but this needed to be talked about.
Consoles / Re: My CFW for the Retrostone
June 26, 2019, 05:22:02 PM
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on June 26, 2019, 05:10:38 PMInteresting. Does CFW stand for Custom Firmware, by the way?

Yup, what is stand it. That's maybe not entirely accurate btw because the Retrostone by default comes with no custom firmware but it's not (still) officially supported or recommended by the creators themselves yet.
Maybe he will change his mind though because my CFW allows commercial usage unlike RetrOrangePi.
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