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Potential Energy Calculation

Started by Timmiez, June 04, 2018, 02:56:58 AM

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Program originally written on TI-83 Plus:

Apparently I found out I'm quite lazy when it comes to solving equations in my science classroom, so I kinda decided to make a program that solves the answer based on the input. Though being simple for a program I made with simple knowledge.

Disp "INPUT TYPE:","","VARS: (P,M,H)"
Prompt  0

If 0=P:Then
Disp "POTE CALC","","INPUT: (J)"
Prompt M,H
Disp A

If 0=M:Then
Prompt P,H
Disp B

If 0=H:Then
Disp "POTE HEIG CALC:","","INPUT: (M)"
Prompt P,M
Disp C

A lot of editing of the code has had made it functional as you see it know, if you were to own a graphing calculator yourself, don't hesitate to try it out yourself, you may appreciate it.

Although to a separate topic, for those know don't know me, I'm a Freshman at my local high school and planning in enrolling in graphic design and web development. I have a great passion for programming and would love to learn any language I could grasp and soon learn. But with little information shared 'bout myself, I may post here and talk on the Discord a little more often when I come around to it. Gotz to get used to the crowd n' all.
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Welcome to CodeWalrus!

With If-Then-Else-End conditionals, you can skip the Else if you don't need it. It'll be faster and smaller!

Additionally, you don't need quotes, parentheses, braces, or brackets at the end of a line or immediately before a store arrow. This is a weird quirk if TI-BASIC, but it saves quite a few bytes in the long run :)

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