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OSExt, extending the TI-Nspire OS (currently alpha)

Started by nspiredev500, October 26, 2019, 06:52:58 PM

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This is a small project I started mainly for myself, but I thought other people could use, too.
At this stage it's just a miniclock (NClock's miniclock doesn't seem to work on OS 4.5) on the top right corner and a way to disable usb transfers (so other people can't mess with your files).
Planned are a desktop, a shell, and a login manager (so people can't just edit the files directly on calc).
You can leave Suggestions as a github issue (or here) if you want.
Currently only for OS 4.5 CAS and non-CAS, CAS tested on real hardware.
Leave an issue at github (or here) if you want a version for another OS version.

I hope it's usefull for someone

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I finished the settings and security modules. Now you can decide if you want navnet on or off, and you can set a password for your calculator.
Be carefull not to brick you calculator by forgetting your password.
If you set OSExt as a startup programm I recommend moving it out if you have a programm that loads ndless at boot-time and you don't plan to use your calc for a long time, so it isn't protected anymore.
If you want do reset your settings. use another programm that lets you navigate the filesystem and delete /OSExt_config.conf.tns .
(PS: is this the correct way to do an update or should I edit my post?)
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DJ Omnimaga

Heya and welcome here. Unfortunately I no longer have a TI-Nspire CX so I will not be able to try this on the real calculator, but indeed this is the correct way to post updates (after 24 hours it's fine to bump the topic)
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