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Games / [PC] VVSSV - test your might ...
January 13, 2017, 07:51:47 PM
Hey, so I've heard you like VVVVVV ? I bet you loved Veni Vidi Vici. No ? Well here is a game consisting of 10 levels based on that singular part, named Veni Vidi still struggling to Vici ! Have fun !

VVSSV is programmed in Haxe with HaxePunk, and is a little side project I did to take a break from nKaruga. I should be back on that now.
This year, my CPGE graduation project is a talk about fractals, so I might as well post the things I came up with. I learnt a lot, discovered many types of fractals I didn't know about, and I must say, I'm quite proud of the things I came up with, considering I've only been using SDL, numpy/matplotlib or GLSL to make them.

IFS fractals :

The very well-known. Needless to introduce the Sierpinski triangle.

BUT ! Did you know its lesser-known 3D brother ? (video, FLV format)

ET fractals (also called complex fractals, I'll let you guess why) :

The very well-known Julia sets with the usual ETA (Escape-Time Algorithm) rendering :

Alright alright, you'll have your Mandelbrot set this time too ... but with orbit trap rendering !

Orbit fractals (the ones I didn't know about) :

And I turn the def low ...

And I turn the def up !

Fun fact about this one, it's so far the one and only time I ever had to calculate a number to the power 201. No kidding.

unsigned int colorGradient(float t)
unsigned char *pixels = gradient->pixels;
float st = pow(t - 1, 201) + 1;
int offset = (int)(st * (gradient->w - 1)) * 3;
return (pixels[offset]) + (pixels[offset + 1] << 8) + (pixels[offset + 2] << 16);

And there we go, that's about it. I might post more as I run more experiments, because why not.
TODO : write this when the PC port is 100% fixed and to the level of the Nspire version

Hey there,

I recently started what will be a small game, and hopefully the first PC game I will officially release (read : actually release) : Strip Bounce.

In this game, you are a little square thingy shooting to other geometrical shapes thingies with your death laser of vengence, BUT with a twist : you can't actually fire at enemies. I used pool game as an inspiration for this : different types of enemies require different amounts of your laser bouncing off walls to be killed. If your laser hits an enemy before having bounced off walls enough times, it's game over : your laser is fired back directly at you, through walls, at the speed of light. Of light, yes. Since it's a laser.

It is going to be a classic beat-your-previous-high game ; I expect to have one single level with a reasonable (read : not too few) amount of enemy types, and if possible neat animations of the camera following the laser when special events occur (such as death). The map is 1600*1600, so that's kinda big in my opinion.

I'm writing the game in Haxe, meaning I'll be able to compile it for Windows, Mac, Linux, Flash, HTML5, Android and iPhone (hahaha iPhone. Not gonna happen).

Current state of the project : the main mechanics work (lasers and enemies, will have to code bullets in the future 'cause enemies will fire them), the map exists (will have to be redesigned though), collisions work nice, complete absence of any graphical goodness because I'm so bad at it.

Screenshot because yes of course.
Hi there,

Some (if not all) of you may know it already, but I've been playing guitar for quite a long time, and sometimes I record myself playing. I put everything that's worthy of listening there on my SoundCloud page, so if you like metal you should consider giving it a look (and a hear).

I (nearly) only post full songs, so you can pretty much make an actual playlist out of it.

Also, special occasion : here in France there's a contest running, so I need as many likes as possible. Give that post a look, and a like would be much appreciated o/
Hey there,

Since I apparently can't get enough of Axe, I started a new not-so-small-but-hopefully-not-so-big project: a game taking place in the Metal Slug universe.

I still don't know if it's going to be like Super Crate Box, when you're stuck on a limited stage killing everybody (and like the fights against Allen in Metal Slug), or a 'normal' Metal Slug type game with actual levels and scrolling.

It started from me wanting to recreate Metal Slug's weapons, so at least there's going to be that.

Stay tuned.
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Axagon
December 21, 2014, 10:18:21 PM

It's been a while since I last worked on an Axe project because school kept me busy and non-motivated, but since it's the holidays, I thought of getting back into it.

I'm not getting straight back into Worms (I will, later) because I wanted to do a quick little project before, and that had to be Hexagon. Note that I'll only do Hexagon, not Super Hexagon.

Screenshots coming soon, at the time of writing everything has been done except collisions and patterns after 3 hours worth of programming. The game runs smoothly at 6 MHz as always.
Gaming / OpenLieroX : let's play it together !
December 11, 2014, 08:49:02 PM
'sup guys,

I found that little indie game some time ago, and thought that since it was amazing we could all play together :D

Who's up for it, and when ?
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