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Calc Wars

Started by ordelore, October 18, 2015, 08:07:52 PM

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Here's the Codewalrus crosspost for Calc Wars, a movie that honestly should get done.
The general idea so far is to get Star Wars, and make a new version with calculators instead.
My original plan was to use Blender to make the animations but then I realized that I could put my models into Kerbal Space Program and use that as a rendering engine.
The above links are to the Cemetech and Omnimaga versions of this thread, just trying to get all my information everywhere.

EDIT (DJ): Fixed links above, now that you have over 0 posts (spambot protection blocks links for 0-post users)
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Calc Wars is still alive (I hope)

DJ Omnimaga

Hi ordelore and welcome to the forums. I am glad that you are still into calculators. Also I am fixing your links now (the forums disallows posting links until you reach 1 post, because we kept getting spambots otherwise)

And yeah I think the movie idea is good, although kinda a big undertaking. I wish you good luck if you are ever gonna do it.

My personal idea, years ago, was to make an RPG where the story makes some indirect references to past TI community events, but converted into fantasy events. The project died, but the story would probably remain similar today if it had happened, although with recent events it could probably be set ahead too. Basically, the 6 RPG villages and kingdoms were named after big calculator sites with their names modified (eg Cemetia instead of Cemetech) and a more recent color mockup had the houses and trees setup with colors similar to those websites back in 2007 (eg for Cemetia the trees were yellow-ish and the house rooftops were red). The story revolved around some warriors trying to find a missing warrior said to be the one who can save the world from demise, but near the end two of the warriors are in for a big surprise about the missing warrior.
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Sounds really cool :) has  there been any progress so far?
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