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Hey, nice to see you too, I did pop in now and then to Omnimaga on the IRC but always seemed to miss you.

Do you have any surviving examples of my TIMGUL tracks? I lost all of them years ago when my old PC gave up. I'd like to have them again if you could arrange something. Other than that it's just what's on my SoundCloud.

I use sound fonts and VOPM usually with .wav percussion from various games but usually Revenge of Shinobi/Shinobi III. Nothing spectacular as always but I have fun with it. I'll have to look into Deflatemask and maybe get back on Music 2000 for a special track.
I'm self taught.
Thank you, I really appreciate it. Artcore & Artcore II by Doc Scott are among my favourites from those days.

I used to be active now and then back at and even further back in time, at the old TIMGUL (The International Music Generator Users Lounge) website, where I would upload tracks made on my PlayStation through MTVMG/Music.

These days I do oldskool Jungle through FL Studio.

And secondary, I goof around with SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis stuff.
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