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Today I uploaded Jumpman 89 v1.01 to Ticalc. It contains a lot of optimizations suggested by LIonel Debroux and some minor corrections to the game engine.

Jumpman 89 v1.01
  - added optimizations suggested by Lionel Debroux (thank you Lionel)
  - corrected version string (V1.00 was released with the version string set to v0.95)
  - corrected enemy collision detection (v1.00 was released with enemy collision detection unintentionally disabled)
  - increased accuracy of bullet and collectable collision detection

I also uploaded the Jumpman Jr level pack that consists of 12 new levels.
For Lionel...

I implemented your suggestions. The -Os switch did cause me some problems... specifically it made the DrawSelectScreen function very fragile. I had to add some defensive coding to get it working again; but still it seems like even minor change to the function would break it again. It is working now. The -Os switch also resulted in my Sleep function no longer delaying for the specified amount of milliseconds (it was getting optimized out)... this gave the appearance that Jumpman was 100% to 200% faster. I ended adding some asm("NOP") to ensure my delay loop would not get optimized.

I did not implement the inlines that you suggested. I did not realize the BSS section resulted in such unoptimized calls. Thanks for pointing that out.

Thank you for your suggestions to make Jumpman even better.

I also corrected a few minor bugs:
- enemy collision detection was intentionally disabled for testing purposes but was unintentionally included in the release.... whoops :-[
- tightened up the collision detection with bullets and collectables
- corrected the version string to v1.01

Update coming soon  ;D
Thanks soooo much Lionel.

Let me ponder each very good point you made before I ask any questions.

I tried the -Os all by itself... it saved 10Kb all by itself AND made Jumpman about twice as fast.

I'll touch base with you again.
Jumpman 89 v1.00 is complete and I have uploaded it to Ticalc.  :w00t:
My Jumpman project for the TI-89 is complete. I will be releasing within the next day or two.   :w00t:
Congratulations to CodeWalrus.   :thumbsup:

At work we call this a donut offense... but I think peanuts will suffice.

Peanuts for everyone!!!  :w00t:

Quote from: xlibman on March 27, 2017, 10:38:29 PM
This song:

However, the original is much better:

Also Kotu those first two songs are amazing. As for the 4th I swear that I heard it a long time ago but I forgot where...

I kinda like the Oak Ridge Boys version of Sail away...

Does this qualify for old school?

Ranman runs for cover  :ninja:
Sweet!  :thumbsup:

I like puzzle games.
Thanks for asking xlibman.   :)

I've been playing each level and checking for bugs. So far... I have gone through 20 levels and found a couple of minor issues. No show stoppers yet.  :)


Made it through all the levels... 4 minor issues noted. Hope to have them corrected this weekend.  :)

Time to get this puppy released :banghead:
Pure sweetness. :thumbsup:

Which Amiga did you own? I had an Amiga 600 with an internal HDD and the M68030 accelerator and a Genlock. I kick myself for selling it.
Gaming / Re: Intellivision games are still a thing
October 11, 2017, 08:49:58 AM
Thanks for the post Juju. I remember wanting a Colecovision so badly when I was 10 years old... it was the best gaming system around in 1982. But money was tight and my parents only purchased the Intellivision. As such, the Intellivision became one of my favorite consoles from my childhood days.

I remade 2 Intellivision games for the TI-89 series calcs: Astrosmash and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.


I remember when this game first came out. I was amazed then... and still amazed today!

Great job JamesV  :thumbsup:
Oh boy... lotsa real life things going on in my life. DJ is right... a lot of work related travel, work on the Town Car, work on the apartment, and a new position at work.

But i have not forgotten about Jumpman.

I'll try to post a status update soon.
Other / Re: Tell your crappy jokes here!
April 26, 2017, 01:23:03 AM
What do you say to a one-legged hitchhiker?
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Hop in. :D
I vote for old school.   8)

Keep up the awesomeness DJ  :thumbsup:
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