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Games / Re: Sorcery of Uvutu PC Port
September 11, 2017, 10:16:40 PM
This is looking great! One suggestion I have is that if you added 1 or 2 variations of tiles such as grass, trees, pathways, etc. it would really spice up the look of the maps :)
The shooting sprites are now finished, and I've also improved the functionality a little to more closely match the Team 17 original. Here you can see the machine gun (still with no wall collision/explosion animation), twin laser, flame arc, plasma rifle and flamethrower all in action in colour:

Whilst I was at it, I've updated the shooting sprites and functionality on the monochrome version to match as well. On the left are the old sprites from v2.1.0, and on the right are the updated sprites which are just scaled down and monochrome'd from their colour counterparts:

I guess these screenshots also show what the same level/section looks like in both the colour and monochrome versions (I'm yet to do the colour spaceship tiles) :)
Hey @Switchblade, sorry for not seeing this sooner! :( Did you end up having any luck with this? I do own a TI-86, and I'm sure somewhere I should still have my old cable for it. Are you able to link me to the specific game download you used, and one of the worlds you tried, and I can give it a go to see if I have any success?
Quote from: MateoConLechuga on September 07, 2017, 01:37:35 AM
Wow that is simply incredible. Are you reusing a lot of the internal z80 code?
Thanks Mateo! Correct - both the TI-83+ non-colour version and the TI-84+CE colour version compile from the same source code, just with some bits of calculator specific code for anything graphics related. The game should play almost identically on both calculators, with the exception of having a slightly larger viewing range on the CE, as well as a HUD.
Thanks! I've added a few more tiles, and the machine gun & twin laser sprites as well (but I haven't drawn the explosion animations or door opening animations as yet).

After some time away from working on this, I've made some minor progress. I decided to go back to 16x16 sprites, and increase the view range to 16x12 tiles on the 84+CE. Here's an early screenshot.

Thanks for all the positive feedback! :)

There are many people/creatures that Kelesis will encounter on his adventure (located in caves underground), including a fairy named Rio. She can give useful information, but sometimes isn't much help at all :P

I haven't had a lot of time this week, but I've finished off map scrolling in all 4 directions and started on enemy basics (no collisions yet).

Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on February 10, 2017, 04:32:32 AM
To be honest, I bet you could maybe get it to work on the 86 now, but yeah it would be more limited. Has there been any attempt at finding exploits to circumvent the 10 KB limit? I remember this is what killed the MLC 86 project.
I'm not sure actually - to be honest, I can't even remember the exact reason for the 10KB limit, whether it was a forced non-executable code thing like the 83+, or whether it was a memory mapping/limited address space lssue. I think it was the latter.

A few different tiles have been added in (including a solid tile), and I've started on scrolling between maps, as well as adding a fade out/fade in routine which will be used to transition into dungeons, etc.

Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on February 09, 2017, 10:27:29 PM
I remember this project and was sad back in 2002 to see it seemed to have died. I am glad you're resurrecting it :). Also I knew there was a SMS Zelda style game out there but I had forgotten what the name was. I was unaware until now that your project was originally based on that game as  a result. :)

Keep up the good work, because this looks very good so far. :)
I was bummed that I couldn't get it to work either. Ironically, perhaps with some more experience under my belt now, I might be able to get it working on the TI-86 by doing a bunch of executable code swapping, etc. but the TI-86 scene is long gone. Besides, it will look much nicer in its proper resolution and colour on the 84+CE :)

Quote from: tr1p1ea on February 09, 2017, 10:45:36 PM
Wow long time between drinks for this one! The speed is awesome though!
Is this in ASM or C?
It's in ASM. The speed is not too hard to achieve thankfully, due to the background tiles not needing any clipping or transparency. It's only the player and other sprites that will take more time to render. Hopefully it still runs at a decent speed once everything is on screen; I'm confident it will. If it does occasionally lag for a couple of frames when there is tonnes on screen, well at least I can console myself with the fact that the SMS version occasionally lagged as well :P
Back in 2001 I started my attempt at cloning the Sega Master System game, Golvellius, over to the TI-86. Two demo versions were released, but ultimately I was unsuccessful, due to the approximate 10K executable code limit on the TI-86. As well as featuring top-down overworld much like older Zelda games, the dungeons also vary between horizontal scrolling platform style and vertical scrolling dodge/stab-'em style, along with 8 bosses.

After that I made two further attempts at completing a TI-86 RPG in the vein of Golvellius by stripping back to a standard top-down RPG, which eventually resulted in Banchor being released in 2006.

However, the TI-84+CE is the perfect TI platform for Golvellius, and so I've started working on it. You can watch a longplay of the original SMS game .

Below is the start of a single map screen with the hero, Kelesis, walking around and stabbing with his sword.

The full game will comprise of 182 maps in the overworld, 9 dungeons, 8 bosses, approximately 25 enemies, sword/shield/defense upgrades, life potions and lots of gold collecting!
Games / Re: SQRXZ for TI-84+CE
February 09, 2017, 07:42:45 AM
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on February 09, 2017, 07:21:46 AM
Gonna download the world editor soon. Can levels made with it be played on the TI-83+ version if small enough?
With a little bit of messing around, yes. To be honest, I hadn't really considered that people might want to do that, which is a bit short sighted of me!

I don't think the TI-83+ version will detect appvars (although I could be wrong). But if the .8xv was converted to .8xp then it *should* work fine, with the exception of the author name possibly not centring on the world info screen.

Perhaps I should do a minor update to the editor to have the option to save worlds as either .8xv or .8xp files (and properly calculate the author name length)?

Also, thanks for the front page post!  :)
Games / Re: SQRXZ for TI-84+CE
February 08, 2017, 11:40:25 PM
@DJ Omnimaga I think it was designed that way (keeping in mind that I've just ported Jimmy's TI-85/86 engine without making any changes to the gameplay). One of the aspects of the gameplay is that you can't scroll back in the level, only forwards. In some cases you need to walk back left to get through tunnels, but you need to do it without the screen scrolling too far, otherwise you're stuck and keep to lose your life (press [DEL]) to try again. I agree it does make it difficult with enemies coming in from the right of screen, but I believe that may be intended as well. The original PC game is quite honest about it's difficulty, and it's intended that you need to really learn the levels, so it takes time and practice to become proficient at them.

The screen only scrolls every 2nd frame, except if you're close to the right edge of screen - then it will scroll every frame to keep up with Sqrxz.

The World Editor is now also available for download here :)
@Streetwalrus @DJ Omnimaga It's still on my to-do list. It's an EotB style game using the graphics, but I had a different story planned with different levels and was going to add my own touch to the game play, etc.

Games / Re: SQRXZ for TI-84+CE
February 04, 2017, 07:26:32 AM
Sqrxz CE v1.0.0 is now released! You can grab it over on Cemetech :)

The World Editor isn't far off either. It's Windows only at this stage, but I'd like to work on a cross platform version as well once have more time to spend with Qt.
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