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Randomness / Something Totally Cool With [img][/img]
September 09, 2017, 02:05:15 AM
Quote this post, and say what it says in repley to this

Hi. Here is a thread for my various mini projects I have. This thread shows I have more to do than work on Super Marm World  9_9  :crazy:

Here they are!
-Happy Wheels IOS level design
-MinecraftPE minigame making
-Super Marm World

               ---Happy Wheels IOS Level Design---
() I have 1 Level finished, one in the works. Finished is BMX, the second is a mineshaft theme. PM me and I'll send my # so you can play them when they come out.
() This is like a more dynamic Oiram Level Editor and I  :love: it
() BMX download below

                  ---MinecraftPE Minigame Making---
() I've been making a pseudo-server that has a variety of minigames to choose from.
() Once I finish my core games, I may consider hosting it.
     -xMarminqMC is my tag so friend me so you can be invited to join
() The core games are:
          -A TnT Insta-Lit Strategy game (Or you could just spam)
               -Capture Point
     -Clash PVP (Clash Royale Themed)
          -A PvP built around destroying the enemies towers
     -Hunger Games
               -FFA (More like FFS when you get teamed on  :P)

                         ---Super Marm World---
() You may know what this is already but...
Other / A message to all walruses
May 07, 2017, 01:37:49 AM
Please reply to every thread you can. If a thread doesn't get much attention, the topic creator can feel a bit left out. Isn't about feeling at home?
Hello  :D
Here is the thread for my Oiram Packs.
Feel free to give comments and feedback, and if you are a guest reading this, sign up so I can hear yours!
The first pack is now released as soon as this post is posted and in fact attached here.

Here are the planned worlds to be released:
•Wooden Plateau        ----Pack may be edited when the new Oiram Update comes out---- (And it did! See newer posts regarding W1)
•Wet Shores
•Wispy Clouds
•Frozen Tundra (or The Land of Snow Return  9_9 )
•Green Land
•Retro World
•Leafy Jungle
•Lava Lakes
•Challenge World

All worlds will have 7 (Or maybe more) levels in them. Suggest a world in the reply box, and maybe ill make it!

Level 7 now enter-able! Fixed pack here! This won't delete your precious progress if you choose to redownload

hoi.   :)

I have a planned 47 (Or 63) or so level pack divided into 9 packs.
Should I release them one by one or all at once?
I'm not sure on the level amount and some levels may change completely.

PM me if you want to be a playtester of the packs. 3 spots left!  :D
Other / What should I do?
April 01, 2017, 11:53:46 AM
I kinda feel like a slacker for doing all these projects without finishing them. Please vote so I know what to do next.  :P
I cannot see the poll thing so just comment.

Here's what you can say (But are not limited to)
-The mega MCPE redstone computer (The contest showcase and the mentioned components)
-Lost Souls
-A secret Oiram level pack (that is huge btw)
Other / Tell your crappy jokes here!
March 14, 2017, 01:47:37 AM
I'm bored. Just post stupid, insensitive, and bad jokes. Nothing over the top.

Here's mine:
What's the difference between a Ferrari and dead Walruses?
[spoiler]I don't have a Ferrari in my garage[/spoiler]

Keep in mind it's a joke and not supposed to be taken seriously
So this is where he's been....   

ONI is a really cool sandbox game that takes place in an asteroid where you command a crew to survive! Using the materials around you, you can create many things including but not limited to: Airlocks, gardens, Tile (oooooh!! tile!!) massage tables, water purification systems, and more! But there is a twist. Oxygen is in limited supply! Will you survive an X amount of days?! (No end game, it's an alpha)

It is $19.99 USD on the steam workshop

I'm sure there are some cracked versions though if you want to be that guy.....  <_<
Hello! I will be holding a contest for my image component for my computer thing. To enter, make a visual that is 8 units high by 14 units across. There are 7 slots. Keep in mind there are two colors for the image. Nothing disgusting please!  ;)

I have 1 image already. Winning entries will be shown in a YT video.
Gaming / A Minecraft in-game computer (Sorta)
January 30, 2017, 10:26:31 PM
I'm taking a small break to work on something cool!

This HUGE redstone project is on my phone and is actually much easier than coding Lost Souls. I expect this will be done by next week. Wish me luck! :)
World download will come when I'm finished
Hi! I guess...

I'm going to be working on a small game called Lost Souls.
It all starts with a mysterious phone call for a free cruise trip to a tropical island you have never heard of (ITS A SCAM!... sorta). Being the gullible piece of trash you are (And plot reasons) you go on it. Turns out it was not a scam but actually a really nice cruise... until you get beached because the captain was texting while boating. Turn out, the island you got beached on is in the middle of a mysterious outbreak that makes them hungry, hungry for people! Try to  rescuing others in an effort to escape the island alive!

Changelog will always be the first post of this topic, so keep that in mind when searching for changes and on the project page

:thumbsup: CHANGELOG:
-Added to-do list that will take me ages to complete because I'm a perfectionist
-Walk cycle for player (only up key, should be for down key)
-Start room
-Start screen
-Walk Cycle! (26/17)
-SOUNDTRACK! (Click see inside ->Map (Sprite Menu)-> Sounds) (26/17)
-Bathroom finished!
-True WASD and arrow key support!

✓ Title✓ /Instructions✓/Starting room✓
☐Intro Cutscene
☐Transportation Cutscene
☐Controls (Almost done, need to code some inventory and interaction, for the CV (Arrow key format) and QE (WASD format) keys
☐Border detection for ALL of the map
☐Enemy design/programming
☐Music (Pretty much done)
☐More to do boxes
☐Rest of game  :P

1. Click project link
2. Click the "See Inside" button on the top right
3. Find the Sprites on the lower left
4. Click the one named "Map"
5. Near the top middle, find the tab called sounds
6. Tell me if it was good or not
Web / HTML Trolling
December 30, 2016, 08:34:23 PM
This is hilarious. I use Chrome, but that's all I know that works.

How to do:
•Right click thing(s) you want to edit (May require many double clicks)
•Edit for comedic effect (You could do a image or text change)

Here's an example (I did only a picture, I promise ;) ) :
Calculator Development / .exe to ASM?
December 28, 2016, 06:40:00 PM
Is there anything out there that can do dis?  :D
Tech, Science & IT / What Browser Do You Use?
December 16, 2016, 06:23:48 PM
Other / Basic Pacman
November 29, 2016, 01:15:40 PM
Hi. This is a project I will be doing alongside Time.
It is pretty self explanatory, as this game has been done by @MateoConLechuga .
But since I am a BASIC beginner, you may have seen me ask a ton of questions.
But I have a cton of things on its to-do list, like:
•Colored text, to easily differentiate everything, which requires that library program, please correct me
•A somewhat of a character that looks like this ៴, for a pacman going up, as i already have < > and ^
•Pacman controls
•Everything but the level design

Gaming / Ravenfield
November 20, 2016, 09:59:14 PM
I've been playing this game ALL weekend pretty much.
It's a free unity game for download.
If there is any way to alter the code a bit, I might try to make mods for it, as a illegitimate introduction to unity, as much as I've heard that it is a pain in the a**.
Website Talk / IRC bug?
November 20, 2016, 12:49:17 AM
Whenever I type 05 Walrified 10 post by 01 YOUR NAME 03 on Re: FAKE TOPIC NAME , it gives me an aura. Fix it before someone finds out an exploit to it. Paste it to see what I mean.
Calculator Talk / Advice for BASIC
November 17, 2016, 03:55:55 AM
Should someone like me who is making his first BASIC program separate it into bits that run as one or just one big program?
Calculator Talk / My BASIC Questions
November 13, 2016, 11:24:38 PM
I am making a part of a game where I need two things running at once, like doing an action in a said time period.
Let me know what you would do, and will certainly help in the development. 
Calculator Talk / Change The WalrusIRC
November 13, 2016, 12:36:26 AM
DJ, could you make notifs when people edit posts on their thread?
Ex. Edited Walrified topic by xMarminq_ on Change The WalrusIRC
I think this could help me and probably other people too.
If there are multiple edit in a row, the most recent will cancel out the others, but not the original post tag. 

Plus sometimes I cannot click people's (Are you guys people?  ;)) profiles tags when they chat.
I am working on a project that is a game of choice, like a choose your own adventure.

I'm new so let me know how I can edit things for less space or better features.

Not gonna release the files though...
Not yet...

Working on
-More plot
-Cutscenes (YUP)
-Character Development
-Color text (IDK how to do and can non-letters (#s,( and !) be colored?)
-Choice of name (only one is Egglet, don't judge me on that one. Teach me how to make the ability to have player choose name)

Things I foonished  :)
-First cutscenes
-First choice
-First dialouge
-First charcater
-Dialouge Speed

Space it currently takes
About 3k

Wish me luck!
General Help / Is This Possible?
November 08, 2016, 04:56:54 PM
I been busy with making this game, with some dialogue. Every line I make I put a Wait command, and can make it REALLY long. What I am trying to do is make a setting that sets a variable to the wait time to increase or decrease delay on some parts. Heres the thing I basically want to implement, but the calc isnt reading the Y= , and making the Y 0 so it has no delay

General Help / My Basic Program "PASSWORD" Progress
November 04, 2016, 03:16:10 AM
Here is the code I've added

:Wait 2
:Output(2,2"WELCOME, HUMAN"
:Wait 2
:Lbl A

Can anyone tell me how to make links for my file for you guys to view?
General Help / Making a Application
November 04, 2016, 02:01:35 AM
Does anyone know how to make a application on the Ti-84 Plus CE?
Please put tips here.
I will try my best to read and lean so I don't sound stupid on here.
CE is best.
I have a problem. Well two actually. I have my CE at home where I have access to internet and stuff, and the Ti-84 Plus is at my school. I have a transfer cord (Micro USB to Micro USB). I wanted to transfer this game from Ti-Wizard that is a star-fox smash game, for the Ti-84 Plus. There is a file in the game that ends in .8xk, that doesn't want to be transferred (My guess is that it is grayscale for sprites or whatever). So I downloaded TiCoder to get it to go in, which worked somehow. So when I went to school to get the transfer done, I noticed that a file was WAY to big to transfer, over 12k ram the calculater had! (File name: Smash-signed.8xk, if you want to download it and see for yourself.) Is there a way to compact that file in any way so I have the transfer to my calc AND have enough space for th Ti-84 Plus?

A scrub who doesn't know how to do things.
Is there anything that has been done or in development?

If there isn't, m idea would be there being a video to image converter, then a resolution converter and then making a program that would link them together (Non-Calc), and then a program on the calc to run it. Make it 30 fps or more if the calc can handle it. I've seen the TI-84 Plus version on Cemetech.

Thanks for reading and/or helping!
Any that there are available or works in progress that are 3D?  :P

Also, i think with the micro USB to micro USB cable that came with my CE, I wonder that there are any 2 player games too. The screens don't have to be simultaneously simulated, but have your score and your screen but only have your partners score. This could be used for a battleship game or a small 2D shooter like (Could be used for an inspiration).

Thanks for any responses!  :)
Other / The micro USB to micro USB question
October 01, 2016, 02:54:33 PM
I have a USB to USB cable from my calculator, which is a TI-84 plus CE,Since they can export files, maybe they can export frames of a game for multiplayer game! That would be cool. Let me know about this.
Any word on a program that can do such magic?  :w00t:
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