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Gaming / Fortnite on a HP Prime!
April 02, 2018, 01:34:02 AM
I put Fortnite on the HP-Prime!
So I have been tasked with making vision work well and very smoothly in the off-season. I will be using the Open CV library and coding in Java, has anyone had experience with using Open CV?
So this is the place to share any tests or tricks you have learned while programming/ using the HP Prime!

So DJ was wondering about if the new firmware made any speed differences with the speed of displaying GROBs, I have updated to the firmware 107701 (if that is the right number xD) and here is the speeds (in milliseconds):

G1 is set to 320x240
G1 no zoom, no alpha blending: 3-12 (consistent mostly on 3 with some spikes)
G1 2x zoom, no alpha blending: 29-41 (we see a significant speed drop here but I didn't specify the exact cords on G1 on what to display, when I did that it went down to 29-35 which isn't that big of a drop though)
G1 no-zoom, 50% alpha blending: 17-26 (it jumped once to 40 but that was only once)
G1 2x zoom, 50% alpha blending: 49-53 (this is super high so don't use this combo unless you are not drawing to the screen frequently)
G1 4x zoom, no alpha blending: 29-37, I don't know why 2x and 4x are so similar but it is probably because it stops drawing pixels after the coords are more than 320,240 or less than 0,0.
G1 4x zoom, 50% alpha blending: 49-56 again with the zoom and alpha the render time is high but like the others it is about the same to 2x zoom for some reason.

There is one bug with BLIT however and that is when you try and use 12 arguments. I saw a post on hp museum that said something about it and @timwessman confermed that it was a problem with the amount of args and it is a known bug. So that means you can't do zoom with alpha blending <_<. but that only means that 2 tests cannot be complete...

I used this program to time them:

EXPORT LineTime()
BLIT_P(G0,G1,[other arguments]);
Hardware / FRC Robotics
March 09, 2016, 01:50:11 PM
So I am opening this fourm kinda late in the race but we can still use it year round.

I am a programmer from team 5712, this is how we did at the Standish competition in Standish MI here

So I am making this topic to share ideas and offer help.

We don't have our 2016 robot on there so here is a picture:

Web / FreeCodeCamp
February 09, 2016, 07:44:03 PM
My sister showed me this site, FreeCodeCamp and it looks really cool so I started on it.

I wanted to see if anyone else used it, if not you might want to start on it ;)
Randomness / Interactive Joke Thread
January 26, 2016, 02:35:52 AM
I know there is already a joke thread made by @Unicorn but it isn't for interactive joke (ex: a knock knock joke where other people guess who :P)

Here is the starter:
Why did the :walrii: cross the road?
Calculator Talk / HP Prime Programming Help
January 24, 2016, 03:55:24 AM
This is a cross post from HP Museum:
QuoteI have a question about the LINE_P and TRIANGLE_P commands. Both of them have optional advanced syntax, the help hints that it can be used for 3D functions and the such!! I have a hard time understanding the help on it is could someone could show me and give an example, the help is very appreciated ;)
So basicly I think there is already built in 3D functions for LINE_P() and TRIANGLE_P() O.O *.* O.O
(3D MinePrime here I come!!!)
It would be nice if @timwessman shed some light on the topic ;)

This is my first question here but feel free to post your own troubles ;)
So I have had this idea for a while and I know it will work but I, as of now am not as equipped as I need to be to start and I need your help ;). First of all what language should I learn to be able to communicate to the calc, and where would I get a wireless receiver for my prime? and also how would I tell when a new post has been posted.

Later I think I can connect it to IRC!

I will be using the messaging system for communication between computer and calc.

I have seen similar things done with the messaging system on the prime but have never done anything like it so I need your help :P
Today the 19th of December 2015 reached 400 members  (-_(//));! I joined the community when CW was just starting and started posting a few months later. If it wasn't for CW I know I wouldn't be here typing this and I wanted to thank the staff here for making everyone feel welcomed ;). Let the walrus fly some more!

EDIT: and we passed 28000 posts O.O
Hardware / 3D Printing
December 17, 2015, 09:47:32 PM
Recently, I made a holster for my airsoft pistol, I have pictures but haven't had time to upload them to youtube.
[spoiler=Printer Specs]
- SDramps module
- 8x8x9.5 inch print bed
- Heated print bed
- 0.4 mm extruder tip
- I use PLA mostly

- Does not do bridges well but I am quite sure it is the way I have it set up <_<
[spoiler=Airsoft pistol holster]

[spoiler=Airsoft Pistol Holster Finished]

[spoiler=Chain Mail]

Gaming / Games that stay really fun
December 13, 2015, 11:49:27 PM
Ok, I know I sped up the game and everything but it is still fun somehow even after 10+ nonillion cookies :P
Gaming / Weird but fun games
December 10, 2015, 03:39:17 AM
I found this a little bit ago and it is actually pretty fun. My suggestion is to create a game rather than join one because if you try to join a room most people will quit.
Other / Zipffy Stuff all around us O.O
November 16, 2015, 12:41:41 AM
So watch this video:

Then look at this on the right with the graph of posts:;sort=posts;start=0;desc

Isn't that crazy ???
The Zipf mystery is all around us O.O...
Vsauce is really cool  (-_(//));
SynText is a IDE for your HP Prime (I think) it is the first for the Prime :)
- None (started on the project less than an hour ago)

Planned features:
- Sick IDE with Syntax highlighting, color scheme, and touch responsive!!!
-  Awesome note editor
- Also it will be able to edit all of the current app's vars and functions inside the editor
Major progress tomorrow (hyped to get my Prime back ^.^)
Other / Thanksgiving and Black Friday
November 10, 2015, 10:35:28 PM
This is a topic where you can share funny stories about Thanksgiving and black friday.

also with the disappearance of my Prime as of late I am going to look for some deals on calcs for black friday (yes I realize that there are not going to be many good deals on calcs if any at all (I am dubious also))

Thanks for the laughs   8)
Calculator Development / Programming Games in Ti-Basic
November 10, 2015, 09:17:41 PM
When I first started programming it was on a Ti-84+ in Basic. I have come a long way since but I was always looking for a (sudo) complete/understandable tutorial, if this sounds like you this is for you!
[spoiler=Step 1 making your first program]
1. Go to the home screen and press PRGM
2. Go to NEW and enter a name
3. You are now in the Ti-84+ IDE

4. From now on the key strokes are in the screen shot ;)

5. Time to run the program, can you guess what it will do?!
[spoiler=If you have figured it out open this!][/spoiler]
Now you are past the first step! I will add on to these quite often until there you are ready to take to the skys with your new found skilz ;)

This is the next step, here we talk about the while loop!
[spoiler=Step 2]
First of all lets create a program:

We will be making a loop that counts X from 0 to 10 and then displays some text:
The first step is to set X to equal 0 and to make our loop

Now we have to tell the loop when to run:
This just says WHILE X is less than 0 run this code!

The next step is to tel the loop what to execute:
This makes X's value go up by one every time the loop is run

Now we have to give visual feedback when the loop completes!
CHALLENGE: Do this by your self and see what you can come up with (it doesn't need to be exactly like mine)
[spoiler=Only open if you wish to spoil the CHALLENGE]

But wait the output is cut off O.O how can wee fix this?!
Look in the next step to find out really how simple it is[/spoiler]

All you need to do is separate it into two commands!

Now you may be asking how on earth do we get that ugly prgmLOOPS off of the homescreen, that is also very easy
[spoiler]Just add ClrHome to the first line in your program

Now you will get this:

Now for that pesky Done at the end:
[spoiler]All we do here is add a Pause at the end and that makes all line execution stop until the user presses enter

It should give you this:

Congrats you have finished part 2!!!!

Sneak peak for next lesson:
Other / Crazy Crap that is loosely related to you
November 04, 2015, 03:40:23 AM
Yesterday this happened to a school I attended 2 years ago, the car smashed right into my home room O.O. It is very humbling to think "I could have been in there." (it happened early in the morning so no students were there though)

Also read the comments, very morbid people O.O
I was just wondering because I am learning PHP and trying many languages but I have no real experience as far as computer programming. Thanks :)
Other / Speed Cubing
September 20, 2015, 04:36:52 PM
I recently have gotten into speedcubing (or solving Rubic's cubes really fast) I was wondering if any of you guys were fellow speedcubers. If so what is your method you use and what is your best time?

I use the Fridrich method and my time is 42 seconds and am currently learning all 57 OLL algs
One morning you woke up in a world of pixelation, you got out of bed and looked out the window and saw large gray blocks whizzing by your house so you went outside to see. As soon as you set foot out of your door there was a huge ruch of wind pushing you out of your house into the giant gray objects, your only choice was to jump...

The first one was easy you simply jumped over it but the second you had to dive under ever while the wind was fighting against you, then the third looming gray obstical came at you, there was no place to jump, slide, or die. Your ony choice was to drop kick it, with your eyes closed and you whole body at risk you landed it! You got faster now and things were turning weird colors of red, green, blue and then you noticed you were turning colors! What seemed to be the end you barely had tme to touch the ground bfore you had to jump, dive, or kick your way through an obtical.

Finially you got out gasping for the air that you hoped was there, and then you realized  the terrain was changing back to normal, slowly you could see the curves of the mountians, and you were actually human now not two stacked pixels but there was something wrong, something very wrong. you looked back at the mountians and you could make out jaged pixels, you looked back at your self and realized your shoes were more like triangles, then you realized "I am not out of this yet..."
I have no idea how to do it but I want to keep windows 7 when windows 10 comes out but still have windows 10 on my PC, so I would choose between win7 and 10 when my PC boots. How would I do that?
This is UtilPack and UtilComp (I will post a download tomorrow). UtilPack is a lib for the HP Prime! Right now it has three functions:
[spoiler=Functions]GETTIME(); returns the time in a list: {H,M,S}
GETDATE(); returns the date in a list: {Y,M,D}
RUNPROG(Prog); runs Prog (but has the same limitation as SIFS right now (it cannot run programs with arguments in the main function :())[/spoiler]

UtilComp will be a UtilPack compiler so when you release the program/ game to the public the user won't have to have UtilPack on their calc.
NOTE: if you have UtilPack on your calc and you are a developer you don't need to compile it because it uses the functions right out of UtilPack ;)
Hey look another project that won't get done :P. As you might know MinePrime development is paused until I find a way to display the world quickly or the "bug"/ constraint that appeared in the new firmware update is fixed/ removed. Because I don't have a major project now besides JarvAxe 5.0 (which will be complete someday) I decided to make a cousin to JarvAxe 5.0 coined S.I.F.S. or Super Intelligent Friend System (possible changes to the name in the future). S.I.F.S. (pronounced Sifs) will be a Shell if I can run progs in a prog, a program editor, a AI chat box, a notes editor, and random stuff to change settings about the calc.

As of now I am still in the middle of testing the possibility of some of these features and no real code has been written so ideas are much appreciated :)

Thanks for the help and support :)
Other / Natural disasters!
May 02, 2015, 06:58:49 PM
Today there was an earthquake in Michigan close to where I live and I wanted to share it

Did you have any encounters with the such in your life?
Other / when did you sign up?
May 01, 2015, 02:35:21 PM
How far back do you go with CW? I was the 25th to make an account but only recently started posting :)
NAGOJI 4x3 pronounced NA-GO-JE is a game for the HP Prime. You are a skillful ninja with super human powers to jump, dive, and smash through anything in your way! But there is one catch you must defeat the master of all pixels. He is taller and stronger than you, he throws obstacles at you and he is incredibly scary  >B) but you the  :ninja: shall only prevail if you got da skillz. The question is if you can make it past all ten levels and defeat the master of all pixels to free your self from his cruel rule.

This game also has the retro feel of the z80's lcd just to make it feel more awesome!

[spoiler]I am not responsible for any rage this game causes comparable to flappy bird, also in higher tier levels you make have seizures if so consult your doctor promptly and see if this is right for you[/spoiler]

EDIT:Here is the GIF

Sorry about the quality I need to tweak my OBS
Hello this is a 2D Minecraft game for the HP Prime. It is now in version 4.0 and has moved on to Applications. version 1.0 was a program and was mostly me experimenting with HP-PPL, 2.0 included block breaking and placing but was scrapped after technical problems and replaced with 3.0, 3.0 was just a menu system I developed so I am not even sure it is worthy of a version in itself, 4.0 is just as far along a 3.0 except it is moving along much quicker.

So that is the history of MinePrime but practice makes perfect so May the Fourth be with you :P

More technical outline of how world data will be stored and loaded and also collision:
Collision / Block durability:
what I do here is I use a GROB that is the same size as the world dimensions. If the pixel at your coordinates is black then it is free to move through, if it is anything else and you will not be able to go through it. And its color value is the block durability.

Storing worlds and world data:
This is where I really need Apps. With AFilesB() you can return and store individual bytes directly into the App files. So I can use this as a super compact and small list that makes up the world, they will then be formed into a matrix that will be used to store data while the game is executing. Then when the user quits it turns the matrix into a list and stores it into the App. If this is a acceptable way to do it it would be nice to have some feedback, especially from @timwessman.

Drawing the world/ terrain:
For this I am going to use a method I used in the last versions quite allot. I will make a GROB which will be one block larger on all sides, this will allow for smooth scrolling and also decrease lag if you are not moving much.

Player Movement:
This will be where 4.0 really shines, it will have movement like Zampy's Quest (for those that don't remember, it let you move one pixel at a time) not that it is super cool but it is something the other versions lacked. But unlike Zampy's Quest it will have impeccable collision because it uses pixels. Why Pixels are so great at collision is because they will only position at the integral part of the number (ex: PIXON_P(1.9999,1.9999,#FFFFFF) and PIXON_P(1,1,#FFFFFF) both make the pixel at (1,1) white).

I hope this wan't so confusing but I explained it all the best I could :)

Block list: OUTDATED!!!

Times all block ID's after 1-10 by 10 (so block 2(dirt) would be 20 and block 3(grass) would be 30 this gives me room to add block durability ;))
1-9 - Break animations
60-Oak Leaves
70-Tall Grass
90-Refined Stone
100-Oak Planks
110-Mossy Cobblestone
180-Monster Spawner
200-Lapiz lazuli ore
210-Lapiz lazuli Block
220-Iron Block
230-Gold Block
240-Diamond Block
250-Emerald Block
290-White Wool
300-Black wool
310-Dark gray wool
320-red wool
330-Pink wool
340-Green wool
350-Lime green wool
360-Brown wool
370-yellow wool
380-blue wool
390-light blue wool
400-magenta wool
410-Purple wool
420-Cyan wool
430-orange wool
440-light gray wool
460-enchanting table
470-dragon egg
480-command block
490-jungle leaves
510-spruce leaves
520-foot of bed
530-head of bed
540-Iron bars
560-bottom door
570-top door
580-mossy stone brick
590-cracked stone brick
600-spruce log
610-birch log
630-jack o'lantern

Current list of blocks (Will be updated upon additons) OUTDATED!!!
NAME - ID - MODIFIER / DAMAGE (Blank if none, once mining is added all blocks will have a damage count)
AIR - 0
DIRT - 2

Thanks for the support and helpful comments :)
Calculator Talk / HP Programming help
April 18, 2015, 04:57:44 PM
Hello, I am making a game that you all know called Minecraft on my Prime and I need help with sprites! Also the way I move in the world is by drawing blocks from values in a matrix so every time I move I have to redraw the entire screen and that takes time so I was wondering if there is any way to copy part of the screen and paste it at another part so I would just have to fill in one part, or even if there is a way to shift the screen over at all like the horizontal+ command in Axe?

Thanks for the help in advance ;)
Calculator Development / HP Prime Projects
April 17, 2015, 06:36:41 PM
This is a place where you can post your small hp prime projects!

Here is Air Hockey my first game!
Calculator Talk / Artificial Intelligence help
April 01, 2015, 09:27:58 PM
This topic is mainly for my project JarvAXE 5.0 because I need help with my AI response system but this topic is open to anything to do with interactions that have some intelligence behind them like a chess CPU.

(I quote myself)
QuoteThe way he responds is when I press a key it records that key code in a buffer then when I press enter it adds those codes up into a buffer until it hits a space then it goes into the next spot and so on, after that    I use a for loop checking for values in the buffer that match with 130 which is "hello" and all the other responses. My only option is when I  finish a word I take that and compare it to the next word and it's meaning and then store those values into an appvar but the appvar would get very big very fast and I would have to have it in RAM because I will have to write to it :(. I could probably put the values into free ram but I will still have to open up alot of ram when I unarchive the appvar.
How could he learn?
Hello everyone I did not see a topic about regular glitches with your calc and specific Applications so I decided to add one :).

Anyways my question is about zStart. I put zStart on my calc and it didn't work :(. Do you need a OS lower than 2.55MP because that is what I have? And also is the latest version 1.3.013?
Thanks for the help :).
Tell us what your favorite language is for the computer or calc. The results will be shown after the poll is finished :).
Other / Hobbies/ where are your calcs?
March 25, 2015, 10:10:02 PM
This is just random but do any of you have different hobbies outside of calculator programming or stuff to do with computers?

I participate in riding my ripstik and archery

Also where do you keep your calculators?!
I ask because I keep my Ti-84 in my pocket from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed lol :P
This is a AI system made in Ti-Basic I am working on an Axe version of this but it is not along enough to post. Anyways here is what the Axe version should do (except it will run faster and have gazillions of features (hopefully)). Also how do you show screenshots / gifs because I don't know how THX  ;).
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